Friday, August 6, 2010

I Wonder: "Would You Dare Cut Your Hair Short?"

To my friends who knew me through this blog, you've always seen me with long hair!  Either straight or curly, the length has always been between medium to long.  Would you believe that my hair for my whole university year was short, ear-length short? 

Would I go back to that short length?  Ahmm...I am a bit queasy thinking about it right now.  You can't blame me, I've had this hair length for more than 6 years now!  It would feel weird to have it  cut short as I have the tendency to run my fingers through my hair.  Do I have the guts to do it? the future!

My sister-in-law Grace, used to have short hair in grade school, during high school and now, in college, she is sporting the long hair look.  She has long, shiny and straight hair for quite some time and I got a shock of my life when she asked me to cut her hair "bob cut" style!  (To those who are new in this blog, I do know how to cut people's hair as I studied haircutting).  She usually asks me to trim, style or just layer her hair.  I  have to ask her gazillion times if she's serious!  I guess she was!....

That got me thinking....
"Would You Dare Cut Your Hair Short?"

If you want to know what happened after, well, I suggested cutting her hair mid-length first then cut again for her to have the "feel".  She ...actually liked the first cut I did so I don't need to go further....(thank goodness, I don't want to be the cause of her depression! hahaha)

Back view of her cut.  Secret to hair with texure and movement are layers :)

Click comment and tell me what you think?
Would you go for the cut?
Are you adventurous when it comes to haircut?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. lovely hair cut! and her hair looks very shiny and healthy!
    as for me, yes! i like to experiment with hair styles :) it'll get long again anyways :P

  2. ooh i love it :) i always wanted to cut my hair short but because of my big round face i'm thinking twice... hehehe! but back in my high school and college days, i always had my hair cut short every new year to give me a new and fresh look for the year ahead... but i haven't done this for the past three years already! :( who knows i'll be on the salon later to have that short hair (i doubt it! loL!)...

  3. I did cut my hair short! Though I had considered it for almost a year when I decided to finally do it. now I'm trying to keep my hair long again...
    I didn't know you could cut hair, Nikki! You did a GREAT job! :D

  4. whoa, you actually cut hair? amazing. what else is there that you can't do?

    IMO, she's better off with long locks. her short do made her look a lil chubby.

  5. Great job!! I wouldn't dare cut my hnair short. The shortest I'd go would probably be an inch below the shoulders.

  6. Anastacia, wow! you are brave! heheh i know a lot of girls who just can't!

    Ayn, me din! Short hair looks nice din at times but I guess in current fashion, long hair pa din no?

    Connie, yup ! I saw your short hair which looks FANTABULOUS on you and I salue you for doing so!!!!!

    Herroyalbleakness, LOL there are so many things I can't do pa! :) So on with learning! Thanks for your opinion, appreciate it! But she actually loves it, so does her BF! hahaha I think it's the angle of the photo, in person she looks the same, the photo of long hair is far lang and the 2nd one is front view plus lapit pa! :)

  7. wow sis!!! you are so so talented!! i am crap with hair! can't even trim it to save my life. gosh
    p/s: now i am trying to keep my hair long again :P

  8. you did an amazing job,hun!
    that looked like it was cut professionally!

    you're very talented!

    i don't know if i can sport a short hair. My hair is wavy & has the tendency to splay out if its short so it's easier to handle if it's long.

    I had a bangs once, when i got out of the parlor is was so happy that i think i looked better with the bangs..but the next day when i woke up i realized that if the hair is wavy you can't have bangs because you will end up looking like a sheep with curls on your forehead!

    so i made my bangs as a poof all through out while i wait for it to grow

  9. wow you're so talented. the haircut is really nice - looks so bouncy


  10. haha i recently cut & dyed my hair. It was black (or dark for the most part) and mid back and then i cut it almost shoulder length and dyed it blonde-ish orange xD hahah it was dramatic but I love the shorter hair length. It makes it totally easier to take care of and manage as well as makes showers faster :) I mite have to redye soon cuz my roots are growing out though T_T

  11. You did a great job with your SIL's hair! I've been planning to cut mine really short for years now, and since seeing Emma Watson's new do it makes me want to get it done even more. I need to find the right time to do it though :) Might dye my hair first since it would be a waste to open a box of hair dye just for super short hair.

