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Readers' Corner: What are the Pros of Airbrush Makeup?

Aside from the rates of my Bridal Makeup packages, the next "most asked" question is about the pros of Airbrush Makeup.  After emailing back my readers a couple of times, I feel that its high time I write a special post about it for everyone to read!  Aside from that, a lot of my readers are professional makeup artists as well and they can easily click comment and expand our knowledge!  Learning is fun fun fun!
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What is airbrush makeup?
Airbrush makeup is a process of makeup application wherein an airbrush system is used.  Part of an airbrush system is a compressor, an airbrush gun, airbrush friendly cosmetics and of course... a lot of practice and even training!

Why do people choose airbrush makeup over traditional makeup?
Airbrush makeup has been known to actors/actresses as early as the 80's.  Here are some of the benefits of airbrush makeup that makes people want this over traditional ones.
  • Can easily custom blend foundation shades by mixing drops of dark and light airbrush foundation.
  • Creates a very natural, flawless complexion.
  • As the airbrush foundation is sprayed on face, it comes out as mists so it allows the skin to breathe without the cake-y look and feel.
  • Airbrush makeup are known to last all day with lesser retouch as compared to traditional makeup.
  • Can be applied on both men and women and men would probably feel "cool" about it as compared to makeup sponges!
  • Can be easily used on face and body.
  • Application cuts in half or even more.
  • Water-based airbrush foundation is hypo-allergenic.
  • Very hygienic even if you share this with a friend as the gun does not touch anyone's faces!
  • Does not transfer on clothing as much as traditional makeup.
If airbrush makeup is that great, why can't everyone just use the airbrush system?
One huge reason is time consuming!  I myself would want to apply airbrush foundation on a daily basis but installing the system, dropping in airbrush foundation, spraying it all over my face, then clean the tool is time consuming!  I choose to use airbrush makeup ONLY on special occasions or if I know there will be a lot of photography as it looks very natural on photos and videos!  

Another reason is, not everyone can afford the airbrush system.  Although a lot of inexpensive brands like Glambox has open its doors to regular consumers, it is still pricier as compared to buying a foundation sponge or brush and a regular foundation!

Should I choose airbrush makeup or traditional makeup on my Wedding Day?
Whoever asks me this question over email, I will always ask them to check on their budget.  Airbrush makeup is more expensive because the products used for airbrush makeup are pricier than regular makeup!  Here are the rest of the list you should keep in mind..
  • How comfortable are you with traditional makeup?  Do you have this heavy, uncomfortable feel with it?
  • Is your wedding outdoor?  Are you exposed under the sun and wind?
  • Do you have any skin allergies or irritations on regular makeup?
  • Are you a crybaby?  Will you cry a lot on your wedding day? :P
  • Do you have spots on your body that you would want to conceal?  (back, legs, etc...?)
If you said yes to any one of the questions above, then you can opt for airbrush makeup.  A lot of people reacts positively to airbrush makeup because it feels light on skin!  That does not mean traditional makeup will always be cake-y though!  Generations ago - Yes!  High Teach Generation today? - No!  Traditional cosmetics companies are coming up with better makeup lines from heavy coverage-light feel to High Definition line! 

My best advise?  When in doubt... go for a trial makeup!

Sample photo of an airbrush client:
My client is celebrating her baby boy's Baptismal and Birthday Party all on the same day!  The reason why I chose to give her an Airbrush Makeup because she will be under stress from the moment she wakes up until the end of the party!  She advised me that she needs to leave at 7:00am to check out the party location.  Head to the Church for Baptismal Ceremony, then straight to lunch party for her baby's kiddie party!  Aside from all those stress, she needs to carry her baby and definitely will give her baby his well deserved hugs and kisses!

Hypo-allergenic makeup is very important especially the baby's skin is quite sensitive.  And after considering all those, I have to remind myself that I want her to be beautiful on both photos and videos! 

Mir requested for a very light, natural makeup
Makeup and hair by: Nikki Tiu
Her skin condition: dryness, a bit of redness and a bit of under eye circles.  
But overall?  She's gorgeous!

Have you tried airbrush makeup?
Can you see the difference on traditional and airbrush makeup?
Any other tips worth sharing to our dearest AMW readers?

Happy Weekend!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hi nikki.. jae here,, tnx for this additional post on airbrush make up.. I was talking to my sister who is going to be a bride soon, she asked wat I thought of abmu, and asked me y I haven't purchased one,then I thought of ur post about the glambox kit, so I decided to visit ur blog again(as I always do),, reading this post gave me shivers in my spine, coz this is exactly wat I told my sister,, and I made her read this too,,, ^^

  2. Oh wow, she looks pretty but she looks even prettier after the makeup. And her skin looks flawless. ;P

  3. Can you also maybe do a post on Airbrush systems available locally that you recommend? :)

  4. Hi Jae, aww, I'm glad we have the same thoughts and ideas! :) Goodluck to your sister for her prep! for me, wedding preps are fun!

    Pammy, thanks you, I'm glad you like the after look!

    lady_flower123, thanks sweet

    Michelle, oh wow, there are so many airbrush system available locally, I can't seem to recommend one as for now, I only use 2 systems and it'll be unfair to the other brand without me trying them out ! we'll see, I hope this is an easy request but its not cheap to purchase another system! hehehe :)hope you understand. If i get the chance to see other airbrush systems, I will check it out but I'm no expert ha :D

  5. nikki she looks amazing! you're the best!

  6. i love your new bannnwer!!!!! its sooo cute

    I love airbrush makeup! hands down.. you did an amazing job on your client!

  7. Yummy411 thanks for saying so :)

    May, thank you! The banner was done by a reader and I have to thank her for it! Thanks for the comment :)


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