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AMW Reviews: L'Oreal White Perfect Fairness Control Moisturizing Day Cream

My mom-in-law (MIL) loves her inexpensive Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream.  You can check out my review (on behalf of my MIL) on that by smiling and clicking HERE.

I think she is enjoying the "lightened" dark spots.  She actually came up to me and asked me what's best to use for day time as she's done with her current day cream!  Well, thanks to my ability to remember products I own!  As I scan through my OC-brain ALPHABETICALLY on products I have hidden inside a huge box *laughs* It stops at letter "L" for L'Oreal!  Choosing L'Oreal isn't a bad idea because Garnier worked for her and Garnier is part of L'Oreal group.  I could be wrong, but this could be a possibility!

I pull out the new L'Oreal White Perfect Fairness Control Moisturizing Day Cream because it has the "whitening" properties that Garnier have for her skin to look even-toned, bright and healthy!

She's almost done with this tube so it's time for a conversation between AMW and AMW M.I.L.!

L'Oreal White Perfect Moisturizing Day Cream says ---

  • More Rosy Glow.  Enriched in new Tourmaline Gemstone that helps stimulate skin microcirculation, this cream gives skin intense rosy glow.
  • Less yellowish complexion.  It also contains Advanced Melanin-Block, which acts to regularte the melanin production at the source to help skin become fairer.
  • Protection against UV-induced skin darkening.  Exposure to UV rays, especially to UVA, accelerates and intensifies melanin production, leading to skin darkening.  Enriched with the powerful L'Oreal patented Mexoryl SX UV filters system. 
  • White Perfect Fairness Control Moisturizing Day Cream SPF17 provides perfection against UV induced darkening and the appearance of brown spots.
AMW MIL says ---
  • The product packaging comes with a protect cap which prevents spillage.
  • Gets absorbed into the skin easily.
  • Moisturizes skin minus the greasy feel.
  • I find that most whitening products are drying on dry or mature skin, I was told that this works well even on mature skin! 
  • Smells great!
  • Price is not bad for a product that works as moisturizer, sunblock (although not much) and a whitening product.
  • Unhygienic packaging!
  • If you are expecting for quick results, again, this is not a magical potion!  
  • SPF may not be enough for those who are more exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Does not have the extra anti-aging properties that some can offer! 
I am quite surprised that a whitening moisturizer can actually moisturize quite well!  My MIL told me that this actually does not dry out her skin as much as other products she tried!  I can't tell if this product reduces her dark spots as it was reduced drastically with her Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream, what I can attest is that her spots did not come back with continuous usage of "lightening" products!  

  • Use a spatula to dip on the product instead of your fingers!
  • For all skincare product with this type of packaging: on some days I am too lazy or I can't find my spatula, *embarrassed*, I used the protective cover to dip some product, sorry!  I'd rather do so than dip my fingers!
  • If you have very sensitive skin, apply a good amount from below the ear to the neck area, leave it overnight and check the next morning if allergic reactions occur.
  • Apply a thin layer on areas of you skin that is fine!  For areas that have dark spots, massage and concentrate a bit more.
  • Store in cool dry place!
  • I strongly suggest to follow up with a sunblock still!  
Will she repurchase?
Yes, not bad for a Day Cream.  But for the night cream, nothing will stop her from the Garnier one.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Normal, Combination or even Dry Skin.  This moisturizing day cream actually works well to all skin types.  For sensitive skin though, please be careful as this is still a whitening product, meaning, it does have a couple of ingredients that could cause allergic reactions to very sensitive skin!

Where to purchase and how much?

Available at all L'Oreal counters for Php595.00 (approx $13.50).

Texture of the L'Oreal White Perfect Fairness Control
Moisturizing Day Cream
(not so fluffy, so I'm not gonna die! LOL)

I want to thank my dear AMW Mom-in-law for being such a fabulous mom, for helping me out with these reviews (especially on skincare)!  Watch out for my skin product reviews as she's almost done with this!  What's the next product I'll let her try?  Hmm, ain't gonna tell!  :P

Have you tried this product?
Does it work for you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. You know what's super funny? Rowena, Michelle Lim, Michelle Martinez and I had lunch yesterday and Rowena was looking whiter than usual. Apparently, this product had immediate effects on her face that she had to resort to putting some on her arms. Haha!

  2. What do you recommend for sensitive skin?

  3. Skysenshi, oh no! hahaha Rowena is already fair to start with, can't believe she can even go fairer! Good thing my MIL didn't go to that direction or else, patay ako! My MIL is very fair to start with :D

    Kathie, I'm not saying this won't work on sensitive skin, if you're lucky, it still can work! I always recommend very natural ingredient products from Kiehl's or Clinique, if on a budget, Cetaphil is also recommended by dermatologists, hope this helps :D Do you have sensitive skin btw?

  4. nice review as always Nikki!

    i love the glowy effect it gives me but too bad nagkabreakouts ako. Ganun din nangyari sa Garnier =(

  5. nikki, i have this but will still have to start :)
    btw, i checked out your garnier light overnight link and i find that the pics are not showing :(
    the jan-jul pic of your MIL is showing though and i'm inspired. are the pics really missing or my browser is lashing out on me? :)

  6. HI. Im just new on collecting my own kikay kit and I would just like to ask your view on this HOpe to hear something from you soon. Thanks!

  7. Nice review by MIL. So cute of her to help you out with this product. :P
    I checked this out a few times but I have not had any luck with their skin care products except for the facial wash. :)

  8. great rev, nik! :) not a magical potion indeed but visible results within weeks of use. :) i agree that the garnier light cream is a lot more effective but that's for night time use. AMW MIL now has day and night cream for beautification. i wish my mom could try these as well. :(

  9. wow L'Oreal, 'Less yellowish complexion'...they could worded that a tad better. it doesn't sound too politically correct for me and it's marketed in Asia, eh ang daming yellow dito.
    great, review, and advice esp the spatula ;-)

  10. Khymm, oh no on the breakouts, no matter how good the product is, if it breaks you out, you just have to stop :)

    hidburn, thanks for letting me know, the pictures are gone nga! i was shocked! well if I get the chance, I'll reupload the photos! its on my laptop eh :) thanksf or letting me know!

    Van, I have tried Mary Kay products way back but not this one, i've tried their powder foundation and its really good! I can't say how good this is as I don't own this, I'll review definitely if I get to own this in the future!

  11. Pammy, actually she didn't know I'm writing the review, hahaha I just asked her on her experiences hehehe I know what you mean, I remembered you telling me you're not "hiyang" with the brand, iba iba talaga sa bawat taO :)

    Shen,sisterhood! Aawww *hugs* I am sure your mommy is happy looking after you as your angel :)

    Marge, I'm glad you found my advise helpful Thanks for reading!

  12. My mom's been using this cream but I don't know if it's working for her. I need to ask her! She really loves the new L'Oreal dual Spot Corrector though. It apparently helped lightened her pigmentation a lot

  13. thanks for the review! when it comes to creams though my personal fave is human nature =)

  14. Connie, yes! ask her! hehehe The Spot Corrector? I heard they really correct spots! thanks for sharing

    Fashioneggplant, thanks for sharing! I heard nothing but good stuffs from Human Nature!

  15. I don't recommend this though if you are still "young" or are not yet looking at the whole anti-aging bit :( I have normal/combination skin and am exposed to air-conditioning most of the time. However, no matter how little I put, I end up looking oily by mid-day. It didn't work for me :(

  16. Hi Nikki! Thanks for the spatula tip to make up for the not-so hygienic packaging. I don't really use this brand but my own cream has the same container.


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