Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Something New: Rexona Nature Nuture on Facebook

Dear Facebook Users:

Are you logged on most of the time?  Do you play Plants vs. Zombies?  Do you feel great when the sun shines so bright and your flowers bloom to fight the zombies?  

This month of August, one company took a step forward to take care of nature.  Facebook is used for a good cause!  Watch your garden grow right in front of your own computer and you have the chance to cultivate Facebook's first-ever live garden!  Starting 5:00pm (Local time) a real gardener is right in front of you to take care of your plants.  How?  There are applications available for you to click - Fertilizer, Water, Play Music, Trim, Mist, Remove Caterpillar, etc...and all these will be amazingly done by Gardener Ikey!

Smile and click Gardener Ikey to watch him on YouTube.  This guy is hyper I swear and I think he downed on 10 vitamins before he reports as a gardener!  Big applause to him and Harold for taking care of 30 plants!

Give Plant Nikki and the rest of the plants your love by doing this simple task!  Hey, care for nature and let it care for you! There's no prize for us to win but its the prize of seeing how healthy our plants grow!

30 days, not too long til we see our plants grow!
Click this link to take care of 30 plants!
Enjoy gardening!

A project of Rexona Naturals!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Test your green thumb!

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  1. Was supposed to go to this merienda but couldn't. Sayang I couldve met you na then. :(

    But I checked it out and gave plant nikki water hehe


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