Thursday, August 5, 2010

AMW Reviews: Revlon Creme Gloss

Ooohh, I can literally sniff Friday anytime soon!  Are you excited?  I know I am!  Before we get on to "lazy mode", let me share to you my thoughts on the new Revlon Creme Gloss that I recently got from our friends from Revlon.  I am not a gloss fan as I don't like the sticky feel, but hey!  A review is a review!  I went on and use these 3 shades and now, my lips are ready to talk!  Or shall I say, my fingers are itching to type about my experiences!  Blab blab and away!....

Revlon Creme Gloss says ---
  • Full Colour impact of a lipstick with the extra shine of a lip gloss
  • The unique flow through pen with brush allows for a smooth, even application
  • Mega watt colour, fuses the light reflection particles to make lips look fuller
  • Includes Vitamin E to condition lips
  • Available in 10 shades (in Revlon Australia site, not sure in your local stores)
AMW says ---

  • super pigmented 
  • lip brush is soft and does not shed

  • shades can be easily seen on packaging 

  • you will know if product is running out as the "clear" portion is near the tip
  • lasts half a day!  Even if I drink, eat!  The gloss may disappear but a color stain stays
  • gives a nice high-shine look that's really sexy
  • gives a nice "glossy shine" but not over the top, my full lips did not look fuller, this looks like lipstick topped with a nice clear gloss even when applied alone
  • the tiny scent does not bother me at all as compared to other fruity flavored glosses
  • you can get away without moisturizing your lips with this!
  • still has a bit of sticky feel
  • click pen is not my thing
  • can't control the amount of product that can come out of the pen

  • price is a bit steep for others

I steered away from lip glosses for quite sometime because I got really comfortable with wearing lipstick and lip balm on a daily basis.  It took a while for me to get used to lip gloss again because no matter how minimal the sticky feel, it does bother me a bit.  

At first application, I get a bit irritated with the texture but standing back and looking at the "effect" it gives on my appearance, I can easily forgive the stickiness!  The best part?  It grows into you, the more you use it, the more the feel of "stickiness" lessen and the best thing about this gloss is the way it moisturizes my lips!

Not a bad gloss to own!

  • if you are on a budget, try to get 1 from pink range, 1 from reds and 1 from orange.  Most glosses look similar so do not purchase with numbering so close to each other
  • wipe your applicator each and every use with a brush wipe or spritz with brush cleanser
  • never share your lip gloss.  If you need to use this on others, click a lot of times until product disburse on the middle part of the brush, use a separate lip brush to pick up product and apply on others
  • apply alone for a natural shine and color, or lightly apply on top of your lipstick for that natural pout
Will I repurchase or recommend this?
 I will definitely recommend this to lip gloss lovers out there.  These 3 are good enough for me so I don't need to repurchase.

Where to purchase and how much?
At Revlon Counters for Php475.00 (approx $10.00)

3 Shades I got:
060 Peachy Sheen
065 Crush on Coral
025 Patent Leather Pink

Each shade applied on hand 2x (up and down motion) on bare hand
I love how pigmented and shiny it looks!  Color pops like crazy

Shade: 060 Peachy Sheen
A natural peachy pink shade that's closest to my natural lip color.  This gloss is the most natural out of the 3 I got and this one is my favorite for daily use!

Shade: 065 Crush on Coral
The least pigmented of all, as seen on photo below, the natural lines on my lips can still be seen.  It has a tiny hint of gold sparkles which looks great when applied on top of a similar shade lipstick!  I like applying this only on the middle portion of my lips after lipstick application then gently rub my lips together for that "natural" pout.

Shade: 025 Patent Leather Pink
A bright pink lip gloss that has a Barbie Feel.  The shade may look bright on first application bit it warms up and settles really nice.  A great lip gloss to use when you're off for a night out!

Which among the three looks good on my lips?
Which shade do you think will work well on you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(note from author: products were sent by company as gift.  All reviews are based on author's experience and did not get paid for positive reviews.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. All those shdes looks beautiful on you! And the lip products sounds so great!

  2. the last one Shade: 025 Patent Leather Pink (^_^)

  3. oh so pretty! i love revlon products, so affordable and great quality. I like the last one the best - very pigmented and vibrant!


  4. I love these glosses! My fave is patent leather pink..

  5. I really like the Peachy Sheen shade!!

  6. I have one, Peachy Sheen. It works good for daily use, even you wear a natural makeup or party makeup.

    What I like most is it not just a lip gloss, it's a liquid lipstick.

    Next, I'll buy "Patent Leather Pink" because it looks nice on your lips ^^

    Thank you for your review <3

  7. Peachy Sheen's my favourite because it looks so natural. The Patent Leather Pink looks really sweet on you too! They both look really pigmented and lovely (:

  8. Peachy Sheen's my favourite because it looks so natural. The Patent Leather Pink looks really sweet on you too! They both look really pigmented and lovely (:

  9. I like Peachy Sheen the most! :P

  10. i like shade 025, patent leather pink! very pretty.. :)

  11. Patent Leather Pink looks gorgeous!

  12. i love this product if only the price was more commensurate to the actual product content.

    this and their beyond natural lip balm/stick with spf 15 are the lips colors that don't end up giving you that white gunk on your lips.'

    hehehe what can i say i'm a revlon fangurl ^_^

  13. all colors suited you well, but Patent Pink stood out among the three you swatched :D

  14. Anastacia, thanks dear!

    Rhaindropz, oohhh it's nice too! But when first applied, I feel its too bright, but it settles down and looks great on lips! :)

    Roxy, thanks for letting me know!

  15. Khymm, yeah! I saw how much you love them too!

    Lisa, same! I agree! I just used it today!

    Mim, same here, I love it for daily use! And its moisturizing enough too! :)

    Feeyona, thanks :)

  16. Pammy, yayness! I guess I chose the right shade for my "favorite" too!

    dianneregina, it's my second favorite! It's for those days I needed to brighten up the whole look

    Gio,thanks for voting! hehehe

  17. Marge, I know what you mean, the content is lesser compared to other lipglosses! Thanks for sharing your expertise on Revlon, I've only been trying out the products recently!

    herroyalbleakness, thanks dear

  18. i am going to check these out. i love the 2nd colour on you the best. if we have these i will definitely try these. looks fabulous on you DH is heading to Manila for a conference on Monday so if these aren't here, I'd ask him to pick one up for me. :P

  19. ^_^ revlon was the counter i ran to time after time when maybelline products disappoint me. if only i didn't coincide my kpop fangurling hobby with my makeup blog reviews (thus i only seem to review bb creams and mention korean cosmetic/skin care brands on my blog), i'd prolly do more revlon, stila, theBalm, and palladio reviews LOL

  20. I have this in Pink Cami and it sure does have a nice glossy finish! It's not that pigmented as the color itself is nude-ish per se, but still one of the best I've tried so far.

  21. Hi there

    Must say awesome lips color........suite your lips too.....i love the orange color more its great!



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