Monday, January 24, 2011

AMW Reviews: HD Makeup Blender

Remember how I found the Beauty Blender to be the cutest makeup sponge around?  There is something cute and sexy available locally called HD Makeup Blender!  People may mistake this for the Sonia Kashuk counterpart, I do not own the Sonia Kashuk one but base on photo, the curves are slightly different.  After receiving this as a Christmas gift from a dear friend, I've road tested this a couple of times and I'm ready to spill the beans...ahmm...sponge I mean! *winks*

HD Makeup Blender

HD Makeup Blender says ---
Blends easily, works great with your foundation, concealers, etc.  This is all you need to apply your makeup flawlessly.  Great for applying cream, mineral and liquid foundation along with cream, and mineral blush.

AMW says ---
  • Cute shape, easy to grip!
  • Pink!
  • Saves up a lot of liquid or cream foundation.
  • Can apply light-heavy coverage foundation minus the cake-y look.
  • With the 'bounce' method, creates a nice airbrush finish.
  • Multi-functional, can apply liquid or cream foundation, liquid or cream concealer, cream blushes etc..
  • Sponge does not feel crumbly after a couple of usage as compared to regular sponges!
  • Odor free.
  • No bleeding on first up to current washes.
  • If you are a makeup sponge user, this saves up a lot of money  because this is wash-able and reusable!
  • Very difficult to wash!  I find washing this even more difficult than my Beauty Blender because this is a bit too firm!
  • Does not come with a case which makes it a bit difficult to store.
  • Stains a bit! (scroll down on tip area on how to remove hardheaded stains)
The Beauty blender and HD Makeup Blender are both priced similarly (not unless you buy 2 and above for the HD Makeup Blender, it'll come Php200 cheaper).  If you ask me which one I prefer, here's my simplest answer:

When it comes to washing - I prefer the Beauty Blender because the HD Makeup Blender is a pain to wash!
When it comes to application - I prefer the extra 'stiffness' of HD Makeup Blender because it gives more control over application!

  • HD Makeup Blender must always be damp prior to usage.
  • Use the bottom part for the large parts of your face. (ex. cheeks, forehead, neck)
  • Use the pointy part around your nose, under the eye area.
  • For makeup stains, I suggest you purchase an inexpensive Extra Virgin Olive Oil and gently rub the olive oil on the "stained" area until the stain is gone a bit, continue with regular washing with a mixture of baby shampoo and gentle dish washing liquid.
  • Instead of wetting the sponge prior to usage, I prefer to spritz with a bottled facial spray so that the sponge does not get too wet and coverage won't be too light.
  • Be careful not to puncture the sponge with any sharp objects or your fingernails.
  • Store with a container to prevent dirt from getting absorbed inside the sponge.
Will I repurchase?
No, the Beauty Blender has been with me for a year and it's still working well and looking good as new! I'm sure with proper care and use, this one will last too!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who wants the non-cake-y no streaks foundation without the airbrush system!  If you also have enough time to bounce or stipple this sponge with your favorite foundation!

Where to purchase and how much?
At HD Makeup Site for Php1,200 (approx $28.00) each.  Php1,000 (approx $23.50) for 2 and above!

Compared to Beauty Blender (BB)
  • The texture of BB is more porous as compared to the HD Makeup Blender.
  • The BB is easier to wash, because the HD Makeup Blender is denser and thicker, I have to give more effort in washing and I have to wash it twice as much as I wash BB.
  • The bounce of BB is better but the coverage of HD Makeup Blender is much better!
  • The HD Makeup Blender has a wider base which covers more spaces on your face as compared to the BB.
  • The tip of the HD Makeup Blender is stiffer and gives more control.
  • The sexy shape of HD Makeup Blender gives a better grip during application.
The Beauty Blender and HD Makeup Blender
Side by side, same size both wet and dry

HD Makeup Blender Size
Dry: 2.3 inches
Wet: 2.8 inches
If you ask me, I'm still a powder user on a daily basis or just a tinted moisturizer or BB cream!  But on days I want more coverage, a look that spells 'flawless', I'd pick this up especially if you want that airbrush finish  minus the airbrush system!

Do you have a lemming for this sponge?  
Keep smilin
Stay happy!


  1. Oh my, we both posted our thoughts on sponges. I talked about Sonia Kashuk's, BB and Sephora's.... HD Makeup Sponge is something new to me, thanks for sharing!

  2. this is a uber cute looking sponge and yeah, it doesn't fail to give you that "not too powdered/foundationed" look :)

    pretty expensive but it's worth buying most especially for those who are total junkie with make up sponges like my sister, i'll totally recommend this to her!

    I love your insightful reviews ms. Nikki! btw, i'm thinking of trying out illuminating mineral make up the ones from ellana and the Etude's essence concealer, will they uh.. blend? thanks! your suggestions will be appreciated :) have a nice week.

  3. it's totally cute!!! however, i have a vision of myself ruining the sponge by my long nails!

  4. i love the shape! it's so cute!

  5. I was planning to review my BB then I saw yours and Argie's post about blenders so I'll reserve it for some other day. Haha! Nice review, Nikki dear. :P

  6. Interesting!!! :) I never tried this sponge yet. It looks super cute :D

  7. That's such a cute sponge! Love the shape and the color!

  8. herroyalbleakness, great minds think alike! :)

    caitlin, I'm glad you find my reviews helpful, it is indeed very pricey but I would strongly suggest this if you are a sponge user, if not, then you can definitely skip this :)

    Xin, lol! I am very careful with mine!

  9. Lootwagon, agree!

    Pammy, hahahah go read more reviews and see which one you will need the most :)

    Iyah, Ooohh I'm sure the Sonia Kashuk is a bit similar to this :)

    Gio, me too! I find it super cute!

  10. I've been wanting to try this but never got around to it. It was sold here in Melbourne a while ago but now that company's defunct. Guess I'll try getting it from the US. It seems like a really good something to have. :)

  11. Nikki, just FYI, I came across a blogger who used your pic without linking.


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