Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spreading Love: Kabayanihan Foundation and Team Pinoy Planner

Gosh, there must be something about "organizers" that are close to my heart!  I must be born with a huge word "ORGANIZE" on my forehead! 

Nevertheless, its a blessing from God that I have such good organization skill!  Thanks to God for giving me friends who were there through the years!  True friends are seriously hard to find and I'm glad I got a bunch of them!

The reason why I'm tapping on my sensitivity side (again) is because I had the chance to see my high school friends, in which, some I haven't seen for a decade!  It was a simple dinner, fun night with a lot of laughter and of course, dramatic moments!  :)

One of my friend told me about this foundation that's worth sharing!

Kabayanihan Foundation
Team Pinoy Planner

Kabayanihan foundation believes that every Filipino can be a "Bayani" (Hero) and practice being a hero in their own little way.  How can we help?  

There's "Our Country is in My Planner"

The cost of the planner is only Php399.00 (approx $9.30) and the amount they will raise will be going to building classrooms to different parts of the country.  Aside from that, the foundation also came up with this cool "Cultural Revolution" in which they are hoping to change the mindset and practices of Filipinos everywhere through Alex Lacson's 12 Little Things.

12 Little Things is like my "Doing 1 good deed a Day Task".  This one is even better!
You get to do 12 little things EVERYDAY that can help change and improve the nation!  
So many things we can do to help improve our nation! 
  • Not throwing trash anywhere.
  • Making sure your car is in good condition to prevent pollution.
  • Follow traffic signs and signals.
  • If you are a parent, make sure your children gets good clothing, shelter and education.
  • If you are a student, study hard!
  • If you are working, do your work well and do not sit there wasting your time!
  • Turn off water and electricity when not in use.
  • Report water leaks or electrical problems immediately!
  • Do not spread ill words regarding our country.
  • Carry a bag instead of asking for a plastic bag!
  • Speak highly on our tourist spots!  Show to the world how beautiful our country is.
  • Just be nice to random people you talk to.
Can I add another one?  "If you are a killer, stealer, or whoever bad person --- Just Stop Breathing?"  *lol*

Well, I can go on and on about doing random things to help our nation!  One thing you can do though, is to purchase this Planner and you know the money will be going to the right people!  (The Chairman of this foundation is my friend's dad!  Totally reliable!)

I know it's a bit late, a month is almost over, but I don't mind having an extra organizer to write down my daily thoughts!

It's worth it!  It's great to know you're helping as well!

How to order and help?
Smile and click THIS LINK to order Team Pinoy Planners!

Add Team Pinoy on Facebook
For more information about Kabayanihan Foundation, click HERE

Helping is beautiful!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Thanks so much Nikki for helping us spread the word. =) And thank you Keith for the pictures! =) Hope to see you both again soon!

  2. LOL ON: Can I add another one? "If you are a killer, stealer, or whoever bad person --- Just Stop Breathing?" :))

    Great post! :D
    Does the planner comes with different colors? :)

  3. Kung lahat ng pilipino gagawin ang mga simpleng suggestions na yan, aba! napakalaking pagbabago ang magagawa sa ating bansa.

    ANg problema marami paring pilipino ang pinipili na magtanga tangahan at magbulag bulagan.

  4. I'll surely be proud to own this planner =)

  5. Ronabeth, always my pleasure to lend a helping hand!

    Katrina, so far, no..just one eh :)

    Rah, I agree, I don't believe na Filipinos can't do it! They can do it in other countries, why can't they in their own?

    ladymishel, :)


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