Sunday, April 13, 2008

Taking Care of My Traincase

Aside from taking care of your make-up tools, products, I believe it is also important to take care of your make-up cases, in my case, my traincase!

We ladies are lazy to take care of our make-up cases and I don't know if you've seen it at the Tyra show how much bacteria a make-up case can have! I also want my beautiful cosmetics to be scratch free.

I bought a "non-slip" mat at a hardware store. I had it cut based on the shape of my case so I can easily wash it for any powder spills. Here's how it looks like....

**less than USD2.00 at Ace Hardware

AND! Here's another thing, I don't know you guys, but when my traincase is all filled up, I felt it is a bit too heavy and I always have this feeling that it will just open up and spill out all the contents and all my make-up will be GONE! (talk about craziness and paranoia eh?). I've been looking for a nice "belt" that I can use all over my case and here's what I've found at the hardware store as well.

** approx USD4.00-5.00 at Ace Hardware

It was packed for 2 as you can extend the belt, in my case, I need only one belt for my traincase and I can keep the other for back up. It's a velcro belt so easy to adjust.

Here's how my traincase looks like when I'm traveling with it, Not bad! At least all my cosmetics are well protected.

How about you? What are the things you do the take care of your make-up? Spill it out and we'll all learn from each other :D

Your askmewhats,


  1. Hmmmm, interesting, my traincase is quite clean, honestly! But that's because it's more storage than luggage. I don't lug it around with me at all and it sits pretty on my counter. I take out whatever I need and then close the lid. So no powder or cream or liquid would spill in the insides. My travelling cosmetic bag is another story. I give the insides a good wipe every week. I also clean my makeup brushes after each use.

    And that belt you got, I have something similar that I got more than 10 years for my luggage! I never trust airlines to look after my bags, so every time I have to check my bags in, I wrap that belt around the bag and pull it in tight. Works like magic!

  2. That's a great idea, keeping your train case secure. I've yet to get myself one, 'cos it's so expensive.

    Oooh, do show us what's inside your traincase ;)

  3. i only have recently purchased a makeup case so i have no tips to share yet lol. but i also don't have the need yet to take it with me so it's just left alone at my beauty corner. and whenever i need something inside, i take everything i need and close the case. i don't open any makeup with the case open. :) oh, and i also store it on a cool, dry place. does that count as a tip for caring my case? hehe.

  4. Thanks tine, I'll try to show you guys what's in my traincase as soon as I have everything organized :)

    Moi! :) Yes, I know I don't have it exposed all the time but I just want it to be protected still, like a mommy :) hehehe

  5. lol, like a mommy... that's hilarious but i can totally relate! :D

  6. i'm such a bad mom! :) my 2 traincases are under the bed! :) hehehe! they are not pretty much useful since i prganized my vanity/study table.

    the non-slip mat is such an awesome idea since i've been really looking for something to cover my markwins traincase that got a velvet tiers.

    with my busy sched, i totally neglect my TCs!! bad mommy shen. :(

    nikki, thanks for reminding me to give the babies a look. :)


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