Wednesday, August 4, 2010

AMW Reviews: Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream

Thank goodness, I don't have dark spots at the moment *knocks on wood*.  I may have some in the future but for now, I have my Garnier Skincare stash shared to my family and friends because I know they'll find it useful.  So useful that I ended up doing a review base on my family love --- My Mom-in-Law!

My mommy-oh is not into makeup but definitely addicted to skincare!  I used to hoard moisturizer for her when I travel to Hong Kong.  She uses mostly expensive brands as she thought those would work.  But she's wrong!

When I got my Garnier Skin Naturals pack from L'Oreal for Christmas, I gave it to her.  She got ecstatic when she saw "Anti-dark spots and dullness" written on the box!  I know she's been looking forever (and a day) for a cream that can visibly lighten her spots and freckles.

**photo taken from Garnier site
Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream says ---
With pure lemon essence and natural peeling fruit extracts.  While you sleep, it exfoliates dark skin cells and peels off dullness which will reveal fresh and fairer skin in the morning.  Not only will it lessen dark spots, but it will also prevent further darkening.

Away from external aggressions, night is the ideal time to reinforce whitening action.  With the combined attributes of Vitamin C from lemon essence, Vitamin CG from herbal extracts, and the natural peeling fruit extracts, you're sure to wake up with a healthy glowing, visibly fairer and more even toned skin.
  • skin becomes fairer in 28 days
  • Melanin Production is reduced (the pigment responsible for darkening and dark spots reproduction)
  • especially formulated for Asian Skin
AMW Guest says ---

  • scent is light and smells wonderful
  • includes manufacturing date
  • easy to apply and texture is not runny
  • wonderful glass packaging!  Keeps the product fresh
  • non-greasy and no heavy feel
  • non-oily
  • does lighten up dark spots!  (photo to prove below)
  • inexpensive skincare that works!
  • does not only lighten dark spots but brighten up the face overall!
  • no harsh peeling
  • no stinging sensation nor allergic reactions
  • product lasts 12 months once opened (which is quite long) and packaging is recyclable!  Yay for environmental-friendly packaging
  • if you're expecting for instant effect, do not hold your breathe, 28 days may happen to minority
  • for dry skinned individuals: this my dry up skin even more!
This product seriously works!  Pictures won't lie and you can scroll down to check the before and after shots!  I can't really tell when was the exact day the product works but who cares?  As long as it does right?  

The effect though definitely wasn't seen 28 days after, it does take longer for the product to work and Patience really is a Virtue!  Spots definitely lightened or almost disappeared, everyone in our family can notice that and I'm glad something inexpensive works against the more expensive creams!

If I do have age spots in the future, at least I know which product to rely on!  I hope this will work for me just like it did to my mommy-oh!

  • use a spatula to scoop out product instead of your fingers.  If you prefer to use your fingers, make sure your fingers are clean and sanitized
  • not sure if you're allergic to its ingredients?  Read labels, or apply this below the ear area for 24 hours to see if allergic reactions occur overnight
  • store in cool dry place
  • dry to massage onto face gently, never rub hard
  • close lid tight
  • if the brand works for you, use Garnier Light Whiten and Protect Moisturizing Scream with SPF15 to protect the skin in the morning against the sun.
  • try to be consistent with application, you won't see the effect if you use this once every 2 weeks or use it consistently for a week then forget all about it the remaining weeks!  Consistency is the KEY!
  • use sunblock!  Whether you use the Garnier day cream or not, do apply sunscreen with at least SPF20+  to protect your face
Will I recommend to others?
Yes, but then, different individuals react to skincare differently, so be careful!

Where to purchase and how much? 
At leading department stores, supermarkets, drugstores and beauty stores nationwide for Php299.00
(approx $6.50) 50ml

Before and After Photo
You can click photo to enlarge
First photo taken January 2010
Current photo taken July 31, 2010
*laughs* She's not wanted!!!  She's just a bit shy!
The effect on lightened spots isn't that obvious on photos but definitely in person!
Mark my words on that!

Hope this review helps to a lot who wanted to try this product :)
You can click comment for queries and I can ask the "shy" girl and get back on you!  *hahaha*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I can't help but smile when I saw Ninang's photo on this page! I gave mama (my mom in law) my Garnier Day and Night cream too!!! :) I should ask how she rates it.
    Personally I love the scent! I use the eye roll on before my preggy stage, since I have to gear away from whitening I can't use it now. But I am definitely going to use it again after I gave birth as this product is really a winner.

  2. I think I saw this line on sasa or imomoko and I was quite interested in it...I only recall seeing a sheet mask.

    I really want to try this for the lightening effect!! I don't have age spots but from the photos, I can also tell that her overall skin colour is also lightened! Must get this when I go to Asia sometime! ^^

  3. Yes, I agree. Consistency is really the key when using this product. :) Love the review sis! I am also a fan of this peeling cream. it really works. :)

  4. you know what, i started using this around a month ago too! i don't know if it's made a difference, but a few of my friends commented that i got fairer :P

  5. im impressed with the before and after shots! wow it really works! will recommend this to my mom, she has dark spots too... thanks for this!

