Monday, February 21, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: "Happy Birthday" Nails

February is my birthday month!  My age is probably not as enticing as a decade ago but I am still up for celebration!  I may be old when it comes to my age but I'm young at heart and nails! :P  

My birthday isn't today but I am preparing my nails for a week long celebration!  I will be celebrating my birthday in advance with families and friends starting tonight!  Yes, tonight!  I don't mind blowing candles multiple times! 

Happy Birthday Nails
Be ready for super long steps!  You can choose to create only ONE design on all nails!  I was just in the mood for multiple designs! 

Step 1:
Use your preferred base coat to prevent yellowing of nails.  I painted 2 coats of Elianto Turquoise Nail polish and used ELF Platinum Polish color on the ring fingernail.

Step 2:
Creating a single balloon on Ring Finger
I applied a coat of Barry M "Once Upon A Time" polish to create a nice confetti effect.  

Using my biggest nail art dotting tool, I made a huge dot with Revlon All Fired Up.

Using Black Prettynails 2 Way Nail Art Pen, I've created a balloon string.
I've also highlighted the balloon with White Prettynails 2 Way Nail Art Pen.

Step 3:
Creating a group of balloons on Pointer Fingernail
I reached out and randomly picked nice shades of polish and dotted it straight on my pointer fingernails!  Very important that your base coat is completely dry so the colors won't mix!

Create a reflection again with White Prettynails 2 Way Nail Art Pen.  If you don't have nail art pens, you can purchase a small brush from art supply stores to line the dots with white polish.

With L.A. Art Deco Polish in Black, draw a thin line right below the dots to create balloon strings.

Step 4:
Creating Cupcakes
I can totally imagine how cute a blue and pink would look together!  (Exactly like our wedding motif)  I painted a thick French Tip on top of a dry base with Revlon Temptress.

Using a White Nail Art Pen, draw cupcake outline and fill it in.  

Using L.A. Art Deco Nail Polish in White, draw a thin line on the pink portion just like photo below.

Create a huge red dot on top of the cupcake with Revlon All Fired Up.  The dot does not have to be perfect!

You can create sprinkles on the cupcake itself with a toothpick or in my case, with a nail art dotting tool.

Step 5:
Creating Candles on thumb nails
How can I blow a birthday cupcake without candles?  I've chosen my favorite Blue and Pink color again and draw a straight line. 

Using Black Nail Art Pen, create a wick

Using yellow polish to create "tiny flame" 
Draw lines on the candle itself for it not too look too bare!  I was actually thinking about tiny birthday candles at this point!
I went ahead with adding a bit of "confetti" again with Barry M Once Upon A Time polish.

Step 6:
Give it some time to make sure the nail art designs are COMPLETELY dry, you can blow dry your nails at this point.  Apply one coat of your favorite Top Coat.

Aren't the nails festive enough for someone celebrating her 18th *ahem* birthday? 
*no violent reactions ok?* :P

Yes, too tedious but I really enjoyed playing with colors and being kiddie!
Again, you can choose only one design for the whole 10 fingernails!

Hope you like it!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Lovely ^_^ !!!

    I really like the cupcakes :).

    Happy [early] birthday to you :D!

  2. looks marvellous.. need a lot of patience to do it.. good job

  3. Wow!!.. Need a lot of patient to complete this mani.. By the way Happy Birthday in advance to you..God bless you always..

  4. omg, you're an artist talaga, if i were to do this on my own sakit likod ko haha.. hey dear when is your birthday? HAppy birthday~!

  5. oh god sis! I feel like fainting because it is so so so so so cute!!!

  6. Bongga ka 'day! lol
    Happy Birthday Niks!
    Does this mean mas matanda ka na sa akin?

  7. Cris, thanks for the early bday greetings :D

    Moamnetwork, well I actually was losing a bit of patience but it's my fault, I wanted to have so many designs in one nail art :)

    AnGiEpInK, thanks for the early Birthday greetings :)

  8. Hannah girl! hahah I can do your nails when we have a chance to bond again! Miss na kita! My birthday is on the 28th :D --- the day were most intelligent and gorgeous girls were born! LOL!!!!

    Xin, do not faint!!!! You have the same cute nails that I want to bite remember? Can we bite each other's nails when we see each other? I hope this year!!!! :D

    Mrs. M, girl! Matanda ka na talaga makalimutin ka! ang kulit! hahahha Di ba I am 20 and turning 21 ? Ikaw....25 ka! Pano ako magiging mas matanda sayo? 5 years ang difference! You're turning 26 this year :P

  9. Love your design! Happy Birthday! =)

  10. Love this nail art. it's so cute.!!! Happy birthday =)

  11. it's soooo cute!!! sana kaya ko rin gawin yan...
    advance happy birthday ms nikki!

  12. Omg. Those are the cutest nail art I've seen Nikki. Oh and happy happy birthday. :)

  13. Cute, cute, cute!!! ^__^

    Happy birthday (in advance)!

    February is also special to me and the fiance. Today is our 5th Anniversary! ^__^

  14. So cute! Happy Birthday! Have a blast on your week-long celebration!

  15. Happy (early) Birthday! I'm a February baby too (getting a little older this Friday, oh my!). Have fun! ^^

  16. So cute and unique! Advance happy birthday Nikki!

  17. advanced happy birthday! you're so creative talaga! :-) i like the cupcake design!

  18. love your birthday nails nikki ^_^

  19. these are adorable! I sooo love the cupcake design.

  20. this is so cute! you're very creative! advance happy birthday! :)

  21. They're so adorable and creative! You are so talented. Happy Birthday!

  22. Camille, thanks for the birthday greetings, now that's celebrating birthday in advance!

    Angel, thanks!

    Valerie joy, hey give it a try! KAYA YAN!

  23. Charry, aww really? I'm glad you find it cute, while doing it, I was thinking "What am I doing? What am I doing?" hahahha

    Angel, thanks dear!awww Happy 5th to you and your lovey pie!

    She Nailed It, thanks for the week advance birthday greeting :)

  24. Maggie, yay for February babies!

    Khymm, thanks for the greeting and for finding this cute

    Aimee, I am not creative trust me, I do get inspirations online too! I do browse once in awhile and some designs get stuck in my head! Kudos to all nail artists out there!

  25. Rhaindropz, thanks!

    Hollie, I like the cupcake too! Everyone's seeing the cupcakes more than the rest of the designs!

    Issa, thanks for the greetings

    Gio, thank you sweetie pie!

  26. this is so nice.... hope i could post a nail art.


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