Monday, January 17, 2011

AMW Reports: The Body Shop Blog Me Up, Buttercup!

Most events I've attended talks about the launch of a new product or product line, when I got an invite to attend The Body Shop's Blog Me Up, Buttercup! (ooh, love the title, so 'my generation'!)  It was a surprise that it was an event to learn something new!

Before I start talking about the event itself, here are the different variants of The Body Shop's Body Butter.  The collection is definitely growing!

Variants are: Olive Body Butter, Sweet Lemon Body Butter, Shea Body Butter, Moringa Body Butter, Strawberry Body Butter, Wild Cherry Body Butter, Grapefruit Body Butter and Satsuma Body Butter.

Here's the best part about the event!  We were grouped into 4 (each group has 3 members), we were told that The Body Shop Body Butters can be mixed base on your scent preferences!  It's refreshing to know as I have to admit, I may love a certain scent but I may not be loving it for the next 2-3 months, that's the reason why I don't finish up most of my Body Butters! 

I was grouped with Michelle and Rowena! Scientists volt in!  We're all ready with the challenge!

We were given mini spoons and mini containers to create our own Body Butter line.  The S Cubed Team as we call ourselves, decided to look for our body butter base in this product line in which we instantly agreed on Olive as Olives stand for "Sexy" which is perfect for the summer!

I will try to remember the Body Butter combination we did:
1. Olive Body Butter + Grapefruit Body Butter
2. Olive Body Butter + Satsuma Body Butter + Moringa Body Butter
3. Olive Body Butter + Wild Cherry

After a lot of discussing, mixing, sniffing and tons of laughing!  We ended up choosing Olive Body Butter + Wild Cherry to present in front as our "Best Body Butter" out of the collection.

Thanks to the wonderful speech of Rowena and her strong scent of smell as our combination turned out to smell a bit like Melon and nobody could tell what are the ingredients used in mixing!  Because of that, we bagged the prize!  We won!

While the judges where busy, we had a mini game on "Name That Tune"!  Thank goodness the tune was during the 80s!  My favorite era!  Can I brag?  I won!  I'm an 80s baby!

Did you know that?
The reason why 80s music was played because The Body Shop Body Butters where launched during the 80s! 

Winning is actually an added plus, but for me, attending this event is a winner itself because I learned that mixing Body Butters are possible to create your own unique scent that your nose would appreciate!  Now, I don't have reasons not to finish up Body Butters because I am so "tired of the scent already!", I suggest you purchase a nice container then mix your favorite Body Butter scents now!  

Thanks to The Body Shop for such fun event, as a prize for winning the challenge, we got ourselves the combination that made us winners!

The wonderful people from The Body Shop Philippines and the bloggers!  I had fun!

Do you own The Body Shop Body Butters?
Are you game to mix and create your own Body Butter scent?
Let me know your possible combination!  I may give it a try!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That's awesome! Looks like it was a fun event!

  2. aww.. looked like fun! I wish I would also get invited to events like this.. *sigh*

  3. Hooray for our team! Super had fun! :D

  4. Wow! very creative idea..didn't know mixing it would be possible.. bka kc mgkaron ng bad reaction for the skin. But would love to try your concoction as i love the smell of Melon! :)

  5. Fabuless Beauty, it is indeed a fun event :)

    K, awww, hey, who knows? Let's hope ok?

    Rowena, hurray hurray! :D it was great sharing laughs with both of you!

  6. Lala Uy, well, I heard about that concern but so far, none YET, so do give it a try but try mixing only a little amount first so you won't waste any product! :)

    MrsMartinez, girl! i don't have our winning photos!!! It wasn't on my cam!

  7. Wow! That's so smart! Now I have a reason to buy a bunch of their body butters! :))

  8. What a fun event! I love TBS body butters but I didn't know you could mix them! That's a lovely and creative idea, I'll definitely try it!

  9. Sounds like a really good combination! I love the mango body butter..but it's not available in the country I stay anymore..

  10. Sounds like you lovely ladies had a great time being "chemists" with TBS Body Butters. :P

  11. this is a lovely idea! :D thank you for sharing! i will definitely mix my butters when i get bored of them :D

  12. ah now i so feel like mixing them up too! i have the olive one but not wildcherry, and i am not a fan of olive butter on its own. thanks for the tips sis!

  13. Michelle, would definitely credit the people from The Body Shop Philippines for such great idea, I wouldn't have thought of mixing Body Butters myself! :)

    Gio, I'm glad to share this idea, love learning and love sharing!

    Charming Vanity, oohh yeah, I used to buy Mango Butters too especially when they're on sale! You're right, I haven't been seeing them now!

  14. Pammy, lol, feeling chemists kamo! :P

    Geli, let me know what you come up with ok?

    Xin, try mixing Olive with anything! it smells wonderful! Olive Body Butter is such a good base! Same with Shea Butter

  15. very use full information. thank you.

  16. It was fun event! I love this body butters.Its a lovely and creative idea, I will try it!

  17. your writing is really good..keep it up!


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