Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Suzhou Dimsum

My friend asked me what's Mr. AMW's favorite food.  I got this blank look as I can go on and on and on on his favorites!  There's one particular Chinese dimsum he really loves though!  The worst case scenario?  He had a bite of it at Shanghai and we don't own a jet plane to fly to Shanghai every time he's craving for this!

Intrigued?  Well, its a simple dimsum called "Xiao Long Bao".

Xiao Long Bao is a typical steamed bun originated from China.  It is traditionally steamed on a bamboo basket!  Most people refer Xiao Long Bao as Soup Dumplings!  Literally speaking, there's a tiny bit of soup and pork inside the cute buns! 

2 years ago, we visited my brother in Shanghai and there's this tiny restaurant with a long line!  I asked my brother what they're lining for, and it was the famous Xiao Long Bao people were crazy about!  Keith and I got intrigued so we lined up and gave it a try!

It was a Dumpling Heaven Experience for Mr. AMW!  He said it was the best Xiao Long Bao he had and would you believe he thinks about it once in awhile for the past 2 years?  *laughs*  I am even tempted to have them FEDEX'd down here!  

Anyways, fast forward, to any restaurant who serves Xiao Long Bao that we've been to, we make it a point to try their Xiao Long Bao and would always discuss how close or far it was from the taste of the ones in Shanghai!  The closest one he tasted is from a Chinese Restaurant in Seoul, Korea!  But hello?  Do we really need to travel for a good Dumpling?

We heard from the mommy-o that they tried a tiny Chinese restaurant at Robinson's Otis called Suzhou Dimsum.  We passed there a couple of times but never thought this tiny restaurant "may" serve the Xiao Long Bao we're looking for.  Did it pass the expensive tongue of Mr. AMW?  Read on...

Suzhou Dimsum 
3rd Level of Robinson's Otis

Deep Fried Spring Rolls
Php100.00 (approx $2.38)
I immediately asked for a sauce after once this was served but I was told there's none.  I got pretty disappointed.  It was a pleasant surprise that this dish do not need any sauce at all.  It's not a typical pork fried spring rolls you served in most restaurants, inside were vegetables and its surprisingly tasty and not dry at all!  I don't recommend this to vegetable-allergics out there though :D

  The inside of the Fried Spring Rolls

SuZhou  Fried Rice
Php140.00 (approx $3.33)

I find nothing special as they taste quite the same as other restaurants or I may even find better tasting  Fried Rice!  I love it though that they mix it with a lot of vegetables and eggs.

Green Pepper with Shredded Pork
Php220.00 (approx $5.24)

It's spicy and just right! I like it that it has a lot of sauce which I like spreading all over my rice!  

Special Xiao Long Bao
Php95.00 (approx $2.20) for 4 pcs.
This is the most exciting part.  Judging by the look, the skin and the size is close to what we had in Shanghai.  How to eat a Xiao Long Bao?  Most people would like to hold it with a chopsticks, take a bite on the tip first to release the heat, hold a spoon on the other hand to support the rest of the dumplings as you go and bite the rest of it!  Soup will definitely come out and that's where the spoon comes in!

Since I'm married and I don't need to have poise anymore!  *laughs* I prefer biting it at once and squirt  soup all over!  *hahahaha*  It was a half-joke!  Half joke because it did squirt but not intentionally!  I wasn't expecting the Xiao Long Bao to be THAT juicy!

How about the taste?  Mr. AMW said its close, around 80% close to the ones he had in Shanghai and that's good enough.  After finishing up the steamed version, we've decided to go ahead and try the Fried version because we're pigs! :P

Pan Fried Xiao Long Bao
 Php105.00 (approx $2.50) for 4pcs.
90%  Yes, that's the score of the Fried Xiao Long Bao, the scent, the taste is really close!  I had to text my friend (who's into Xiao Long Bao hunt too) and told her about it right away!  She said the Xiao Long Bao from Lugang is great too!  I can't compare for now as we haven't try it yet.  For now....this is the winner!

To show you how juicy the insides of the Xiao Long Bao (and no, they're not saliva lol).  The taste is not too salty nor bland, everything is just right.  You can choose to dip your dumplings on a Ginger sauce provided but we like it just the way it is.

I will definitely visit back the restaurant because of the Xiao Long Bao, the rest of the dishes are okay but not fantabulous!  I wasn't that happy with the customer service, it's not bad customer service but its obviously not that good as well.  You don't' get a smile or an acknowledgment when you requested to order something.  It's like they're dragging their feet to work!

Cash payment basis only, no service charge.  Ample, Free parking space located at the mall's basement.

Suzhou Dimsum
3rd Floor Robinson's Otis

Enjoy your weekend food tripping!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Nikki have you tried Crystal Jade restaurant in Greenhills? I bet your hubby would like it there. Their cooks are Chinese! You guys should try eating there. :)

  2. i really miss dim sum!

  3. Rainbowninja, we tried it na! We actually liked these ones better than the Greenhills Crystal Jade! Iba ang tastebuds namin hahaha

    Nic Nic, awww I'm sure you have great food there

  4. oh really! i should try eating Suzhou. I also loooove xiao long baos! nice post btw. :)


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