Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Maru Korean Restaurant + Serenitea + Papa Beard

Oh hello everyone!  Most of you probably knew what's coming up!  It's the usual weekend food tripping!  So if you are on this page and you haven't had anything yet, go away and come back later! :P

Mr. AMW and myself woke up early on a Saturday morning for my annual check!  Had blood tests and I was quite brave about it!  After the tests, instead of going straight home, we've decided to have a good lunch because I deserve the energy!  I need to refuel my blood! :P  --- You do know they are all excuses!  I just wanted to EAT! EAT! EAT!

Korean food!  *happy sigh*  I am so in love with this dish and I swear I must be half Chinese half Korean in my past life!  Whoever I may be in the past, I must be chowing down on Kimchi from morning til dawn!

We've seen Maru Restaurant at Macapagal Avenue, but at that time, the next door Korean restaurant looks more intriguing because bus loads of Korean tourists are all flocking inside!  Boy am I glad Maru Korean Restaurant opens a new branch at Robinson's Place, Ermita!  The place looks even better!    This will be the first for us to experience Korean Dish in this restaurant so let me take you to our food journey!

 The usual Korean appetizers!  I am quite amazed on how they don't look too inviting aesthetically, but I tasted them all and they all tastes WONDERFUL!  Sour, Sweet, Spicy, Salty --- the appetizers played with all my senses!  I wish they have tofu appetizers though!  --- oh well, Uric Acid-less day for me then!

We've decided to try their BBQ because it just looks so cool seeing customers cook in a high-tech grill!  We chose the least fat dish because we may be pigs, but we're healthy pigs!  *winks*  

Thin slices of boneless shortribs
Php380.00 (approx $8.60)
Raw, this does not look appetizing at all!  *blech* 

 But once its starting to cook, my stomach goes WOW!  
Can't wait to wrap this on fresh lettuce!
(Kinda reminisced on the BBQ we had in Seoul, Korea)

 Dolsot Bibimbap
Korean rice meal with mixed vegetables, marinated ground beef, served on a hot stone pot, topped with sunny side fried egg, Korean chili paste and sesame oil!
Php300.00 (approx $6.80)
In every new Korean Restaurant I dine in, the Bibimbap is a MUST for me to try because that is the basis for me to note down inside my head if I like the restaurant or not!  Hehehe  personal Quality Assurance Form!  This dish tastes really good!  A bit too spicy because the hubby put too much red paste!  I suggest you ask for a separate bowl and transfer some of the rice because the stone pot can maintain the temperature of the rice which is a bit too hot for my tongue to handle! 

The restaurant is not too big but spacious!  We chose to sit at the cool area where you look like you need to cross your legs, but you don't!  No more cramps because there's a huge space under the table for your legs to relax!  And best of all?  They have this super cool chair and people with back problem like myself don't have to worry on the back pain after hours of conversation with good food!  Such a nice place to visit with family and friends!  I suggest not to go for BBQ on dates because it gets too smokey and I smell like roasted 'pig' afterwards :D  --- still sexy :P

Maru Korean Restaurant
Robinson's Place, Ermita
New Wing

Waiter helps you with the BBQ but you can request to do it yourself. The restaurant do not serve house tea but cold water instead. Want alcoholic drinks?  They serve local beers to Korean beers! 

No service charge.  Accepts cash and credit card.

Because we did not order any drinks and our mouth were breathing fire!  We've decided to tone down the spiciness by drinking something with milk!  Milk helps cool your tongue after a spicy meal!  Serenitea was just right at the Adriatico Wing!  

Hokkaido Milktea
M - Php95.00 (approx $2.15)
L - Php105.00 (approx $2.40)

What I always complain about drinks served in our country is how sweet everything tastes!  At Serenitea, you have the power to choose how sweet your drink will be!  

100% Full Sugar
 75%  Less Sugar
  50% Half Sugar
  25%  Mild Sugar
    0%  Healthy
You can also choose your Sinkers (no, I'm not talking about bowel movements!  LOL)
  • pearl
  • crystal
  • lime jelly
  • red bean
  • black bricks
  • egg pudding
Here's my order of Hokkaido Milk Tea
Size: Medium
Sweetness: 25% Mild Sugar
Sinkers: Pearl
After all the shopping and walk, we've decided to take home some  Papa Beard Cream Puffs for AMW MIL!  She adores cream puffs (which I surprisingly don't).  So cute how the company are going for variety!  So many types of cream puffs now!

They also serve more cakes and pastries!  Sylvannas, Chocolate Mousse, Decadents, Braso De Mercedes, Choco Caramel, etc...Just the right kind of food to make you live LONGER ....hehehe

For only Php25.00 (approx $0.50) a piece, we've decided to try their Sylvannas!  Not bad, but I find it too chewy for my taste!  The taste is wonderful, but I'm not a fan of "rubber" texture!  Too much caramel I guess?

Of course, AMW MIL attacked the famous Papa Beard's Original Cream Puff!  For Php50.00 (approx $1.10), I made someone super happy!

This is my weekend food tripping!
What's yours?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love Korean BBQ and I love those tiny appetizers they serve. They look funky but they all taste really good!

  2. tuwing dadaan ako sa blog mo at makikita ko tong mga food post mo bigla tumutunog tyan ko hahaha

  3. Hi! You can also try Min Seok restaurant on Don Pedro St. near Kalayaan Ave in Makati. They have great Samgyeopsal. The resto is a little "homey" and a lot of Koreans go there. Their appetizers are really authentic and the kimchi (refillable!) is to die for.

    Like you I'm Tsinoy and foooood is a big deal with the family. We like to eat out a lot, too. Your weekend food trips are great and some times I check out your posts before picking a resto to try :)

  4. The barbecue looks yummy. It reminded me of the beef strips in MyThai. Yummy! :P

  5. ah korean BBQ! and and beetrice loves papa beard's puffs!

  6. yeah baby this place rocks and is open til the wee hours in the morning and on the weekdays at that LOL

  7. Beard Papa's too catchy of a name not too notice. I haven't tried it though, not a big fan of cream puffs :P

  8. I love Korean restaurants! Especially cause they let you "cook" your own food! :)

  9. Becky, I love Koeran BBQ to the max! They are super tasty!

    Aika, hahahah sorry! lakas na ba tunog ng tiyan mo?

    Krys, noted, thanks for letting me know, if I pass by the area, will definitely try!

  10. Pammy, I haven't tried MyThai! Delish?

    Xin, oh wow! I will think about Bee everytime I pass by Papa Beard then!!!

    Marge, agree! I passed by the Macapagal branch at 2am and they are open!

  11. Jean, same with you but for those cream puffs lovers out there, they are really in love with Papa Beard!

    Michelle, yes, I like cooking my own food, but would you believe my brother wants his food served COOKED? hahaha he doesn't want the effort!

  12. omg, nikki, you're so funny! if i ever get to meet you, i bet i'll just be laughing 'til my tummy hurts. :D

    my fave korean resto is janggeon (spelling?) along libis road. kinda pricey but really yummy!

  13. Isea :) it'll be fun!!!! I am not trying to be funny but weird things do come out of my mouth! So it'll be fun!

    I haven't tried Janggeon pa! Will give it a try, hmm, I've tried one authentic Korean Restaurant at Libis area though, forgot the name, baka we're referring to the same resto?


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