Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Sandy's Pizza + Strawberry Ice Cream Cake!

 Are you ready to Grumble?
Weekend food tripping is Pizza Time!  I had boring Chinese Hot Pot dishes in which I've already talked about over past weekend food trippings!  So today, I will be posting the mid-week food trip me and the husband did after my Tek Tok TV shoot!  We passed by Katipunan and for me, when I hear the word Katipunan, I go flapping my arms like chicken wings because it sounded like a place so far away!  It's actually not especially on traffic-less hours!  

After the fun shoot, we passed by Sandy's Pizza, I read so much positive reviews about this Pizza Place owned by the mom-preneur Sandy Arellano!  She brings New York Pizza plus Pinoy-American Fusion Pizzas right in front of us!

Mr. AMW had to take a U-turn because we are both intrigued with the taste of this pizza everyone's been talking about.

 The scent of freshly baked crust greeted us as we got in their Katipunan branch which can sit approximately up to 15 people.  We were given 2 choices of pizza sizes!  18" Large and 14" Small thin crust pizza!  We opted for 18" Large  and plan to take home the rest of it!

18" Large
The Sampler
(Choose 4 flavors of your Choice)
Php670.00 (approx $16.00)

The 4 flavors we chose!
(photo organized from least favorite to gastronomical experience)
A little bit of everything with a lot of Flavors
This is our least favorite because it does have a little bit of everything which makes it overpowering to our sense of taste! 
Bacon, Pepperoni and Italian Sausages
Wherever "pizza" place we go, we have to try their ALL MEAT special!  It must be because I am with a carnivorous Mr. AMW?  He knows his sausages, bacon and pepperoni!  It passed his standards!  Bacon lovers may find it disappointing that their lovely bacon are served in tiny bits instead of the usual bacon strips!  I like it that it has a hint of bacon minus the guilt!

Thai Curry Chicken
A melange of wonderful and unique spices
We actually chose this over the Indian Curry Chicken.  We asked the waitress to help us choose which one is better and she told us to try this first!  Great decision to listen to her!  I actually like the taste of the sweet tasting Thai Curry Chicken.  No weird curry taste on pizza!  I promise you that!

 White Pizza
Kesong Puti, Mozzarella and Parmesan
I am actually a fan of a very simple pizza flavor - 4 cheese pizzas.  This may not be 4 types of cheese but the three-cheeses' very unique Kesong Puti (Filipino's White Cheese) included is enough to satisfy my need for "mouse food" *lol*  This is my favorite among the 4 flavors we chose!  I agree with Sandy, start by trying the simplest pizza they offer first before you go experimental!

Overall, the experience was great!  What's unique with Sandy's Pizza as compared to the rest of the Pizza's I've tried?  Super crunchy, thin crusted pizza that's quite chewy in between! It is obvious in one bite that it is freshly made and baked!  Best of all, not oily!  I am not a fan of those oil-drenched pizzas!

Keep in mind that we tasted this pizza fresh from the oven!  I am not sure if the quality will be the same if you have these delivered!

Sandy's Pizza, Katipunan
154 Katipunan Ave. Brgy. St. Ignatius,
Hernandez Bldg., White Plains Q.C.
Tel. no: (632) 721-8329

Before I end this post, thanks to my dearest Sister-in-law for this wonderful Haagan Dazs Strawberry Ice Cream Cake.  Generous amount of strawberries nestled on top of cream and strawberry ice cream cake!  White chocolate sheets on the sides for extra calories! I want to say its perfect as it looks but the strawberries are not in season so its a bit too sour to taste!

Top View
Gorgeous right?  The strawberries are HUGE!

Enjoy your weekend food tripping!
What are you eating this weekend?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow.. pizza.. YUM I haven't had pizza in a long time...

    cravings... ~~~

    hehe your weekends are always so fun. Makes me wanna visit some time

  2. The pizza got me drooling. but OH that ice cream cake! That looks SO delicious. Time for an ice cream run! I can already picture how i'd eat the cake. the toppings first, then the sides. . . and oooh, dive into the ice cream nestled in the middle. mmmmm!

  3. great review nikki! I always want to try sandy's cheese pizza since I love kesong puti on pandesal. Do they do delivery?

  4. stupid me, i didnt read everything that they do! Will try a box tomorrow!

  5. I like their pizza. Thin crust and not oily. :P

  6. Oh em gee that ice cream cake! Excuse me while I wipe off my drool!

  7. hello nikki,
    i just read your blogs and i thought it was really nice. :)
    so we have this survey in school about bloggers who read magazines, may we know how often you read Philippine magazine? (magazines that are published here in the Philippines) and does reading magazine helps you write your blogs?

    your answer will be greatly appreciated. :) i really hope you reply back. :) thank you!

  8. wow! i want the strawberry ice cream cake! it looks soooo yummy. ahlav strawberries :) i haven't tried sandy's pizza, this is the one also in san juan right? do they have Margherita pizza? :)

  9. I had pizza for lunch but you're making me want to it again now. lol. It looks decilious!

  10. Purple Snowflake, how are you by the way in Australia? Were you affected with the floods?

    My-my, eeeekk I want to eat another slice, sad to say, it's all gone! do not explain to me how you're gonna eat it! Because that's how I'll do it as well! LOL!

    K, Yup, they have delivery service and they have a store in Katipunan and San Juan. Not sure how far they would deliver though!

  11. Pammy, oohh what flavor have you tasted?

    Skysenshi, hahahaha yaiks! how about the keyboard? Did you wipe it too? hehehe

    Michelle, hmm, I used to read 3 magazines or 4 magazines a month, now I don't do much anymore, I just buy randomly. If it helps my blog? well, I do learn about what's happening or what's the trend, but I don't base what I read to discuss on my blog :) Hope this helps

  12. Kat_m, Yes, they have a branch at San Juan, I think that's the original one because Sandy lives around San Juan area!

    Gio, hehehehe me too, I want another slice!

  13. i love sandy's! at first i thought their flavors were weird but i ended up liking them. four cheese is one of my favorites too! and garlic tuyo, and spanish sardines. :)

    wow those strawberry cakes look yummy!

  14. Nikki
    Meron ata akong nakitang Sandy's in Wilson St. I have to check it out. Andami niyong order haha BTW, I love kesong puti so this is a must try!

  15. Joice, I haven't tried the weird flavors yet! heheh I have to go back and try the Filipino versions! :)

    Mrs.Martinez, yes! That's their first branch I believe! hahaha Hindi marami ang order namin..MALAKI ang order namin! hahaha it's worth it if you order the bigger size eh, good to share! May take home pa! :)

  16. that hagan daaz cake looks delish! i need to order one for a bday!!

  17. Nakakagutom... I super like pizzas! And the strawberries on the ice cream cake are very inviting. :)

  18. The pizzas were making me drool... and then I saw that strawberry ice cream cake... WOW! Well, it may be sour, I don't know about that. But it is sure beautiful to look at!


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