Thursday, February 3, 2011

AMW Reviews: Revlon's Fire & Ice Nail Polish Collection

I can still remember my first Revlon product.  It was a clear Nail Polish which I bought a couple of years ago when I was in Hong Kong!  I think it was those rare moments I had to bring myself to Hong Kong to purchase a good "clear polish" used as a top coat because my nail polish just won't last for more than 3 days! 

Revlon, is known as a pioneer in the beauty industry with its matching lip and nail shade statements.  I can still remember those US magazines I've bought as I stare at the gorgeous print ad from the said brand!  This month, they are re-introducing its famous "lips and tips" pairings with the Fire & Ice Collection.  This collection includes 3 new shades in the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick with matching Revlon Nail Enamels.  These shades pay homage to the classic colors of what started Revlon as....Revlon!

(Note from AMW: The red lipstick equivalent is not on photo as it's packaged differently, will share the details soon)

I will do a separate post on the lipsticks, for today, I will be showing you the Nail Polish Collection newly launched for the love month called February!

Revlon Nail Enamel says ---
Shades that pay homage to the classic colors that put Revlon at the forefront within the cosmetics realm.
3 New Revlon Nail Enamel Shades: Siren, Temptress, Demure and All Fired Up (Existing shade ina  new bottle with Vintage Revlon logo)

AMW says ---
  • Very rich, pigmented shade.
  • Shade name and number seen on top of the nail brush handle which makes it easy to identify.
  • Shades are very pretty and unique!
  • If you are into matte, yet not so boring shade of matte, these are the ones!
  • Dries up a bit fast.  1 coat can dry up around 5 minutes, 2 coats get to be completely dry in 10 minutes.  Not bad!
  • The polish can last for a week if you applied a good base and top coat!
  • Nice classic Revlon logo.
  • Brush is a bit too slim, I like the wide flat brush (personal choice).
  • Limited edition, so I'm not sure until when will these gorgeous shades be available.
  • Others may find this a bit pricey.
Revlon polishes has been around but haven't been given much time of the day because of the limited shades available as compared to other brands!  I am glad they are playing up with their game and are now coming up with shades that calls for classic with a modern twist!  Fashion is obviously recyclable and nail polish shades aren't exceptions to the rules!

  • Always apply your preferred base or anti-yellowing polish prior to polish application for protection.
  • If possible, give your nails a week of rest prior to changing nail polish shades (I should listen to my own!)
  • Always start application in the middle of your fingernail then gently apply both sides.  Never re-apply polish on the same area.
  • Do not apply polish in front of a fan!  This may cause polish to bubble up!
  • Never shake your polish, roll them gently between your palms instead.
  • Do not put acetone if your polish is drying up, it may work for the first few tries but it will make your polish dry out even more.
  • Do not put polish inside the fridge or directly under the sun.  
  • Always follow with your preferred top coat to make the polish last longer.
  • If applying nail polish is your weakness, you can have your nails done outside then bring the shade you want! 
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who's into colored nails!

Where to purchase and how much?
For Php225.00 (approx $5.10) each.  Available starting February 2011 in Watsons, Beauty by SM, Landmark, Robinsons, Metro Gaisano, Unimart, Sta. Lucia East, other major retailers nationwide and Revlon counters Worldwide!

Fire & Ice Nail Polish Collection Freshly applied 
2 coats, no top coat

440 Siren

675 All Fired Up

168 Temptress

229 Demure

It's actually a shocker, but it's a first for me to try Revlon Nail Polish with colors!  I've always been purchasing their colorless polish which works out really well.  I guess I wasn't thinking much about Revlon when it comes to nail polish!  With this new collection, it's starting to change my mind!  I am impressed with the 4 shades offered in this collection.  I can't even find a favorite of mine because each gives out a very unique character!

What's your favorite shade in this collection?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Demure is such a gorgeous color! :) Revlon actually has relatively good quality nail polishes. They're the best drugstore brand, in my opinion.

  2. im wearing DEMURE now pero sa toenails lang... di ako sanay maglagay sa hands =P

    Any tips on how to store them para di sila madaling magdry up? =)

  3. Demure looks awesome for the spring months!

  4. i like siren and all fired up shades....oh, so sexy! :)

  5. Those shades are lovely! I love Demure the most...

  6. those are all very pretty! revlon has nice nail polish pala. :)

  7. I like Temptress and Demure. So dainty and feminine. :P

  8. Demure and Temptress look lovely!

  9. i'm due to upload mine by the weekend! they really look nice noh? the colors are very much girly. :)

  10. Kitten, same here! I actually like all the shades! But Demure is a nice unique shade!

    Maggie, I agree, my only complain with them way back is how limited their sades are! Now I think they are up'ing their game!

    Khymm, hahahaha well good for you, ako naman di sanay walang nail polish sa toenails and fingernails! :)

  11. Mona, agree!

    Issa, :) I'm using All Fired Up at present!

    Aya, daming favorite ang Demure!

    Lootwagon, yes they do no? Very pigmented!

  12. Pammy, Agree!

    Gio , the colors are wearable!

    Shen, can't wait to see them on your fingers!

  13. Charry, I hope they'll come up with another collection soon!

    Marge, hahaha but at least, its not too pricey !

  14. Siren is awesome............presently m wearing it....


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