Saturday, April 12, 2008

Askmewhats Makeover: "Day Time Blues"

Bea is such a lovely girl and she's so into make-up just like me. I love how she gives me feedbacks on each application and products I've used so that helps me out with the effect of each product on different types of people.

Whatever products I've been using for myself, I also used it to others as it is a rule of a thumb for me to make sure to test the products on myself first before I use it for others.

Anyways, it's just intriguing to see how the exact same product would react different to me and to others. So I make it a point to rely on feedbacks for reference and test the product on ourselves before we purchase anything.

Hahaha, I've been blabbing too much, I know.... Here's another look I've done... I call this the "daytime blues"...

Sorry, the picture came out to be just bluish thingy, but in personal, it is more vibrant and there's a hint of yellow on the crease as well.

Love it? Hate it? Tell me what you think! (but please do it gently and don't break my heart!)

Your askmewhats,


  1. Seemingly Blue is THE colour this summer!

    Bea looks great, I like how the blues are smoked out slightly and carefully. Got any close up pics of the eye(s) only?

  2. definitely love it :D great job! and she's gorgeous for a start hehehe love her smile ^_^

    who sez dark eyes girls can't rock blue e/s huh??? I don't wear blue too much, maybe I shd try soon hehehe

  3. Thanks girls, I was quite anxious about the light colors as she's a bit dark, i did another look on her yesterday...and it was purples and pinks..and she looked great on those :) So I guess light colors are in for the summer and looks great to both light and dark skinned girls!

    Liz..I have a close up shot but it's not too clear...I'll try to take better pix!!!!

  4. fab! blues look good on her, can i be a model too! :)

  5. sis, i'm so envious. i can't seem to rock blue like you do. this again, is a great make-over. :)

    want another model?? me?? hehehe! lol!

  6. It looks great! Not too overpowering. It looks natural and not too overdone which I really like. But yeah, I've never wear blue's outside of my comfort zone.

  7. Yes both Shen and Jheng can be my models!!!! I'm located at 21st floor of One San Miguel Ortigas! I'm sure I'll get loads of tips from you kikays :)

    Fabuless beauty!!! I know! I didn't think she'll be able to rock a blue e/s, I was surprised it came out nicer to her than the regular dark colors :) I've used blue e/s and it looks bright on me and awake :) Give it a try! :D

  8. Im jealous coz "blues" really scares the hell out of me lol. I gota try someday coz of this look you made. It's nice sis! keep posting. by the way what e/s did you used on her?

  9. i use to live near one san miguel. i get clients from sykes. my college friends work there as well in HR (we were ab pysch in college). hehehe! i'll surprise you one of these days! :) joke! :)

  10. Stylishmomy, you know, I never get scared of bright colors, what I'm scared of is blacks and dark blues, hahahha I guess I'm weird. Anyways, I was surprised it looked good on her as well considering she's acidic and colors tend to darken. Good thing there's always a primer on hand :) The e/s I've used is the Arezia color palette I bought from I topped it off with maybelline e/s as well. Both are not too pigmented, so I'm waiting for my NYX haul and if it's still not good enough, I'll go for the MAC e/s na! Haaaayyy

    Shen sis!!! Really? You said you used to live near one san miguel, so now, you don't? Hay sayang! heheh yup Sykes is on the 19th floor and I'm on the 21st floor :) If you found a lady lugging all her stuffs, meaning, bags bag and bags..(mostly make up) HOLLER, that's me! hahaha


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