Monday, April 14, 2008

Askmewhats Makeover: TOTAL Makeover

The day was a total makeover day for Grace, she requested for a bangs cut, then she decided to have a total cut! I cut 2 inches off her hair and restyled the layers. She looked younger with her bangs but I kinda made her up with an "older" look and so far, she was able to pull it off! She's 17 yrs old by the way, and I love how she's open for ANYTHING! :)

Thanks Gracie dear for the lovely makeover day!

Here's Grace before

And here's Grace AFTER!

A closer look on her eyes...

Another pix of a happy Gracie :)

Comments? Suggestions? I'm open to hear! :)

Your askmewhats,


  1. She looks so cute! However, on the after pic, her hair looks lighter for some reason....Did you put falsies on her?

  2. hey there! wow you're good! Her hair was actually colored as well several day before! hahaha That's why it was written TOTAL makeover :) hehehe

    Yes, I did used falsies on her! :) You are good again! hahaha

  3. good job! i'm amazed that you can cut and style hair as well! if only i have your skills hehe.

  4. hahaha takes a lot of time and practice and people who trusts me! hahaha

  5. well, what can i say? you did an amazing job. her new 'do makes her even more pretty. i love the fringe! :-) and the makeup was tastefully done! :-)

    two thumbs up!

  6. Very nice! Grace's new hair and makeup transformed her completely. I especially like her new fringes. :)

  7. Thanks to both Liz-es... :)
    I was quite surprised with her sudden urge of transformation, had to do with becoming 18 soon I believe. She was one of those who doesn't want her hair to be cut by "anybody" and she's very particular with her looks, glad I was able to do a good transformation on her :) I love the fringe myself, but it takes a lot of work as she never grew fringes before. :D

  8. Great job! She looks fabulous. Nothing over the top, it doesn't make her look old. In fact, the makeup really opened her eyes. I'm glad you didn't go all tweezer-y on her brows :P

  9. she looks like a completely different girl!

    Much more mature and very cute. The bangs look fab on her ;)

    definately a big improvement!

    Great job!

  10. Tine, you are so right! I wanted to write it here that I didn't tweeze her brows. i didn't want to touch it as she's still starting out college and I don't want her to look too made up and I just want her to look cute still with those brows. I just combed it and filled in the gaps :) Nice of you to notice :D

    Muse my dear! Thanks so much for such wonderful words! I am so happy that she's so happy with her makeover, she can't stop talking about the bangs! hahaha :D

  11. ohhh girl you are soo GOOD! make me over! lol
    love the look you did on her =) its not over the top change, its subtle yet cute and sexy.

  12. i love the fringes, the falsies and well... everything. :) you're getting better and better day by day. i'm still scared to do make-up on someone else.. but you kinda give me the courage to try out. :)

    great great job!!

    dami na kami nakapila sayo! :) make me over too! :)

  13. haha sige let's fall in line lol
    what shadows did you used on her sis? and what falsies? I want to try falsies din, but something that's not over the top, coz my hubby might freak out lol.

  14. she's looking great. the bangs suits her.

    ^_^ you did a great job!

  15. OMgosh! Good job! LOVE this whole look.

  16. Hey stylishmommy, sorry I kinda didn't see your comment...

    What eyeshadow did I use? I've used Moss green e/s from L'oreal (not sure if it's still available as it was bought in Canada). Any dark shadow will do, dark blue or dark green or black, then I topped it with shimmery shadow to brighten up the eyes.

    For falsies, I've been using those from Landmark and I also bought from Ardell (available at Watsons SM MOA)

    Hope these helps :) Just holler for any questions :D

  17. Vannie? thanks too for commenting :) Great to see you here :D


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