Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Surprise Gift from Avon Philippines and A New Train Case!!!

Dear AMW Readers:
How are you today?  Weekend is near and I hope your mood is getting better.  Let me tell you something about my week, last weekend wasn't that good because I have been feeling sick lately!  The days after new year has always been tiring, extensively long and work has been piling up!

Today, I am a living proof of the saying "If you crap on your pants, you can always take it off and have it washed then you'll have a clean bum again!" Ooooh, I actually haven't heard about that particular saying, oh yeah, I invented it!  *laughs*

Brace yourself as this is a superficial post!  Bear with me because I get giddy on sweet gestures no matter how big nor small!  As I got home, ready to throw my "dead body" anywhere that has soft cushion!  I got this greeting me...

If you have been following my Twitter, I've told everyone how I wanted to change my "small" train case to one that is a bit more spacious because I am bringing more and more stuffs as I go on different gigs!  After months of wanting to go to "Quiapo" for an inexpensive train case, I just don't have enough time as most of my weekends are either --- my mom's doctor's appointment or make-up gigs or someone's party or gathering! 

Someone out there must be stopping me from purchasing because I will be owning this beauty...
 (Note from Author: Product provided by agency for PR consideration.  The author is not affiliated with the company)

The train case brand is from Suesh
Totally out of topic: I do want the fringe of the Suesh icon, actually, even the hair!  *lol*

The make up train case is like a nice school bag in which I can put in my name or calling card for that personal touch!
Remember how I don't want to train case to accidentally open during transit?  The reason why I gave a tip on how to protect your train case during travel with a nice velcro belt?  (click HERE for the link on the velcro tip)

This time, I don't need velcro belts no more!  The Suesh Train Case comes in with detachable belt straps on both sides for protection.

Thank goodness for detachable shoulder straps as the train case when filled up could get a bit too heavy! 

Has a protective rubber on your shoulder for that shoulder pain-free experience!  It has rubberized dots for anti-slip!

 Adjustable shoulder straps

Well cushioned holder

Seriously, that's a whole lot of cam-whoring experience for just one train case!   Please forgive me, I do tend to be that way when I'm falling in love with something!  *grins*  Okay, its definitely time to show the content of my train case from Avon Philippines!

 New and Improved
Ultra Moisture Lipstick
Special Intro Offer Php199.00 (approx $4.63)
Original Price is Php299.00 (approx $6.70)
 Glimmersticks Liners
Sale Price Php199.00  (approx $4.60)
Regular Price Php250.00 (approx $5.65)
Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow
Sale Price Php299.00 (approx $6.95)
Regular Price Php399.00 (approx $9.28)
 Ideal Shade Concealer Stick
Sale Price Php199.00 (approx $4.60)
Regular Price Php280.00 (approx $6.50)
Super Shock Mascara
around Php400.00 (approx $9.00)
Ideal Shade Natural Liquid Foundation SPF10
Php530.00 (approx $12.30)
Ideal Shade Dual Powder Foundation SPF15
Sale Price Php399.00 (approx $9.28)
Regular Price Php499.00 (approx $11.60)
 Ideal Shade Loose Powder

Sale Price Php349.00 (approx $8.12)
Regular Price Php499.00 (approx $11.60)

Smooth Mineral Blush
Php399.00 (approx $9.28)
 ANew Rejuvenate Revitalizing Gel Mask
Sale Price Php399.00 (approx $9.28)
Regular Price Php499.00 (approx $11.60)
ANew Clinical ThermaFirm Face Lifting Cream
Sale Price Php499.00 (approx $11.60)
Regular Price Php635.00 (approx $14.75)
ANew Clinical Derma-Full Facial Filling Cream
Sale Price Php899.00 (approx $20.90)
Regular Price Php1,200.00 (approx $27.90)

My blog 3rd year anniversary is coming up soon!  So you know that I will definitely share my blessings with my lovely readers!  They'll be no AMW existence without gorgeous and wonderful AMW readers like you!  Do check back for another contest!  I will be raffling a lot of the products from Avon as seen above!  Can I be selfish and keep the train case?  :D

You know why?  Well, can I show more photos?  hahaha  You can choose to stop reading here because they'll be more Suesh Train Case sexy shots!  The gorgeous train case can be removed from its clothing!

I can easily put this on top of a table during gig without the bag getting messy or taking up space! 
 Anti-slip rubber underneath as no one ever wants their train case to slide!
If you don't want to rigid compartments, you can leave the detachable compartment cases on top of your dresser and use this as your train case!
You can put your brushes, makeup tools, pencils or sponges

Again, do check back for my giveaway!  Thank you Ogilvy and Avon Philippines for the lovely gift!  Definitely pushed the dark clouds away!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That is such a nice and spacious train case. :)

    Advance happy blogversary! =)

  2. make-up defintely (somehow) brightens our day. That looks like a very sturdy traincase

  3. WOW, can i spell, I-N-G-G-I-T naman yan! nice nice...

  4. Wow! that train case is amazing! I wonder if I can get that for myself.

    by the way, I'm just curious, how did you get all the Avon free stuff?
    It's really mind boggling coz I so want one

  5. i love it, im juts wondering how much was the train case?

