Friday, January 21, 2011

AMW Reviews: LipIce Sheer Color

Sending all love through air kisses to everyone!  It's Fri-Fri-Friday!  I have this tendency to give out air kisses and real kisses to good friends, clarification though, I don't go kissing everyone okay?  *hahaha*  A long time AMW reader would know how I complain about my dry skin and dry lips!  I once called my lips alligator lips!  Not sexy!  But through the years, I have been testing, investing on lip products and I get excited each time there's something new out there!

You'd probably remember how excited I was when I found Mentholatum LipIce brand to be available in our homeland.  I've tried the LipIce Fruity loads of time that's why I picked the most "unique" product out of my LipIce bunch to test.

The LipIce Sheer Color
For instantly Unique Pink Lips

Unique pink lips?  After looking at the photo below, you'll probably go "how?"
LipIce Sheer Color says ---
  • Goes on clear, then changes to a subtle pink that enhances the natural beauty of your lips.
  • Enhanced with Beeswax for extra moisturizing.
  • Enriched with natural ingredients of Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Ternifolia Nut Oil, and Aloe Vera Oil Extract to keep lips moisturized, smooth and healthy.
  • Contains effective anti-oxidant Vitamin E to help delay aging and protect from harmful UV rays.
  • Available in 2 variants: Strawberry and Fragrance-free.
AMW says ---
  • Nice dark pink packaging that doesn't look too girly nor too plain.
  • Easy remove cap and easy twist packaging.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Available in scented and non-scented which I find really amazing!  Not everyone like flavored lip products.
  • Glides on smoothly on lips no matter how dry your lips are.
  • Contains Vitamin E which prevent your lips from getting darker.
  • Works as lip balm and lip tint in one product.
  • Color comes out unique on each individual!  People can't tell what lipstick shade you're wearing or if you are wearing lipstick at all or you just have naturally gorgeous lips!
  • Very inexpensive.  As compared to our neighboring countries --- Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, etc..
  • The shade does not transfer much on your glass or mug! 
  • Perfect for travel, no need to take a long gazillions of lip balms, lipsticks and lip glosses!
  • Not for people who are into matte lips!  
  • If you are looking for that menthol feel, this doesn't have the tingling sensation.
  • Not recommended for people who are allergic to beeswax.
  • No SPF.
Very unique concept and product.  It doesn't hurt for everyone to own at least one of this because its perfect on relaxed days!  Days where you want to look very natural!

  • Store this in cool, dry place.
  • Always twist product back down before closing the cap to prevent smashing the Sheer Color.
  • Clean the tip of the lip balm especially the inner side of the tube as often as possible!
  • If you choose to use this alone, you can preprare your lips with a treatment balm a couple of minutes prior to the LipIce Sheer Color application.  Dab excess product and re-apply again for that longer lasting color!
  • Perfect for students who aren't allowed to wear makeup but wanted a tint especially if your orginal lip color is light!
  • Perfect to use on dates as well!  No yucky lipstick stain on glasses, coffee mugs or napkins! 
  • Contains Beeswax, if you are allergic to this ingredients, be very careful!
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Although I've stressed enough on how good this product is for dry lips, this works well on any types of lips!  Anyone who's into soft, healthy lip color with a subtle shine!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at Watson's for Php145.00 (approx $3.35)

LipIce Sheer Color Applied on Hand, no base
Since my hand is lighter in color than my lips, the shade came up just a hint of shimmery pink

I got amazed how during lip balm removal, you can see the color coming off!

Applied on my upper lip only
You can see the difference on how it turned my lips a bit darker pink

A photo of my bare lips 
(pardon my dry lips as I was wiping my lips off making sure there's no residue on my lips prior to Sheer Color application)

On times I need the extra color, I just apply my favorite shade of lipstick on top and I'm ready to go!  Lesser dryness!  Sexier pouts!

Have you tried anything as magical as this?  *laughs*
Sorry, I know this is old school but it's a first for me to try on clear balms that change its color!

Happy Friday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product was sent as gift.  The review has been done base on personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. i've tried and loved it! its a must have now in my kikay kit!

