Saturday, January 15, 2011

Michelle Phan Signed Item + Instant Beauty Gift Pack! --- Another 2 Winners!

(Note from Author: I chose Fruit Machine instead of because I find it better in terms of people seeing the winning names right away instead of a winning number, it's a personal choice of mine to choose this kind of random generator, hope you understand, thanks!)

Dear AMW Readers:
Thanks to Carla for helping me coordinate the contest, another 2 winners to win the Michelle Phan Signed Item + Instant Beauty Gift Pack will be picked!  Again, let me get back to our trustee Fruit Machine!

Congratulations to ---
Den Alibudbud
Valerie Marielle De Guzman

Joined in with the winner mentioned on the earlier post
Katrice Elaisa Naval!
Lucky girls!
I can't wait to see what Michelle Phan signed items will you get!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. wee! that is sooo awesome!!! :D thanks, nikki!

    ps. i'll be sending you an email soon, but for an unrelated matter. :)


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