  12. Hair is so personal for a lot of people, isn't it! I've gone from long to very short and really like the change and freedom of switching my hair style. Also, I really liked some of the very short hair styles, so I'm not attached to my long hair.

  13. just had a similar post about my haircut experience :) hehe

  14. Woah I didn't know you can cut hair too Nikki! You're so talented! Her hair looks so healthy and voluminous :)

    I used to have a chin-length bob cut and I liked it. However, it took me a while to grow my hair long so I don't know if I will ever dare to get my hair cut short again. Lol >.<

  15. i've always had short hair :) my friends and relatives would always get surprised if i hadn't cut in my hair in, lets say, 3-4 months. hahaha. now, i have a chin length cut and i planning to keep it for now. i think cutting hair short for women is sexy and shows confidence... and for practical reasons too: less shampoo, less time styling, less hair products. :)

  16. She looks lovely before and after :)
    I think that shorter hair makes you look younger and fresher :)

    I cut my hair short last month and I love love love it! I wore my hair long for most of my life so such a change was amazing for me (and I got so many compliments) :)

  17. You did a great job, I love her haircut, it's so pretty!

    As for me, the shortest I'd go is chin-lenght as that suits my face shape but I wouldn't dare cutting it shorter than that.

  18. Great job! I like the way you did at the back, very cool eh :)

    I've recently cut my bangs (as in full bangs) which I never ever did before, everyone likes it, thank God!

    You'll never know if you won't try, right?

  19. Hi Nikki, I've been a reader of your blog for awhile but first time commenting :) Its because recently I cut my hair short. Well its not recent its been a few months but I just find it so shocking because my hair length before was above my belly which I had for about 3 or so years. During high school my hair was just above my shoulders and I could never grow it past my shoulders as I didn't like that growing out stage haha~ Somehow when I started college I perservered to have long hair and it grew all the way to my long length! But then I wanted a change a few motnhs ago and cutting my hair seemed like a quick and simple option. The length is just above my shoulders now just like my high school days~ and sometimes I just crave for longer hair. Makes me feel girly~ kekeke :)

  20. Xin, hahahah I studied haircutting way earlier than makeup! :D I'm not really that into haircutting as compared to doing makeup! :)

    Thiamere, hehehe thanks! I can't sport a super short hair nowadays too coz I have a feeling it'll pouf! sorry about your bangs experience, I Never consider my hair the moment I left the salon as you always look gorgeous when you step our of it :)

    Roxy, thanks dear!

  21. Sweetkiss, WOW! You made my mouth dropped open! You are on brave lady when it comes to hair!

    * : . b | u 3 . : * , I saw Emma Watson's Hair too! WOW It's super short!!! Oh my, I can't sport that look! hahahaha It just won't look good on me for sure. I can't wait to see your transformation if you plan to push through with it

    Kuri,so true, it is very personal, especially for my sister, I have a sister who just can't trim more than an each each and everytime she goes to the salon!

  22. Mia.e, yes, I've seen it! Your hair is gorgeous!

    Fifi, yes, I do, I've been her hairstylist for hmm..more than a year now, she always come to me for her hair cut!

    Abbie, so true on practical reasons, one reason I don't want to cut my hair super short is that..I love playing it with my curling iron! hhehehe good for you that you have confidence to cut your hair short!


  23. Helena so true, short hair definitely makes you look younger, i totally agree on that! I'm glad you love your new hair cut, don't you just love it when you've done something drastic then you get compliments?

    Gio, thanks! Same here, the max for now is chin length, as I have round faced shape and I'll look like a fat kid with super short hair! hehehe

    Tuesday, I wanted to try full bangs too! :)Yes, we have to try it once in our life to be adventurous

    Donna, thanks for commenting Donna, it's nice to know you Gosh..above the belly? You have SUPER LONG HAIR! I know what you mean if you have it cut, the end result it, at times, you'll think and wonder about how it feels to have that long hair again, no worries, it'll grow!!! :D I would love to see that before and after pix of yours hehehe!

  24. im jealous with how beautiful and shiny ur cousin's hair was. u did the haircut? whoa. nice one. my hair's been long and wavy since college. im on my 3rd yr on my current job and can u imagine how long it is now? hehe
    can u do mine? lol

  25. i love what you did to your sis-in-law's hair. you are just so talented.



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