Wednesday, February 2, 2011

AMW Reviews: Finess Oil Control Sheets

If you like taking a walk around Watson's and you like looking through new stuffs, you are probably just like ME!  Oh that's beside the point, my point is, you probably chanced upon another brand of oil control sheets from a brand called Finess!  Yes Finess minus the E not the Finesse Hair Care Line.

I was on the verge of insanity a.k.a. last minute hoarding on oil control sheets when I saw how nicely packaged this new brand of oil control sheets!  Chic right?  Darn packaging!  Do you really have to be that pretty and exciting to look at?  So, as usual, the marketing strategy works!  I bought it just because of its face value!  I am superficial! Sue me!

Finess Oil Control Sheet says ---
Shine-Free Oil Control Sheet effectively removes dirt and oil from skin, leaving your face feeling fresh and shine-free.  It's handy and convenient to bring anywhere for instant clean-ups of face anytime.  It's ideal for cleaning eyeglasses and camera lens as well!

100 sheets

AMW says ---
  • Packed in a very chic packaging perfect for girls!   
  • Oil control sheet has cute prints! 
The Regular Oil Control Sheet has Animal Prints 
The Pearlized ones have tiny specks of gold sparkles
  • Multi-functional, aside from retouch to lessen oil, I do use this to clean my makeup mirror which I think costs less!  One sheet is enough for the whole mirror!
  • Does remove oil without bothering the makeup!
  • This is better for the environment though, this can be recycled easily as compared to the film-type sheets.
  • Inexpensive!
  • Though I am in love with the packaging, I can't give this to male clients, imagine them doing touch ups with this?
  • Once its soaked up with oil, can tear up as opposed to the super durable Oil Control Films.
  • If you're not into cute prints, you''ll probably find this too childish!
  • It is not easy to grab, I may tear a sheet while trying to pull out one!  Because of the way it was packaged, I may even pull out more sheets than needed which equates to wastage.

Not the best but not the worst oil control product available in the market.  It does tear up but not as easily! There's nothing spectacular about this product, I can actually compare this to the Toilet Seat  Sheets that you can also use!  This, of course looks better than the Toilet Seat Sheets!  Can't complain, the expensive alternative that works really well costs twice as much as this!  

  • Gently pat the oil control sheet on face especially on areas that oil up easily!.
  • Never rub, I have to stress it again.. PAT! PAT! PAT!
  • Throw this in a trash bin after use.  Be a responsible citizen!
  • If you have a nice "tin can" for tissue paper or sanitary napkin, I suggest you transfer the content in a different packaging to prevent product tearing and wastage.
Will I repurchase?
Why not?  This is inexpensive and works!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who oils up but not as much!  If you don't usually fill up the whole sheet and you just need oil-control on small areas like forehead, sides of the nose, this is A-okay!  

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at Watson's store for less than Php50.00 (approx $1.00).

As usual, just when I was about to test on oil control sheets, I have to look for an "oily" face, which obviously isn't me!  So, calling Mr. AMW!!!
Thanks to his face, but I have to let you know that he washed his face a couple of minutes ago so the sheets shown does not have much oil! 

Shine-Free Pearlized Oil Control Sheet

Regular Oil Control Sheet

Have you tried this brand?
If not this brand? Have you tried similar oil control sheets like these?
I am torn, I like the ones that does not tear but this one is way better for the environment!
How say you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love the packaging! it's so cute. imma gonna try this one. ;p thanks for the info!

  2. its the brand i'm using right now... hehehe! aside from the fact that its affordable, it does it job in removing those oiliness... i have to agree that it isn't durable enough... thanks for the review :)

  3. i have the silk secrets aloe vera oil control sheets ryt now, very similar to this one. but i still wanna to go back to my-ever-reliable clean&clear oil film since i oil up pretty every 2hours? errk! haha :)

  4. Cute! Does the sparkle transfer to your face, though?

  5. I have the same habit of going through every aisle at Watson's. Does the pearlized sheet's glitter transfer to your face?

  6. I'm just like you- loves to stroll around Watson's. Haha!

    I use that brand but the plain one only. I love it because it doesn't only take away oil from my face, it is really effective in cleaning my eyeglasses. :)

  7. soo cute, im gonna try this out since im gonna finish the one im currently using :)

  8. Ang cute!! I definitely love the designs but I'm sure i'll be finishing up one packet of this coz i'm soo dead oily. :)

  9. Nice packaging! Its so girly girly:)

  10. I have this too! the one on the leftmost of the first picture. and yes, i also bought it because of how pretty it looks. wasnt impressed with how it performs though. id prefer the ClearnClear one.
    So now i got mine stocked inside my vanity kit for whatever purpose they may serve in the future. Teehee ^___^

  11. Oh, I use this brand too, the plain ones! Package is green but the sheets are blue. :)

  12. I've tried on of these before, but it was meh to me. I still love the Clean and Clear ones, and the Kleenex ones.

  13. Vainails, my pleasure! Let me know how you like it! :)

    Ayn, I'm glad you find this useful! I know its not durable but it works for its price!

    Kawaiiberri92, I know! I just wish they have different animal prints pa! hehehhe

  14. lalamanila, agree, the Oil Film is way more reliable especially if you have very very oily face!

    Michelle, nope, it doesn't!

    Lemon Tart, no the sparkle does not transfer, it stays on the paper!

  15. Maria, APIR!!!! :") I use it to clean my shades too!

    Lora Patubo, its inexpensive so its ok to try this no?

    Shenster, naku,this won't be enough for you sis, the oil control film from Clean & Clear or Gatsby or the M Labs are more for you :)

  16. Mav, Agree! For the girls ang packaging

    Jenobebs, I seldom use them, but I stock up for my makeup gigs, PEOPLE or CLIENTS do need them...badly!

  17. Claire, oooh I've seen more designs at Watson's!

    Sofia I know what you mean, the Clean & Clear is wonderful, haven't tried the Kleenex brand!

  18. i bought the pearlized variant today because of this post. :)) i hope it works for my oil-spilled skin. haha


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