Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: "Office-Friendly Floral Gradient Nails"

Dear Gradient Nails,
When I met you last year, I got hooked!  I've been wanting to do your style of nail art as many times as I want because you look so pretty even if you always started out looking like a piece of trash on my nails!  *sigh*  Now that I am discovering more and more ways to create different "you", I want to say, it's YOU and ME forever! :)

Do not mind my little note on my li'l gradient nails, I do have the tendency to talk to inanimate object because I am weird that way!  *laughs*  

I've been doing colorful nail art tutorial for the past weeks and a reader email caught my attention, she said she likes my nail art design but the thing is, she works in an office (not like mine) and she cannot be creative with her nails because it's not permitted!  *blush blush*  Thanks for the reminder, I totally forgot how strict some offices can get!  Because I apologize for being insensitive, here's my way of saying sorry :)  I made an "Office-Friendly" Floral Gradient Nails as peace offering....forgive me? *bats eyelash*  Not working?  Fine! *shows my nails*

Step 1:
Thanks to my bestfriend for gifting me this BW nail polish, base on the box, it's Made in Taiwan designed in Japan.  It's meant for gradient nails.

I applied one coat of the light peach shade as a base.  Prior to nail polish application, I chose to use a base coat to protect my nails.

Step 2:
Using the same shade, I apply a second coat, this time applying onto the top 3/4 portion shown on photo below.  Does not have to be perfectly measured! 

Step 3:
Using a light glittery pinkish shade that comes with the set, I applied another coat of this only on the "tip" area shown on photo below. Again, do not sweat a thing on this, just brush through the color until you are happy with the effect.

Step 4:
Using a colorless glittery polish, I applied the sparkle on the lower third of the nails as shown on arrow below.  It gives an illusion of gradient effect without harsh lines.  (just like eyeshadow application!)

Step 5: (OPTIONAL)
Strict office worker can stop on Step 4 and apply your preferred top coat.  In my case, simple nails aren't a thing for AMW.  I want to move forward with my favorite 2 toned flowers.  I apply 1 coat of clear polish.

Step 6:
While the clear coat is still wet, dropped 5 drops of Prettynails 2-Way Nail Art Pen in white for the petal to expand and blend into the clear polish.

Step 7:
While the white dots are still wet, quickly drop another shade of Prettynails' 2 Way Nail Art Pen.  In my case I chose purple.  You can leave the white petals the way it is but I prefer some colors! 

Step 8:
Let's not get tired with the needle method, use the needle to fix the petals, create sharp ends, or move it around if needed!  Yup, you can control them while it's wet!

Step 9:
You can choose to create dots after the clear polish gets dried up a bit to create 'embossed' dots.

Step 10:
Some people may leave the flowers as it is, in my case, I am a sucker for extra steps, I used L.A. Art Deco in Silver to create flower bud.  You can use rhinestones if you want a shinier petal.

Step 11:
Once nail art is completely dry, apply a coat of your favorite top coat.  I am using Elianto's.  My favorites are both Elianto and The Face Shop.

Voila!  Simple gradient nails not eye-catchy but nice enough to create a conversation!  People do come up to me thinking the flowers are nail stickers!

Keep in mind that flowers are not perfect in real life, so do not give yourself a hard time if the flowers you created are not consistently shaped!  Imperfection, at times, are the TRUE Beauty.  Well, I'm just saying!  :D

Hope my nail art for the week brightened up your work day!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Very dainty and feminine nail art Nikki! Even just as far as step 4 is already looking good!

    It's a good thing your office allows creativity or else I wouldn't be seeing your nail arts for every week!

  2. so subtle and feminine!!! i have not been feeling well and my nails have been naked since new year!!! time to paint my nails again :D

  3. pretty! i think i'll stop at step 4 because i sucks at drawing flowers on my nails. :P

    but i think it'll be nice for the coming CNY!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and simple mani..I love it..^_^..Love to see more mani from you..

  5. i admire your creativity Nikki! super pretty! :)

  6. HAha.. You're a sucker for extra steps while I suck at extra steps >_< I keep my nails at a minimal cos I hate waiting for them to dry. And right after I apply top coat, I'll start wrecking them almost instantly. I'm just impossible.. I know.. =/

  7. How pretty and feminine, love it! :)

  8. Madz, agree! I would stop at 4 if I'm NOT Nikki hahahah! Yes we can wear anything at work and no one would care even if I have NEON NAILS! :)

    Xin, awww, I read it on your Twitter, I hope you feel better sis!

    Plue, hahaha agree, I know step 4 is enough!

  9. -AnGiEpInK-, thanks! Will try to do it as much as possible! :)

    Charry, thanks dear

    Isabel, hahahaha Yup! I am sucker for pain! hahaha I like getting tired and I like being stressed, that's how I am! I was born to be that way! LOL You're not impossible, I don't believe that, give it more practice I'm sure you'll be good!

    Gio, thanks sweet


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