Friday, February 11, 2011

Eureka Moment: Moisturizing Liquid Soap

I have a tube of hand cream inside my bag, on top of my office table and right beside my bed!  Do I use them as often as needed?  *smiles sheepishly*....NO!

I think a lot of you have the same sentiments as I do.  It feels weird to use a hand cream after every wash especially when you're off to write or type or especially when you plan to eat!  Hats off to people out there who are very determined to have soft hands!

If there's a will there's a way, there are products for lazy people or people with a lot of excusses. *me!*  I am into liquid soap because it does not strip as much oil as regular soaps!  I've been a liquid soap user from Brands A-Z!  I've used a couple and found nothing spectacular!

Eureka Moment!

A brand that makes good body lotion came out with a Moisturizing Liquid Soap!  Housed in a very simple white and mint green packaging, I've tested it right away!

Jergens Extra Moisturizing Liquid Soap (as copied from back portion of this packaging)
Cleans Completely : The rich, creamy formula creates a soft lather to clean thoroughly, removing dirt and germs.
Gentle on Skin : Jergens skin care products have been trusted for generations.  Enriched with real Jergens lotion, the pH balanced formula will leave your skin feeling soft and clean.
Smells Great : The classic cherry-almond fragrance is almost as well known as the Jergens Brand itself.  Enjoy this clean, soft fragrance every time you wash.

Jergens Moisturizing Liquid Soap comes in 2 sizes:
200ml retails at Php107.75 (approx $2.50)
500ml retails at P183.75 (approx $4.40)

The best part?  Jergens Liquid Soap is available in economical refill sizes!  I wish all liquid soap companies would do this!

I am not promoting on not using hand creams because I envy you if you are loyal to your hand  creams.
To most of us who are too lazy, we should at least take care of our hands during washing!

Are you a regular soap user? Or liquid soap lover?
What's your favorite brand?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Well i think i have one of their products,its face mosturiz. their product works fine to me.

  2. I super love this. Out of all the Jergens products, this is the most effective. In addition, it's the only product that has the scent i love so much.. I only wish that the scent stayed longer on my skin.

  3. ah if only i see this here! I love washing hands but with ALL the handwashes i have used, they all dried my hands to a certain extend. :S thats why i have to remember to apply handcream after each wash, but not when i am preparing food.

  4. I have used this liquid soap as well. I love it. I even tried the anti-bacterial one. :)

  5. I love liquid soap! They have more variety in scents! :)

    But I only get the cheap-o Watson's kind. :)

  6. YoannitaL, that's good to know the brand works for you. My mom loves their lotion!

    Jaum wow, so we're the same! I actually love this too! Not because they work the best but because I am still too lazy to put on lotion at times! LOL

    Xin, oh girl! I hate it when liquid soaps dry out your skin! I've used those too!

  7. Catmare, ahhh I want to try the anti-bacterial one next, but isn't it drying ba?

    Michelle, my mom uses the Watson's and same with our office! I find them ok, but the Jergens one is really moisturizing! My hands are dry and very "domesticated" if not taken care of! :)

  8. i've been using this for years! galing right? it's so moisturizing and smells so clean.
    and they sell refills ^_^


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