Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Clawdaddy

The week passed by a bit too slow, or was it just me?  I was listless as early as Wednesday!  I guess all the "hyper-ness" from November-December finally sinked in! 

That doesn't mean that I'll be staying at home sulking though!  After The Body Shop event (in which I will be reporting soon), Mr. AMW and I decided to go for a quiet dinner before we visit mom!  We met up at Shangri-la mall then and we've decided to finally skip our favorite Greek restaurant Cyma and head straight to Clawdaddy!

The reason why it was a first for us to try Clawdaddy is because the fact that I am allergic to seafood and the name of the restaurant, plus, the restaurant logo, etc.. has this huge crab on it!  Cute crabby but not too cute if they're real as they can give me really bad allergies!  Anti-histamines can help me out when they're shrimps and other seafood but the potency of crabs are just unexplainable! 

I'm very happy when I took a peek on their menu and saw a lot of variations that I can try without killing myself! *lol*

Corn on Cob
Instead of the usual complimentary breads, they serve corn instead and I love how sweet tasting it is!

Sour Cream Mojos
Php125.00 (approx $2.80)
Instead of the usual nachos or fries, I've decided for some mojos as I haven't had mojos for the longest time!  When they name the Mojos Sour Cream, keep that in mind that they do mean Sour Cream!  The potatoes itself was showered with sour cream powder and the you can choose to still dip the potatoes with Sour Cream!  The taste is quite overwhelming especially to some who's used to "just a hint of sour cream flavor".  I'd appreciate it if they don't put that much sour cream powder!

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Php345.00 (approx. $7.85)
This was served with fries.  Mr. AMW is a pro Philly Cheese Steak eater and he said this may not be the best amongst the rest, but this is definitely part of the "good PCSS" list!  I'm not a fan of their fries though. 

Shrimps Etoufee
Php385.00 (approx. $8.75)
The best dish we ordered for the night!  Loads and loads of shrimps served in cream-based sauce with chopped red and green bell peppers!  Each ingredients does not overwhelm our taste buds!  2 words for you.. MUST TRY!

Barbeque Baby Back Ribs (Half)
Php398.00 (approx. $9.00)
This was served with 2 cups of rice, I'm glad we asked if we can change the other cup of rice into a different side dish.  They did gave us choices of corn on cob, fries, mashed potatoes or baked potato!  We decided for baked potato just because we wanted to try potatoes differently!  *laughs*  

The ribs aren't that meaty but the sauce and taste definitely surpass our standards for ribs! 

Just because it's CLAWDADDY, they have orange aprons for you to wear instead of the usual table napkins!  Just because, I'm a model of a...Bone! :P *wishes my Pomeranians are here with me, they'll love this!*

Clawdaddy's prices are all exclusive of 10% service charge.  Servers are knowledgeable and they are very helpful and friendly!  I have to advice everyone though that it took time for our food to be served though, so try not to dine in here when you are starving!

Company accepts cash and credit card payments.

Clawdaddy Crab House and American Grill
The Ledge 
6th floor Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Tel. No.: (632) 636-5679 or (632) 637-4528

Are you dining out this weekend?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I miss eating at Clawdaddy! Pero ang lalaki ng servings eh so it would be really good for a bigger group. :D

  2. You always have the best food trips. Just looking at these kinds of posts either makes me really hungry, or full. I can't wait to visit the Philippines just to see all the restaurants and places you've stated.

  3. Mojos and Philly Cheese Steak! I should try Clawdaddy one of these days. But I'll definitely skip on trying their seafood dishes. :P

    I'm hungry. Haha!

  4. love your blog, i think we were in Shangri-la same time, we were supposed to go to claw daddy but decided to try Sing Chicken House instead. following you now, hope you can check out my blog and follow me back. thank you! =)

  5. is that spare ribs i see? it looks SO good!!

  6. Your food posts always make me hungry!

  7. I love the hearty appetite of you and Mr. AMW! haha so many dishes! I personally am drawn to the nice looking Shrimps Etoufee there! Happy Monday Nikki, let's breeze through it, shall we? :)

  8. YUM!!! I would love to try the Sour cream Mojos...hey I might even make that but with less sour cream powder hehe..

  9. skysenshi, agree, eating and sharing with a group is better!

    My-My, do let me know if you'll be coming over! I'll take you to the top 3 places! :)

    Pammy, hmm..if you go for the Mojos, request them not to put too much Sour Cream powder :)

  10. Fashioneggplant Sing Chicken hoouse, I haven't tried! thanks!

    Nic Nic, hahahaha CORRECT! I am not a rib lover but this one rocks!

    Gio, not intentional...well it is intentional to make you hungry! hahaha

  11. Madz,ahmm, actually we don't usually order that much but we've decided to give a lot of dishes a try and take it back home to share with parents-in-law and sis-in law! :)

    Becky, GOOD CHOICE! Less sour cream powder is the way to go!


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