  6. This is works so great! Seems like very good product!

  7. I am not really a fan of whitening products... Okay, I used to but not I love my skintone... ^__^

    Last Sunday, I bought an 8mL pack of Garnier in Mini Stop before going to Laguna. Me is running out of BB cream so I have to get a moisturizer for myself... I'm just not sure if its the same product but it has SPF 15. I'll check it when I get home. ^__~

    I would have to agree with the part where it lightens dark spots. If this product would work for me, I would start investing with Garnier skin care products... ^__^

    Thanks for the review, Ms. Nikki! ^__^

    BTW, your "Mommy-oh" looks like our former Korean Vice President! ^__^

  8. wow! i can tell she got fairer! i want to try this product out now :D

    great review, as usual!

  9. can i use this on other parts of my body, i have dark spots on my toes area that won't go away, maybe this product could help?

    has anyone tried using this on their UAs?

  10. that's interesting. I've never seen this before, must be another asia exclusive. damnit!

  11. Ems, hahaha I haven't showed it to her pa! Imagine her screaming! hahaha

    Lisa, yes, they do have these in facial wash, sheet masks, day cream and this night cream! Yes, it did change and brighten the overall skin color too!

    Shen, sis, it works din for you? That's great? Me..I didn't give this a try, when I saw "peeling" word pa lang, I ran the opposite direction na! hahaha!

  12. Crystal, I'm glad you're seeing a difference, I mean your friends. If people give positive comments on your skin, you know you're doing something right :)

    Khymm, hey, thanks! and goodluck to your mom, I hope it works for her!

    Anastacia, thanks, it works to some I guess :)

  13. angelamhiere, same with you, I am not into whitening but if I do have spots, definitely would like to even it out for sure :)
    Let me know if you have the right product! :) And hey, what's the name of the former Korean VP? I can show it to my mommy oh! hahaha

    Mimi, :) goodluck! Thanks for reading!

    Anonymous, dear, there are reasons why there are specially formulated products made for UA, the company does research to target the problem areas, if you're lucky, this may work on your UA, but if you're unfortunate, this may cause you allergic reactions as this is not made for you UA! I suggest for the toe area, you have it checked can try using a lightening Lotion or cream for the body :)

    Mona, hey! You do shop at Sasa ! hehehe *winks*

  14. hi!!!i purchased this because of your awesome review..but now i am wondering.. should i put it on after my toner/eyecream/B12 routine?? or should it go on first? thanks ;)

  15. Hi Sleepless in Taiwan, you usually use this after toner and eye cream application. I'm not sure what's B12 routine :)

  16. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  17. iam 25 years old.can i use this prouduct.pleas tell me

  18. Thanks anonymous!

    Hajera, it really depends on your skin, if its too sensitive, be careful on using any product!

  19. do i need to use it water.i dont know how to use me please:(

  20. @Anonymous No need to use water and instructions come with the packaging :)

  21. Where I go to get it I'm in va USA . Can u plz help me out

  22. @Anonymous Try to purchase it at an Asian store if you guys have them there :)

  23. Hi Nikki! =)

    I purchased this cream after reading your blog. I love it, been using it for more than a month already.

    However, when I bought another tube (the 20ml ones) for backup, I saw that all stocks were manufactured around year 2010 pa. I checked around 3 shops.

    Is this line discontinued? I try to stay away from products that are two years old since the manufacturing date, I feel like they're no longer as potent as they should be. :p Sad, okay pa naman sana.


    1. Hi Tin, thanks for your query, here's the answer I got ---

      Their products have a shelf life of 3 years from the date its manufactured, and over time the consistency and quality does not change. :) Re: not being able to purchase them or find them in stores, I have asked them directly and lets see if they have been discontinued or changed "name" or packaging.

  24. Hi,can I use the garnier light fairness face wash with this product?

    1. Yes, as long as your skin doesn't have any allergic reactions to any of the ingredients in the said product, it's fine :)

  25. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for your review. Its very well written! I'm 20 years old and have freckles around my nose area and cheeks. I have been using this product for the past 3 nights, and I feel that my freckles have slightly increased. Is this normal that in the beginning it seems so as the skin tone is lighter in the morning? Did your mum-in-law experience the same?

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks a ton :)

    1. for just 3 nights, I don't think you'll see that kind of immediate effect on skin lightening (lucky if you it really did on you) :) So far, my mom in law didn't see any changes til after 3 months :)

    2. Thanks for your reply! Actually I'm quite confused if I should continue to use this product since I feel that my freckles look like they have increased. I'm not sure whether its my over-analysis or they actually have! I'm quite concerned about my freckles and really looking to find a solution to them.

      Thanks =)

    3. Have you tried applying sunblock aside from the regimen?

  26. Hey thanks for the reply! Yes, I use this Ranbaxy product (suggested by a doctor) called Suncros UVA(SPF 26 with UVA protection). I've continued with using the Garnier product too, haven't noticed much changes though! Just want to control my freckles and lighten them if possible! Any tips?

    Thanks =)

  27. Hi dear, thanks for your awesome review, currently I'm using SKII whitening range, but the effect not really obvious so I decide to change my skincare and definately will try this one.:)

    1. Hi Ana, my pleasure..but this one would take time!!! My mom-in-law used up a lot of these before she started to see effect. Goodluck!

  28. Whether this product can be used by men ?

    1. Yes, as long as product works for you (on your skin type) it's ok :D But effect could take even longer


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