Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: "Year of the Rabbit" Nails

First day of my favorite month of the year!  February!  I'm sure a lot of you understand why I chose February to be a favorite month of mine!  The weather is cool, the days are shorter, the Hearts' day fall in this month and last but not the least, it's my birth month!  Most people probably hate it because it means they're getting older, I should feel the same too, but I don't!  I'm quite excited for another birthday!
Before I talk about MY day, February is a good month because most of the time, Chinese New Year falls in this month!  Well not all the time but for the past years!

I've decided to create a nail art tutorial that is actually not an original of mine, but I saw it from Confessions of Polishaholic!  Thanks so much for the inspiration! Her nail art design looks way better than mine though!  But it's a good try! :)

Step 1: 
Apply your base coat especially when you are using a dark base color!  I am using Revlon's newest nail polish collection under Fire & Ice called All Fired Up.  Will feature the polishes of Revlon soon! :)

Step 2: 
Note from Author: You can choose one design and create similar designs on all nails.  I prefer to do variable designs.

Since "gold" means money, and the combination of red and gold exudes luck and prosperity.  I've decided to create a sparkle gold nail with Bourgeois Mini Gold Polish.  

Using Prettynails' 2 Way Nail Art Pen in black, I drew the year "2011"

Step 3: 
Creating same "sparkly" gold nails just like on step 2.

Using the same art pen in black, I wrote the Chinese character which means "Rabbit"

I want to create "Chinese Lanterns" hanging on top of the word "Rabbit".  Using nail art dotting tool, I randomly drew yellow and orange dots in no particular order.

Step 4: 
For the "rabbit" drawing, I don't want to take too much effort drawing the whole rabbit!  Instead I drew a simple sketch that represents a rabbit! 

Step 5: 
Making sure the nail art designs are completely dry, apply your preferred top coat.  In this nail art tutorial, I am using OPI Start to Finish Base and Top Coat courtesy of my dearest friend Frances!

Happy Year of the Rabbit!!!

Before I end this post, just a li'l something that says...
"Eh....What's Up Doc?"

If nail art is not a thing for you, just paint your nails red and top it with a glittery gold polish and you're ready to celebrate the Chinese New Years with Joy, Prosperity and Luck just right on your fingernails!

Happy Chinese New Year AMW Readers!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. cute!! i like the rabbit teeth on the thumb.. ang galing mo talaga nikki

  2. The rabbit teeth are adorable! :)

    A couple of days ago I started my own blog to share my nail art too! I hope you wouldn't mind if I recreate some of your designs! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Such a cute wabbit, er, rabbit! :P

  4. OMG! I love the rabbit Niks! =)ang kuleeeeet!!!! =P

  5. Aww that's too cute, love it!

  6. that is super cute!

  7. uber cute!!! hopefully i have time to paint something on my nails after dinner tmr. if i do it now, the paint is gonna be gone by end of day after all the cutting n washing work tmr

  8. the rabbit teeth are sooo cute! i think i might copy this design :)

  9. so cute! happy chinese new year!

  10. What a cute design! Happy Lunar New Year! :)

  11. you're the best on doing nail arts, Nikki!

  12. Thanks everyone for appreciating my "inspired" drawing! :D I would like to say "Hats off" to the original nail artist :D


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