Monday, February 21, 2011

AskMeWhats on TekTok TV

I was invited to talk about my blog AskMeWhats on Tek Tok TV last month!  I thought I'll break into cold sweats or faint during air time!  I was expecting the worst but I guess Tek Tok TV hosts Vince Golangco and Hannah Villasis made me comfortable right away so I survived the interview without any E.R. drama.  It was also an honor to be guested together with Mr.Brad Geiser of Geiser MacLang.

When the video was posted on Tek Tok TV website, I got an email query from a reader on where I got my skirt.  It's actually Skort (Shorts + Skirt) which I bought from Korea.

Top: Forever 21
Innter black tube: People are People
Skort: bought in Dongdaemun, Korea
Shoes: Prima Donna

Here's a clip of AMW on video! :)  Sorry I had to choose the part where I was interviewed as it took me forever to download the videos from YT!  You can go to Tek Tok TV website to watch the full Episode 28 with interesting music videos, funny videos and interview about AMW and on a Social marketing and PR strategies agency --- Geiser Maclang.

I think I don't look as nervous as I feel I hope!  Thanks Hannah, Vince and Tek Tok TV for the invite  Thanks to Mr. AMW for the photos and the support :D

Episode (2 of 4)

Episode (3 of 4)

It was a first time for me to talk on TV so this is going to be part of AMW history! :)

P.S. I've also mentioned about my dear "Angel Friends" (You girls know who you are) who helped our country during Typhoon Ondoy and I forgot to mention that there are a lot more angels who helped sponsor AskMeWhats Seminar for A Cause. 
My deepest gratitude for supporting me in helping people in my own little ways.

I may not be changing the world but I am trying my best to do good deeds one lipstick at a time! *winks*
Again, thanks for being an AMW Reader!  THANK YOU for opening this page on a daily basis!
Love you all!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Askmewhats on TV! Congratulations Nikki! You look darling!

  2. wow, congrats miss nikki! you look gorgeous! i love your outfit!

  3. this his HUGE, Askmewhats on TV! Yeepee... that only shows how much you've accomplished.

    I love your outfit! very simple yet elegant... right on the mark!

  4. Super cute outfit nikki,congrats.just let me know if you have any fund raising or volunteering,if im available ill be glad to join you

  5. awww, Now I know what your voice sounds like :) the "happy place" thing...

    and the guy that came next to friend joined the alaxan campaign and was emailed that he was top 10 and will receive a prize...he never received anything...what a campaign fail :/

  6. OMG that is so cool!! You look great, Nikki! Love your cute outfit :)

  7. hi sis AMW.. u look great! i love your outfit.. you rock!

  8. herroyalbleakness, thanks sweetheart!

    Issa, thank you! it was the simplest I can think of! I was on a "bloating moment" kasi kaya needed a loose top :)

    Hollie, awww thanks for the nice comment! Elegant? hahaha I can never use that term on me! But thanks for saying so!

  9. Shobe, I will definitely let you know! Thanks for the offer and its nice to have a helping hand :)

    Louise, hahaha my voice sounds it normal? hahahha I don't even know how I sound like anymore! I am so sorry about the Alaxan campaign, maybe ask your friend to email them again?

    Fifi, thank you !

    Roxy, thanks!

  10. hi Nikki,

    Just finished watching the videos and I'm so happy for you. I love the confidence you exuded while explaining your blog and answer the questions of the hosts.

    Great Job Nikki!!! More power to your blog:)

  11. You're awesome, Nikki! Kudos to you and your blog. You deserve it. :)

  12. awww u looked really confident on the TV sis! i would have fainted if i were u!!! no joke! now, can i have an autograph? :D

  13. AiDiSan, uy! thank you so much for watching the video, I know its long, but for you to be able to bear it! Super thanks!!!!

    Pammy, thank you!

    Xin, hahahah really eh? Confident on tv? If you can only feel my heartbeat! No autographs! I'll give you a HUGE WET KISS! :P :XXXXXXX *mwa!*

  14. Galing galing! Congrats Niks! =) You're a natural on TV!!! =)


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