Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: "The Dark and Light Side of It" Nails

I was feeling a bit down the weather lately, well I have been feeling that way for the past weeks!  Blame it on the New Years, blame it on the hormones, in my case, I just blame myself for being a me!  I have been hyper all throughout and I think I think I'm on the tip of the iceberg!  Time to fall down....

Into deep sleep!  *hahaha* I collected a lot of positive energy over the weekend by sleeping more than 10 hours, brisk walking at night to burn up those excess "lazy" calories! Base on psychological thinking, or plain psychotic thinking!  I am feeling a lot better!

To celebrate my "feeling a lot better", I created a nail art tutorial called "The Dark and Light Side of It"!
 The combination of light and dark shades that complements each other is what I used splattered a bit of sparkling happiness!

Step 1:
Apply a coat of your preferred base coat to prevent your nails from yellowing.  I applied one coat of OPI Nail Lacquer in Suzi and the Lifeguard. I actually used the same base for 2 consecutive weeks, which I never do!  You can choose to leave your nails the way it is because the more natural it is the better!

Step 2:
Apply any light colored polish color diagonally as shown on photo below.  You don't have to do different complementary shades per fingernail!

Step 3:
Using the darker complementary colors, or whatever colors you think would work well together, apply the darker shade on top of the light diagonal shades!  The tip here is to make sure the polish are dry before you apply another shade on top to prevent polish colors from mixing together!
Step 4:
Using L.A. Art Deco Polish in glittery gold, line the botton part of the light colored polish to make it look "clean" and "polished".

Step 5:

To give a nice separation between the dark and light polish, create tiny dots as shown on photo below.

Step 6:
Use any glittery polish and apply it from nail bed upwards!  The style is like that of a gradient nail art.

Step 7:
Making sure everything is COMPLETELY dry, apply a coat of your preferred top coat for protection!

Enjoy your colorful yet simple nails!

What is your favorite light and dark combination out of the 5 I've done?
Mine is the Pink and Red! Oh, the Yellow and Blue..hmm..also the light blue and dark blue?
Can I just say I love all the combination because I did them all? :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. love the blue n yellow combo! such sweet pastel combo :)

  2. They look like candies. They make me want to bite them. :P

  3. M&M nails. They look good enough to eat! ^_^

  4. Love the nails, so pretty and fun! My fave combo is the yellow and blue ones, the colors go so well together.

  5. I love how the orange looked against the brown! :)

  6. very artistic! I like the aqua blue with black tip :D

  7. Xin, thanks for liking a combo! :) I like the yellow and blue too!

    Pammy, no no no to biting! My fingernails are already short! Do not shorten it pa! :P

    L, ooh Haven't thought of that! The hubby loves M&Ms, I must not be surprised if he bit my fingers on sleeping hours!

  8. Gio, ooohhh another yellow and blue! :)

    Michelle, I agree! Brown works well with a lot of color surprisingly!

    Katrina, thanks for choosing your favorite! :)

  9. Wow, this has to be my favorite of all your nail art tutorials. I love your use of color! You're so talented. :)

  10. i like the yellow and blue, too!! isn't it fun to do nail art, even something easy, it is not as plain as just 1 colour...so i think it's easier to have the same manicure for a whole week haha =P do you prefer plain manicure or nail art?


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