Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: "The Sound Of Music" Nails

If I sing..."The hills are alive, with the sound of music....."
A lot of you will probably go "Uh???", not your era?  Hey!  Not my era as well!  It's actually my mom's favorite musical and we still have The Sound of Music vinyl record!  The turntable at my  mom's place is still working!  Love that scratchy sound each time we play our favorite track!

The reason why I'm talking about The Julie Andrew's Sound of Music, well, I've created nail art tutorial for all music lovers out there!  I am one!  I may not be the world's best singer but I love joining choirs when I was in school and I can definitely sing a tune or two!  Want proofs?  Invite me for Karaoke nights!  *winks*

Keep in mind that this is not an original design of mine, I actually saw this design somewhere when I was browsing a nail art magazine when I was in Shanghai a couple of years ago!  Thank goodness for good memory as it took me YEARS to remember something like this! *laughs*

Very simple and straightforward nail art with music notes

Step 1:
Apply your preferred base coat to protect your nails prior to polish application.  Using OPI Nail Lacquer in Suzi and the Lifeguard.  One coat is enough as I am trying to mimic the natural shade of a healthy looking nails!

Step 2:
Making sure the one coat of base polish is dry, create a nice sparkle on the top most part of your nails using any glittery polish.  I am using Mini Bourjois polish in gold.  I apply coats and coats until my desired look is achieved!

Step 3:
Using Prettynails' 2-Way Nail Art Pen in black, or if you don't have a nail art pen, you can purchase an art brush to draw music notes.

I prefer to do random notes on each nails adding up dots to create "sass!"  On the middle finger, I drew lines using L.A. Art Deco in black like that on photo below.  

The lines represent the lines on the music notes, I drew random notes o top of the lines.

Step 4:
Making sure the music notes, lines and dots are COMPLETELY dry, apply a coat of your preferred top coat to protect you nails.  

Simple yet effective nail art to show your love for music!  I am sure there are better ways to show your creativity with music!  Any other ideas out there?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. cool! can you do a tutorial to look like the madagascar flag? My girl scout troop is doing an event about it and I would like to do nails like the flag. Thanks!

  2. pretty!!! bahhh i have not painted my nails since after xmas already :(

  3. The black and shimmering champagne combo looks so cute!

  4. talagang notes ha? haha cute nail art!

  5. I love it.. Absolutely creative mani..^_^..

  6. oooh! i love :D
    i'm a recently converted nail fanatic hahaha

  7. This is so cute!
    Just by glancing at the first picture, I thought they were nail stickers! All your tutorials and nail art are so good!

  8. Now I see the musical side in you, Nikki. Very cute nail tutorial. :P

  9. sis this is so cute. how i wish i can do it. anyway thanks for the step by step guide :)

  10. lol, nikki, The Sound of Music movie was my fave as a kid and i would watch it every night before going to sleep! :) great tutorial, too. i'm clueless lang how to draw on my right fingernails cos i'm right-handed and not ambidextrous.

  11. I love The Sound of Music, it's one of my favourite musicals too. And I love the nail art you did, it's beautiful and creative!

  12. I'll try that out some time in the future! I also tagged you on my blog - http://fillmyheadwithglitter.blogspot.com/

  13. Hi Nikki

    Great design! I have not been painting my nails for so long.
    BTW, Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

  14. wow! very artistic!
    such pretty long nails! :)

  15. Thanks everyone for always giving me the push and the positive comments to make me go on and on with my nail art tutorials! Everyone knew how imperfect it is but hey, if it works and makes you happy go ahead right?

    On the side note, I am not and never will be ambidextrous, it really boils down the practice! So keep trying girls! :D It'll be easier if you guys just start with gradient nails!

  16. so cute - i love the gold... and i really like the musical - sound of music too ;)


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