  6. Cute train case!!!! And yeahy, Avon.. I've been slacking on my sales and trying their new products. I'm a rep, so gald you have some stuff.

  7. oooooohhh.. you got one too!

    no, i dont have this, incase u wonder but i saw another blogger with this and i was like wow *with the jaw dropped* from all that was included in the traincase. ikaw naman sa traincase ka mismo naexcite. hehe.

  8. wow.. how ang ganda ng new traincase na to ^_^

    much love,

  9. Sugar sugar, thanks for the greeting :)

    Kitten, agree!!!

    Belle, don't be inggit, I'm sure time will come you'll find something that makes you smile comes your way! :)

  10. Hollie, it's actually not from Avon PH but the PR agency who works for Avon sent it to me as gift I guess for New Years? :)

    Vainails, thanks!About the train case, it costs Php2,800 at Suesh site

    Jasmin! wow! I've always been intrigued on how to be an Avon agent, but I guess I don't have much time, I can only be a buyer! not a seller for Avon! I just saw the brochure for January! So many good deals and sales!!!!

  11. Jenobebs, actually don't get me wrong, I am all excited for the train case first because i haven't given the products a try pa, I will be separating those that I will be giving out as giveaway then the rest, I'll give a good review on it! I am intrigued with the moisturizing lipsticks, the powder foundation and the liquid foundation too!!!

    rhaindropz, thanks dear!

  12. I also saw this from Phoebe's post, and super drooling! Hahaha. I got some from the ultra moisture line but I'm still waiting for it to be delivered. Ikaw you have the whole line!!! *Kaloka* So nice of you to share your blessings to your readers Nikki, kaya lalu kapang blessed. =) Loveyah!

  13. Wao... This is awesome.. what a nice train case..

  14. That train case looks awesome! That's what got me excited while reading your post. So generous of Avon. :P

  15. so lucky!! it looks so nice and i love avon products! i'm jealous! :D

  16. Wow! so nice of you to share your blessings =)

  17. U R so LUCKY!:)
    id go cartwheeling if i get that kind of gift! hehe

  18. Super sexy you! haha I like the loot! Will be watching for your anniversary!


  19. Ohmygosh! This is sooo cool! Will definitely check. The Suesh store is just around the corner from my house! :)

  20. wow! so sexy and time for your blogversary.keep it up.u deserve it.

    cant wait for the sharing thingy...hehe...

  21. hehe, i got excited about the traincase also when you showed pictures! i saw phoebe's post about it but had no idea how superbly functional the case is. good to know it's easily available from suesh, for when i have a more serious makeup collection. :)

    yihee! happy blogversary!

  22. That's a beautiful and spacious train case! How generous of Avon to send it to you. :)

  23. wow lucky you Nikki! ang cute ng traincase and it looks lightweight too ...

  24. you deserve that nice traincase! :D

  25. Wow what a lovely traincase! And so many new products to try. Can't wait for your reviews :)

  26. oh wow! what you got is really fantastic!

  27. Hey Nikki, your train case and Avon loot looks exciting!

    BTW, Avon Philippines is giving away Avon Color gift packs on their Facebook page. Your readers might be interested to join :)

  28. Dang, I can't wait to try the Ultra Moisture line because you know my dry lips! I am not into matte lipsticks anymore, I gave up on them because my lips would flake like crazy! Aaww thanks for the kind and sweet words, I appreciate it sweet!

    Angel, thanks

    Pammy, I agree!

  29. Hannah, don't be jealous sweetie, sa ganda mong yan, you don't need makeup at all! :)

    Ladymishel,no problem, but you have to come back and join ok?

    Magz13, funny on the cartwheeling part, I'd love to cartwheel but I'll break my old bones!

  30. Mrs M, yes! with the red lipstick line, it'll all look great on your lips sweetie! I can't get over your pretty gorgeous hair!

    Michelle, wow, lucky you, I've been wanting to purchase train case for the LONGEST time, but just no time to go around the metro on weekends!

    Ning, thank you! The sharing thing will be soon so please do check back!

  31. Isea, gosh, I do apologize though that I've been babbling so much about the traincase, but the products are worth babbling about and I'll share more details about them on next posts! The CONTEST POSTS! Weeee!

    Gio, I agree

    Khymm, it is not that lightweight, just the same weight of most traincases :)

  32. Marisse, thank you!

    Charry, I'll try to review some then give away more :)

    Crstyal, I agree with you! it is such a nice, well thought off gift

    Avon PHilippines, thank you for sharing Avon products to me and my readers :)

  33. OMG! I'm drooling. Avon is so generous. :)


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