Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Wonder: "What's the function of a Pouch Organizer for You?"

Happy Humpy Wednesday!  I hope the week is treating you right.  On my side, I am loving the cool weather, which explains why I'm always on hibernation mode!  *laughs*

I have something to share today which I can also call my "Eureka Moment".  I have a favor to ask though, do not ask me where this pouch can be found, do not ask me the exact price of this, all I can do is refer you to any mall and I'm sure you can see similar product like the one on photo below available everywhere!

This cute pouch organizer was gifted to me by my high school friend!  (thanks Lot!)  During my younger years, I've been gifted similar gifts, though I appreciate it, I don't find it as mind boggling as today!  I am actually more excited to use this!  Maybe, because, I am a makeup artist now?  

I've always been into space saving, I'm always a PRO for organization and I am quite proud of my organization skills!  If you have seen how I pack my train case through the years, you'll get the idea that my main focus is space saving!  Putting as many stuffs inside my train case minus the mess, minus the eyesore!

Especially now that I'm  doing hair as well, stuffs to bring are growing in number and I'm getting crazier by the minute finding more ways and products to help me sane! :P

This cute pouch can be folded in two and consists of two pouches made of clear plastic which can expand at a certain extent.   The clear plastic makes it easier to see what's inside the pouch and there's no need to rummage your stuffs to find what you need.  Each compartment can be zipped at your own convenience.

A closer look on why this pouch organizer made my heart flutter, it literally has a heart!  

There is also an easy snap closure on both sides.

Here's the thing though, would you judge me if I say I am not using this yet?  Well, here's my dilemma, I have so many ideas on how to use this pouch ---
  1. Use this to store my makeup sponges, cotton wipes, cotton buds, mascara wands, disposable lip brushes, etc...
  2. Store my lipsticks and lip glosses.
  3. Store my makeup brushes (yes, it fits!)
  4. A pouch for all my hair stuffs --- hair clips, bobby pins, rubber bands, comb, brushes, etc..
  5. Use this pouch to store my essentials for client retouching!  I only need to take this pouch along with me when I'm on call.
  6. For my mascaras, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils,  primers.
  7. Just keep this and use this for travel!
 I Wonder:
"What Will You Put In This Pouch If You Own This?"

I'd LOVE to hear from you!  It'll be cool!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. My bag is filled with pouches, so that I can transfer them all easily to another bag. I know SM sells compartmentalizers but my things get mixed up in them (plus some of them are so big, you can't adjust them according to your bag size). With pouches, you can at least move them around.

  2. ur welcome mare! glad u like it :)
    i also enjoy organizing & u give me additional ideas. thanks for sharing lots of kakikayan...muwah1

  3. i have a few really cute brand new pouches too and and, i am also in a dilemma of what to put in them. that's why still unused :P

  4. OMG we have the same organizer but I have it in black =)

  5. There are definitely lots of possibilities with this bag but personally I would use it for travel since one side could hold makeup and the other brushes so it's all conveniently in one place.

  6. Wow, I've never seen an organizer like that. My purse organizer is just...well... a zip up pouch. If I saw this, I'd end up buying it for every reason you mentioned. I know that's not very practical. But that's an pretty amazing organizer.

  7. I vote on using this for #5! Most practical, if you ask me.

  8. I also have one which I have never used. Makes me feel like my makeups are imprisoned. I dunno why but I just do. Haha! :P

  9. I'm a pouch gaga. As in my bag has 4 different pouches. MAKEUP, TOILETRIES, MEDICINES,RECEIPTS/PAPERS. It helps me get what I need faster since I carry a lot everyday! And it makes my usual black office bag colorful inside. =) Maybe you can use that for retouching tools, very easy to carry. =)

  10. I always carry a pouch with me if I travel. So #7 would be a great choice.

  11. i love pouches! but the one you have on the pic. is a drag to clean up especially for items that has powders in them (I ruined mine when i accidentally drop my face powder, and returned it inside my pouch) Powders tend to settle at the corners of the plastic and hand washing them does not completely do the job in cleaning it. T_T

    I'll go for option 7, keep your travel receipts in there and your passport/reservations/forms/pen etc., on the other. OR Maybe, as a small travel essential kit with shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.

    <3 on a happy note,

  12. Niks, I'd put in teacher stuff in it. =) Colored pens, markers, ruler, scissors on one side. Stickers and rewards in the other side. Hahaha =) Wow! It used to be that I'd put in all make-up stuff in it, now it's "teacher" stuff. =P

  13. That's a very cute pouch organizer! I'd us to store makeup and carry it with me when I travel. ;)

  14. We own one like this! But different design :D We use it to store my sister's digicam (when not in use) and peripherals: charger, power/connector cords and small tripod :) I love the snaps in the middle, very useful!

  15. eeeeee love how I can see everything in! I recently just discovered a store in the Phils @ Galeria across the Beauty bar. Beardi i think its called? I love how they sell soft cases w plastic lid and how you can customize the inside compartments almost like a camera lens bag! A def must see for MUA like us! :) Perhaps I'm the last one who knew about it? Great stuff Nikki! :-) xxx

  16. You've been awarded! The Versatile Blogger Award! It's on my page! ;]

  17. Skysenshi wow, talaga? inside my bag, I just have a bag organizer and one small pouch for tissues! :) I can totally imagine you with a huge bag ! :P

    lot3356, thanks mare! I do love it! Worth the post entry!

    Xin we are definitely sisters from different parents!

  18. Khymm, wow, black is cute! Iam glad I got this in lovely girly print!

    Neeyuh, I know too many possibilities I just can't decide! But guess what? Just last night, I put in all my airbrush foundation tubes in it! it works that way too!

    My-my, I agree with you, organizers are made so cute you'll want to buy them again and again even if you already have gazillions of them!

  19. Michelle, thanks for the reco!

    Pammy, hahahah I understand, I have a feeling it'll not be those eyeshadows and stuffs, I don't want to put in my hands way down inside just to grab a palette or something!

    Dangsky, I can totally imagine you! I can still see you and that huge bag of yours! I am not surprise if I'll see pouches after pouches inside! You know what? The receipts and papers , great idea! I may purchase one more for that? lol

  20. *MrsMartinez*, thanks dear! I don't travel that much though hmmm...I need to book more flights then? hahahah

    thatpinkhouse , ahhh right! agree with you, usually dirt would end up at the corner of the plastic I got your point! :) Thank you so much for the reco!

    Ron, I love it! If I'm still a teacher, I'll do the same! thanks dear, I may use this for none makeup stuffs then! Hope to see you again!

  21. Gio, thanks for the idea!!!

    Iyah, thanks to my friend for gifting me this!

    Kari, digicam..hmm...that's another good idea, but not for my SLR though, I can put those chargers and USBs, electronic stuffs, NICE!!! Thanks for another tip!

  22. Phey, Beabi I think? I've seen them and I can go crazy with all those organization stuffs!

    Rissa, thanks sweet!

  23. girly pouch you got there ^_^. Mine's cute too. Check it out here:

    PS. You are absolutely my fave pinay beauty blogger..I <3 you ^_^


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