Sunday, January 30, 2011

Something New: Crumpler Chinese New Year Limited Edition Rabbit Collection

I seldom go to the malls nowadays!  I am usually working from Mondays-Fridays then go straight to my mom's place after work!  Then the hubby pick me up and we usually dine out at night or go straight home!  Traffic is just crazy to where we live so its normal just to choose to go straight home.
On weekends, I usually have make up gigs which left me no room to have the energy to walk around the mall!  This weekend was a bit different though!  Since I was scheduled for my annual check, I've decided not to schedule myself with anything over the weekend but just "me" time..well it's actually a "You and Me" time with Mr. AMW!

After the wonderful Korean Restaurant Food Tripping, we've decided to walk around the mall because we like checking out what we missed out for the past months!  I remembered receiving an email from fellow blogger about the Crumpler Chinese New Year Limited Edition bags in which I told myself to check it out!

Robinson's Place Branch

I've always been intrigued with the store because I have a thing for their "mascot"!  Isn't it cute?  Reminded me of Jamaica!  "YA MAN!"

As I walked in the store, a very "reddish" area caught my attention!  Right on!  It is indeed the Crumpler Chinese New Year Limited Edition Rabbit Collection!   Though my favorite color is pink, most of the stuffs I own like mobile phone pouch, mini pouches, bags and clothing are mostly in reds!  It must be the "Chinese Blood" in me to be attracted to such color!
Here's a "ninja shot" on the collection!  

Western design meets Chinese Culture.
L-R The Squid (Php1,450/approx.$33.00)
 Hillman Hunter (Php3,850/approx.$87.50)

L-R 15" Goldschlagers Carpet (Php2,250/approx $51.00)
Small iPad Herbas (Php2,450/approx $56.00)
Plus the Rabbit Charm (Php395/approx $9.00)

Not on 'ninja shot'
The Freckle (Php1,200/approx $27.00)

For this collection, what caught my attention is the Ltd. Medium Headaitch Rabbit!  I like big bag space, simple design and durable bag that I can tote along everywhere!

All Red Color

With Crumpler semi-gold colored batch and its cute mascot!

This is the reason why this bag is a winner in my dictionary!  Zippered!  Living in a city like ours, my huge requirement for my bags is its capability to protect my stuffs!  I don't like my stuffs hanging around showing to the world where my wallet, cellphone, etc... are located!

Interior: Origami Print Inside
This is where the inspiration comes in for 2011 Chinese New Year!  Red and Gold are known to be "lucky" that's why they have these 2 colors printed on "red envelopes".  Together with the paper folding tradition in China, they printed gold colored origami lines inside the bag!

Spacious Interior with 2 side pockets 
and one zippered pocket

For you to be able to imagine the size of this bag, this can easily house 14-15" Laptop!  I can actually put my hubby's laptop with laptop sleeves together with charger and mouse conveniently inside!
If you still cannot imagine the size of the Ltd Medium Headaitch Rabbit, it's almost the size of LongChamp Planetes Large in Long Handle!

I do wish the bag comes with foam protection inside so I can easily fit in my laptop without having to use a separate laptop sleeves! 

My Headaitch Php2,950 (approx $67.00).  This does not come cheap but Mr. AMW owns a couple of Crumpler products for his "techie stuffs" and so far, most of them lasts years!  I hope it'll be the same for mine!

Where to purchase?
  • Crumpler Store , Bonifacio High Street
  • Crumpler Store , Trinoma Mall
  • Crumpler Store , SM Megamall
  • Crumpler Store, Robinsons Manila
I will be using this for my next travel for sure!  Now, all I need to do is book my next trip!  RED....I hope you attract cheap flights!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product provided for PR consideration.  The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. cute! we have a crumpler notebook bag too, while the paddings are good, but one gripe would be the weight.just the bag alone already heavy O_o

  2. "Red Envelopes"! It's awkward when it's said like that. :)) I'm just used to hearing ang paos. :)

    I loove the color red! I might check this out! :D

  3. "Red Envelopes"! It's awkward when it's said like that. :)) I'm just used to hearing ang paos. :)

    I loove the color red! I might check this out! :D

  4. Xin, hahahah I love the padded ones! :)

    Michelle, hahaha siyempre not everyone would understand Ang Paos kaya I used "red envelopes" na lang hehehhe


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