Monday, January 10, 2011

AMW Reviews: Caronia Nail Care

My love for nails has been forever!  It started when my best friend showed me gazillion shades of nail polishes and I swatched all 10 shades in each finger and found out I don't have a nail polish remover and have to go to school with my hands on "fist form" the whole day!  I guess if you ask me, that's when my love for nail polish started.

As soon as I graduated high school and college permits us to use nail polish on toe nails, I was all out!  No make up on face, but toenails could go as wild as shades of Black, Blue, Green and Purples, whatever shades you can think of!  

People do ask, how do I take care of my nails?  How do I clean them?  I have to admit, I do go to nail salons every now and then when I'm lazy to clean my own nails, but I do know how to do pedicure and manicure, and you know what?  I go back to simple nail care stuffs from the first nail care brand I was introduced to many years ago, Caronia!

Caronia Nail Polish Remover
Removes nail polish fast without drying.

AMW says ---
  • If newly purchased, has this really tight seal to prevent product from evaporation which is good! 
  • Has a nice hint of purple color.  Cute
  • Does not create white "film" after nail polish removal.
  • Does not dry out the cuticle and nails.
  • Does not have a strong scent!
  • Removes regular polish easily and without much effort.
  • A few drops can remove polish.
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be easily spilled if not handled properly.
  • Just like other makeup removers, it is difficult to remove glitter polish.
I can say, after years of trying out Caronia Nail Polish Remover, the formulation definitely has improved through the years!  I can definitely tell!  With the old formulation, I need to use a lot of drops to be able to remove polish on ONE nail, with the new formulation, I don't need to use a lot!

  • In nail polish removal, using a "cotton pad" is better than cotton balls, you use lesser polish and lesser cotton pad!  One pad can remove nail polish of 5 fingers as you can fold it and reuse the areas that are clean as opposed to cotton balls.
  • If you have glitter polish on or wild nail polish shades that are hard to remove, leave the cotton pad on top of the nails for a couple of seconds before you start massaging the cotton pad to remove nail polish.
  • Always close cap tightly to present polish from drying out.
  • Instead of removing the "foil" protection, create a "hole" with a ballpen or cutter instead to prevent accidental spillage!
  • Do not throw the plastic bottle as you can always refill when you need to carry this around. 
  • Do not use on broken skin.
Will I repurchase?


Caronia Cuticle Remover
Softens and helps remove overgrown cuticles, giving you a gentle manicure experience!

AMW says ---
  • Comes with a brush which makes it easy to use!
  • Does soften the cuticle which makes it easy to "cut" it or "push it" (depending on your preference)
  • No weird scent.
  • Inexpensive
  • Some of the brush that comes with the packaging is too stiff!
I have been using the Cuticle Remover as long as I can remember!  I don't think I have tried using other brands!  This works!

  • If you're not comfortable using a brush, you can transfer the content in a tiny spritz bottle and spritz the Cuticle Remover which makes life easier!
  • Apply a generous amount Cuticle Remover on the "cuticle" area and leave it for a couple of seconds to allow cuticles to get soaked and soften before pushing. 
  • After pushing, brush away excess.
  • If you're not comfortable touching your cuticles, you can apply this all over your nails and use a "nail brush' to brush it just to have a "clean" look.
  • Close cap tightly to prevent spillage.
  • Keep bottle for refills and you can easily take this along.
  • Do not apply on broken skin or skin with open wound.
Will I repurchase?Yes

Caronia Cuticle Sanitizer
Cleans, disinfects and sanitizes your nails while it keeps your cuticle healthy-looking!

AMW says ---
  • Comes with a brush!
  • Does not stain your nails as compared to other brands.
  • Gives a light "color" which make your nails look clean but does not stay for long.
  • Does not sting.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Brush that comes with the packaging could get a bit too stiff. 

Also a good product to own.  A lot of people skip this step but I have to say, this is very important to keep your fingernails clean and free from bacteria.

  • Apply this after cleaning and pushing the cuticles.
  • Gently brush on top of nails and distribute tint evenly for a healthy-looking cuticle.
  • Allow to dry before you proceed on polish application.
  • If not comfortable using the brush, same with Cuticle remover, you can choose to transfer the content on a spritz bottle for good distribution.
  • Close cap tightly to prevent evaporation.
Will I repurchase?

On a random note, I like storing my needles "to create flower petals" and also the "needle" of my 2-Way Nail Art Pens as I always tend to lose them if not kept properly!  This works! 

Where to purchase all these and how much?
Available in supermarkets, department stores, drugstores and health and beauty shops nationwide.
Nail polish remover - Php17.00 (approx $0.30) for 30ml
Cuticle remover - Php12.00 (approx $0.27) for 30ml
Cuticle sanitizer - Php13.00 (approx $0.29) for 30ml

Do you clean your own nails or do you leave it to the professionals?
If you do, what products do you use?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi Nikki!
    Since November I've been doing my nails ever since, maybe on days that I want to really pamper myself I will go to a nail salon for a foot spa:)

    I also have Caronia but my parents are the ones who usually use it. As for me I use salyy hansen's instant cuticle nail remover and I love it! cuts back my mani-pedi time in half :)

  2. I have tried their nail polish remover when I ran out of my FS one. For something much cheaper I can say it still does the job :)

  3. for cleaning, i don't do anything more than just removing the polishes :P but i do use cuticle oil tho

  4. That looks really interesting =) I might have to try it out.

  5. you should try their quick dry! my savior for those 5 minute polish change :)

  6. this is what i love about Caronia. :D they made their products so easy to use with their containers that already have brushes :D


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