Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Mandarin Sky with Beauty Bloggers

Remember THIS post?  I couldn't believe my eyes, I posted this around April 2010 which means it has been almost 9 months since I last visited this restaurant!  Thanks to the Beauty Bloggers' Post Christmas and New Years Party, and thanks to Sophie for suggesting us to give Shabu Shabu a try!  

Shabu Shabu or "Hot Pot" is best eaten with friends because you take time ordering your favorite "Shabu Shabu ingredients", you wait for it to be cooked while you enjoy the hot soup, and let's not forget the fun part of creating your own sauce for the Shabu Shabu!  I call it the "Lesser Evil Drinking Session" *laughs*  

After enjoying Shabu Shabu meal, we go out with heavy bladder but we're not intoxicated!  

Here's what we had for the night, courtesy of Sophie!  Thanks Sophie for doing the ordering!  I hate making decisions as there are too many choices!

What's In Store for us?

Beef Strips, Eggs, Wanton, Sharksfin Dumpling, Fish Tofu, Tofu (Beancurd), Squid Balls, Noodles and vegetables.

Soup Base: Chicken Stock with chicken

First Round as we wait for the rest to arrive!

Happy New Year to everyone as we celebrate it with full tummy!

L-R Me, Sophie, Phoebe, H, Tara, Jamie and Shen
Missing Jheng and Mark

Though the Christmas and New Years celebration came in a bit late, it was a super fun evening and I am glad we just relaxed and talk of course, makeup!

Thanks to Sophie for the lovely dinner, and thanks to the rest of the beauty bloggers for taking time for such intimate gathering and I am hoping for more gatherings like this!  I know it was a bit hard to do so because of conflicting schedules but I'm glad it finally happened.
On a random note, well, I'm sure most girls love accessories, for me, I am not into huge earrings, most of my earring collection are quite simple and girly!  I have a different jewelry box kept for safe keep for the jewelries gifted to me by people whom I love.

For the daily accessories, I've always put them inside a tiny tool box and looking for the "pair" is quite tedious every morning!  Thanks that fateful day when I was fixing the stuffs in our room, I saw a ring box!  I think I just pull it out of a bigger jewelry case.

And here's what I've done for me to see the earrings clearly!  I know they "earrings holder" but I can't find the one that I really like, so temporarily, I am using this and it's doing its job!

Keep in mind though not to put genuine earrings in here as the box does not have lock or latch, you may lose them!  
And just so you know....I am really childish this way....

Bought the cartoonish earrings in HongKong Disneyland!  Because I like it when my earrings are different on left and right ear! :)

Anyways, let me get my well-deserved rest, I had a very busy Saturday and today will be "ME" day!
How's your weekend?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. looks like you had a lovely dinner together!

    i also love wearing earrings that doesn't really match. i have been looking high & low for an angel & devil earring but i can't find any. i want that specific pair.

    its easy to find an angel earring, but not the devil one. hehe

    i just think that it suits my personality in a way..LOL!

  2. Iba ka talaga sister! This was just last night, where did you get the energy??? :) I'm so happy to see you after so long! And ang saya lang :)

    ahihi. Mwah mwah! See you soon!

  3. I haven't had hotpot in forever!!! Looks like you guys had a great time :)

    and what a cute earring holder! It's cool!

  4. such a cute collection of earrings! i love the way you store 'em. this is a good idea. i keep mine in a recycled box so it takes ages to rummage through it just to find a pair. aargh! thanks for sharing!

  5. Thia, oohh I'll let you know if I find that type of earrings! :) Colorstone have a lot of selections! Cute, angelic and devilish personality, i like that!

    tara, hahhaha super bilis lang and iksi lang ng pots na to no!hahahha see you again!

    Becky, we had fun and its a nice change outside seeing them during events :)

  6. Lootwagon, I'm glad to share my ideas and find, I find it nice to share coz I learn from a lot of you din :)

    Cams, thanks!

  7. Looks like you had a great time at dinner!

    And that's a lovely earring holder. :)

  8. nikki~
    happy belated new year to you!
    i can't wait to see all the great posts you will have for the upcoming year, and to share fun new experiences with you^^ (well kinda with you, as I read them :P)

    dad has been...well...he ended up getting his surgery, but never really got back to his old self. so yeah, that is a constant battle for us. but at least he can see and doesn't have headaches anymore! hopefully the rest will come along soon.
    Maybe if I was a better daughter and more patient like you are with your mom, it would be a better help...but its been hard knowing that he won't pull his weight :T
    Read about mama, so I'm excited for you! Go Nikki's mama XD

  9. i love cute earrings!!! but unfortunately i can't wear non-gold or non-white gold earring, because i have expensive ears. :(
    my cousin just came back from taiwan and bought me a limited edition doraemon watch. love it!!!!

  10. I so love the earnings... especially the tigger!!! I wonder why I didn't get one of those when I went to Disneyland... or I did not even take notice that is why I didn't buy...

  11. Oh, hot pot. It's a great way to spend time around the table with friends and family! Love it!


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