  2. It actually adds such a nice wash of color! I haven't visited your blog in SO long, how have you been, Nikki? :)

  3. Nikki!
    Natawa naman ako sa nag mo morph na word lol
    Turuan mo akong mag contour ng cheeks pag nagkita ulit tayo! haha

  4. It's my fave lip balm at the moment. So much reminds me of the Dior lip glow. Nice review. :P

  5. Hi Nikki! Just yesterday I was in the mall for a checkup so I forgot to bring my makeup kit and my lips were really getting dry. Then I remember I read your Eureka Moment on LipIce so I tried it, I got the one in lemon and its AMAZING! I love that cooling sensation and it really moisturized my lips right after. :) I will definitely give this Sheer Color a try.

    I really appreciate you giving an extra time & effort everyday. Keep it up Nikki! God Bless :)

  6. I love this liptint! I have the unscented variant.. i layer clear gloss on top to prevent my lips from drying.

  7. it turns out to be darker on your lips! i have tried it before too, it almost showed up as nothing on my lips :(

  8. It looks really nice! But then it seems like you have nice lips to begin with.

  9. I remember having a LipIce gloss some 7 years ago. HAHA. But then it was in liquid form. I'm not sure if they were from the same company. Though it gave the same effects on my lips. It was clear when applied and then would turn pinkish. I remembered again how much I loved that gloss. Must try this one sooooooon. Thanks for the review~ ♥

    Zeng of TheBeehive

  10. great review, nikki!
    i got the strawberry variant, so far im lovin' it :)

    true - lesser dryness, sexier pout! :)

  11. Kitten, wow, glad you've tried it too! I guess I'm a bit late in learning about them available down here no? hahahha Come to think of it, I used to hunt them down pa from online stores having the products shipped to Manila!

    Maggie, I am good! glad to hear from you dear!

    Mrs. M, sure! let me know when so I will bring along some brush and contouring powder! :)

  12. Tinsy, thanks!

    Pammy, eeek DIOR LIP GLOW! sosyal! And this is like 10% lang of the price of Dior! :)

    Kat_m, it is crazy when you forget your lipbalm and you're outside right? I always ended up buying another lip balm even if I have gazillions back home, its just difficult to travel without lip balms for dry lips like us! Thanks for letting me know my post helped!!! You are very sweet!

  13. Khymm, I have the lipgloss too and at times, I do layer it with a gloss too! High Five!

    Xin, really? you must have very nice pink lips to start with!

    Skysenshi, oh no! GIRL! You have to see me in person, I DO NOT HAVE NICE LIPS to start with, HARD work lahat yan! hahahha Trauma ang dry, cracked lips! Bleeding pa! hahahaha

  14. Zeng, wow, I don't think they still sell the liquid formula! They have the liquid formula but its in clear and its the menthol type !

    Dianneregina, I want to try the strawberry!

  15. i haven't tried this specific variant though but the next time that i need a lip balm ill be trying this one!

  16. I'm currently using the Nivea Fruity Shine one which also gives a tint! But this is so unique seeing that it changes to suit each person! I will definitely purchase this once my Nivea runs out! :D

  17. Thanks for the review! That looks lovely on your lips.

  18. I love LipIce. :) Haven't bought one for a while, though.

  19. ~tHiAmErE~, goodluck! I think their ranges of lip products are quite good!

    Michelle, Nivea fruity shine is great! :) Let me know how you like this when you get the chance to try!

  20. Gio, thanks too for reading

    L, I know it has been widely available in Singapore for quite some time na no? :)

  21. Hi,

    I'm so glad I read a lot of reviews about LipIce Sheer Color. Including yours. I'm so happy to finally be able to use it. It is so lovely on my lips. Very moisturizing and the color stays put on my lips even if I drink or eat. Thank you so much for reviewing this product. I hope a lot of girls will love LipIce products as we do.

    Thanks for your time to read this.
    God bless! :)

  22. @Anonymous lad you liked my review and I'm happy you love this product as much as I do! I actually finished a tube na!!! Need to repurchase!!!!

  23. Hmmmm. I must buy one of these soon.

  24. need to use make up remove not?

  25. @Anonymous No need :) Just wash your lips with with water and pat gently just like you usually do after tooth brushing!


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