Friday, January 28, 2011

Something New: Girl Two Doors Down at The FlatShop

I may not talk a lot about fashion in this blog but that does not mean I am not into fashion!  Aside from checking beauty blogs, I check out fashion blogs and blogs about Hollywood actors and actresses because I want to snoop on their unglamorous life and of course, the highlight of snooping on such websites are the paparazzi shots that comes with it! 

No, I am not talking about racy photos of Miley Cyrus or the Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears getting off the car wearing short skirts with no undies!  You have to agree, those are quite intriguing though!  *laughs*

*won't insert photos*  tee hee

I like checking on fashionable stars as regular human beings, checking on what they wear and get amazed on how some of them can stay glamorous even when they're off to do regular chores!

When it comes to footwear, everybody knows that I am into fashion AND comfort!  Can anyone honestly tell me that the cute shoes they are wearing at this moment are super comfortable?  

8 out of 10 of my gorgeous shoes are UNCOMFORTABLE, that's why I only wear them during special events.  On most days (my colleagues can vouch to this), I love wearing sandals!  How can I be fashionable when I'm comfortable?
These actresses can!
Emmy Rossum, Eva Longoria, Stephanie Pratt
 Michelle Trachtenberg, Halle Berry

All 5 of them were seen sporting flip-flops with matching Vintage Diamond Bling that gives a bold statement!  Comfortable Flipflops plus a huge bling?  That calls for my attention!

The brand available in the US are now reachable to us locally!  The brand is called Girl Two Doors Down.  The brand is a mouthful but just think of a Girl Next Door who wants to be more than just typical, someone who wants to be unique, sexier, more confident and exciting, the girl is there two doors down!  Cool concept! 

Flip-flops are usually flats and flats are not my thing as they can hurt my back when I am walking too far!  After using this a couple of times, I appreciate the "no more heel pain" because there is a nice support on the arch of my feet!  It makes a huge difference because I was diagnosed with a very slight Scoliosis at a young age and wearing the right kind of footwear is as important as eating the right kind of food!

AMW Feet on Girl Two Doors Down
Gray Color
Diamond Brooch ornament

Size 7 (yes, I'm Chinese, and I don't have tiny feet! LOL)

 A closer look on the gorgeous Diamond Brooch!  Looks like a huge engagement ring on my feet! :D What's nice is that you can choose different styles or blings from Diamond Ring designs, Flower, Martini Glass, Trophy Medallion, Cross, Leaves, Triple Circles!  So many to choose from!

You can also choose flats or platforms at the same price or adding a couple of hundred pesos! That's variety!

Oh, before I forget, each stylist pair comes with bold statements like...
"I believe in Total Body Workout, currently my finger benches 3 carats"

Mine says: "If You Believe It's Excessive, You Don't Deserve It!"
I have to read this when I'm eating!  *laughs*
The next question would much?
Well, I have to say, this bling doesn't come cheap!  
Diamond Brooch in Flat costs Php1,890.00 (approx $42.90)
I know!  Shocking right?  Most people would spend tons on clothing but not for me, I usually buy inexpensive clothing and spend more on footwear because my feet need the extra care!

Most of my footwear are well-taken care off and lasts more than a year or to some, even more than 2 years!  Definitely value for money! 

Visit The Flat Shop at the Ground Floor, Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center for US brands like Girl Two Doors Down, FitFlops, Sanuk, Bandals, Melissa and Anthology.

What's your most expensive flip flops to date?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product provided for PR consideration.  The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Super nice, goes so well with your nail art! :D

  2. i agree with donnarence! mas cute pa to sa havs and it looks so comfy pa pero i find it too expensive hehe

    naku size 7 ako before pero after I gave birth naging size 8 na paa ko! LOL

  3. my friend once gave me a LE ipanema cost about usd$100, embellished with all swarwoski crystals but it was slightly too small for my size! darn and i had to give it to someone else :(

  4. I love this but its uber expensive. Can I asked what laptop are you using for this blog? Thanks!

  5. reminds me of my OKA b. shoes with a huge diamond on top of the thong lol

  6. reminds me of my OKA b. shoes with a huge diamond on top of the thong lol

  7. Those flipflops are expensive! Bute so pretty!

  8. OMG! I love these and I wear flip flops all the time!

  9. Rowena, thanks girl! :)

    Charry,Me din, though its only flip flops, it looks really nice and people tend to double look! LOL

    Donna, yup! Agree!

    Khymm, it is! I have to agree with you but for me, when it comes to footwear talaga, go ako sa comfort! As long as it last a long time. WE'll see how long this will last on me! Yup, my sister was size 7 too and turned into 8 when she gave birth :)

  10. Xin, wow..sooo sad you have to ive it away! I have a friend who gave me size 6 super cute blinged sandals too and I gave it to my sister in law as their feet are sexier! a size lower than mine!

    Rhen, I am using ASUS EEE!

    Fab Beauty, thanks

  11. Mrs.M, ooohhh yeah, I've seen the OKA B. they are quite similar nga!

    Gio! I agree with you! LOL Do you own any expensive flipflops?

  12. Shatz, thanks

    Kathie,if you wear flipflops all the time, then it's worth it, if you purchase this and wear this just once or twice in a month, then this is definitely too expensive!

  13. eek. my most expensive flip flop to date is my Chanel rubber flops. 330USD. awk.


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