Monday, January 31, 2011

AMW Reviews: Avon Ideal Shade Foundation SPF10

January 2011 is almost over!  Not bad, the start of the year kept me busy and I am staying positive it'll be a very fruitful 2011!  

As everyone who reads my blog knew, I have received a wonderful gift from our friends from Avon!  Thank goodness for duplicate product because I can give one as giveaway and have another one to review!  Thank goodness the shade matches me perfectly so it did not take me that much time to review this product!  I have tested this for a good week on random occasions and situations!  Here's what I have to say...I always have a say on everything!  Gosh!  I hope you don't mind?  *winks*

Avon Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation says ---
Formulated with PreciseLight Technology. For continuous balance, adds moisture or absorbs oil wherever needed. Natural satin smooth finish. Featherlight medium coverage.

Available shades on brochure: Shell, Nude and Pure Beige

AMW says ---
  • Gives a very natural, "looks like your natural skin" coverage.
  • Easy to apply, does not create patches.
  • Gives out a matte finish, no shine nor unnecessary sparkle! 
  • No white cast on photos and in person.
  • Can double up as concealer especially on the undereye area because of its very nice, runny texture.
  • Dries up into a nice velvety finish after a couple of minutes after application.
  • Works even without patting on setting powder/powder foundation.
  • Sheer to medium coverage foundation.
  • Does not dry up dry skin, does not oil up oily skin!  This feels like a very good tinted moisturizer.
  • No weird smell.
  • Has SPF.
  • Pores and redness can be covered! 
  • Inexpensive
  • Packaging!  A pump packaging would be much appreciated.  You can over spill product or waste product because you can't control the product that will come out.
  • The cap can get dirty easily :(
  • Looking for the foundation shade that matches is a huge headache! :)  Especially since most Avon products can be purchased through brochures!
  • Not for people who are looking into full coverage foundation in one swipe!
  • May cause breakouts to people sensitive to the ingredients included in this foundation.
  • Limited shades sold locally.
This is the best "start-up" liquid foundation.  Meaning, if you are new to makeup and you are just starting to enjoy make-up application, this liquid foundation is the best to start because you feel like your skin still breathes and it doesn't have the heavy and oily feel that most liquid foundation gives!  Aside from that, the price isn't that bad for a 30 ml foundation that can last you months of daily usage!

  • Shake bottle prior usage.
  • Write down the date where you first open the foundation.  Do not use this if product smells weird!
  • For dry skin: you can choose not to set this foundation with powder as it gives a very natural powder finish.
  • For oily skin: though this gives out a nice matte finish after application, can still turn oily after several hours, use your preferred setting powder or powder foundation with a huge brush and dust the product gently on areas that oil up easily!  It doesn't hurt to use a face primer to prevent your skin from oiling up!
  • SPF10 is not enough so always use sunblock prior to foundation application.
  • Visit Avon stores to check on their foundation shades, do not depend on the brochure color to look for a shade that matches you!
  • Though this can give a nice, medium coverage, if you have acne-prone skin or a lot of marks on your skin, a concealer or corrector is still needed!
  • For light coverage: apply with a stippling brush or Beauty Blender.
  • For medium to heavy coverage: you can choose to apply with clean fingers or regular sponges!
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
People who likes to use liquid foundation minus the heavy feel!  This would be perfect for people without much skin issues because this feels and looks like second skin!

Works for oily, normal, combination and dry skin!

Where to purchase and how much?
Avon ladies for Php530.00 (approx $12.30)

Avon Idea Shade Foundation SPF10
Shade: Nude
Product blended so well on my hand
Does not look like there's foundation at all!

 Applied on skin, no base, no powder 

The product lightened up the darkness under my eyes.
The product lightened up the redness on the sides of my nose.
But it does not make me look different, does not cover the small beauty mark on my cheek.
Sheer to medium coverage adjustable base on your preference.

Have you tried this foundation?
This foundation reminded me of the I Nuovi Litebase Foundation!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product was sent as gift.  The review has been done base on personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. sis! nirepost ito ng Avon Philippinesa sa FB site nila. :)

  2. I'm happy you posted this, because it sounds like EXACTLY what I'm looking for in a foundation. Unfortunately I don't think there's an Avon store near me (?) and I suck when it comes to choosing foundation matches for my skin.

    But I definitely will put this on my wish-list, thanks for the review!

  3. i have to check this out.... i am now looking deeper in liquids..i have only tried revlon colorstay though..

    nikki, what do you think is the avon shade for a mac nc20?

    the thing that i dont like about avon is just like what you said, it's hard to get the correct shade right because it's on the brochure lang.

  4. the texture and coverage looks nice! haven't tried any of their liquid foundations yet.

  5. Those kinds packaging bugs me! But I think can purchase a pump bottle in Muji just in case you're looking into a replacement bottle :))

  6. The packaging reminds me of Estee Lauder Double Wear. I wish they come up with a pump. But this product seems promising ha, I think Avon is upping their game! Nice review, Nikki. :P

  7. The foundation looks lovely on you but the packaging bugs me. A pump would be much more practical!

  8. the foundation looks promising.. tho i need the coverage.. and i agree with the packaging, its hard to control the product w/o the pump.. :)

  9. It looks a lot like NARS Sheer Glow in terms of the bottle design and the lack of pump. But this seems like a cool alternative to try :D

  10. jenobebs , yes, they tagged me! thanks dear!

    Arezu, hmmm...I think this will work so well on you, you do have gorgeous looking skin to start with and you don't need that much coverage :) I hope you can find this !

    Thia, I am NC20 and this one in Nude is ok, but the thing is, you have oily skin no? You may need a primer as this could oil up on you faster than the Colorstay!

  11. Khymm, I was surprised how nice it is!

    Michelle, agree! I have the MAC pump, I haven't tried using the pump yet, but will try it and see if it works, or if not, I may purchase a more inexpensive pump bottle and transfer the pump in here!

    Pammy, agree, I have to say, ALL makeup companies who produces liquid foundation like this MUSt put these in a pump bottle!

  12. Gio, agree!

    Lora Patubo, well if you need coverage, you may need an extra concealing step!

    Krys, ay oo! even the finish, this is more of the sheer side so I think you're right on comparing this to the NARS sheer Glow!

  13. hi miss nikki! i have this foundation right now., the manufacturing date is march 2012 and i just had it last may., but now the oil has been separated!, is it already expired or it's just normal?

    1. Hi Rae, if manufacturing date is March 2012, your foundation is still good. Have you done the sniff test? The scent is still alright right?

      Sometimes, you need to shake your foundation before use as the oil does separate sometimes even on high end foundation :) Just be wary in using, as long as you don't sense a weird smell, or allergic reactions, it's ok! :)

    2. it still smells the same! well thanks for the reply miss nikki! :))


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