Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something New: MAC Wonder Woman

I seldom blog about MAC collections because we get to see them a lot online via various websites!  With the Spring 2011 collection, I told myself I have to share this because this is where my Wonder Woman Nails came from, inspiration for the week - Women Power!  I'd love to fight Wonder Woman and catch all those MAC Wonder Woman collection she's throwing away!  Any joiners?  *laughs*

I've read mixed reviews on this collection, on my part, I remain unbiased!  This collection brings back my childhood memories!  Which is good enough to safe keep!  The said collection will be available locally next month (March).  Here's a bit of online window shopping for you!  Price included for reference!

Mineralize SkinFinish
Php2,125.00 (approx $51.00)

L-R Golden Lariat and Pink Power 

Golden Lariat  - True coral with fine gold shimmer/Soft suntanned bronze/ Soft gold with fine shimmer
 Pink Power   - Peachy rose with pink shimmer/Soft rosy bronze/ Soft shell pink fine shimmer

Eye Quads
Php2,500 (approx $59.50)
L-R Defiance, Lady Justice
Defiance Eye Quad
  • Defiance Iridescent White Pink (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Paradise Island Soft Warm Pink (Satin)
  • Star Studded Mid-tone violet Pink (Satin)
  • Real Drama Dark Burgundy with Pink Pearl (Satin)
Lady Justice Eye Quad
  • Lady Justice Bright Silver with White Pearl (Frost)
  • Insurmountable Dirty Blue Grey (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Bold Babe Deep Metal Blue with White Pearl (Frost)
  • Deep Truth True Dark Blue (Frost)
Valiant Eye Quad (Not on photo)
  • Valiant Light Lime with Yellow Pearl (Frost)
    Spinning Transformation Deep Olive Bronze with Yellow Pearl (Frost)
  • Diana Undercover Dark Forest Green (Satin)
  • Manila Paper Pale Frost White Gold (Veluxe Pearl)

Powder Blush (Duo)
Php1,575.00 (approx $37.50)

L-R Amazon Princess and Mighty Aphrodite
Amazon Princess - Bright yellow pink/Deep Blue Pink with Gold Pearl (Satin)
Mighty Aphrodite - Warm peach coral with gold pearl/Bright Coral Pink with Gold Pearl (Satin/Frost)
Pigments and Reflects Glitter
Php1,300 each (approx $31.00)

L-R Bright Fuchsia and Marine Ultra Vivid Pigments
Reflects Bronze and Reflects Pearl

Bright Fuchsia - bright magenta
Marine Ultra - Vivid marine blue

Reflects Glitter
Reflects Bronze - sparkling rich gold
Reflects Pearl - white glitter with a pearl sheen

Php900.00 (approx $21.43)

L-R Army of Amazons, Black, Themyscira Blue and Victorious Purple

Penultimate Eye Liner
Php1,250.00 (approx $29.76)

Rapidblack - True Black

Nail Lacquer
Php680.00 (approx $16.00)

 L-R Obey Me and Spirit of Truth
Obey Me - true red
Spirit of Truth - navy blue

Out of the collection, I am really interested with the Mineralize SkinFinish because it is bigger than regular SkinFinish compact!  Holding it feels like me holding a shield which can protect me from all evil!....NOT! :P

Hope this post helps MAC lovers and enthusiasts out there!
Yay or Nay to MAC for coming up with this collection?

*Note: Available March 2011 at all MAC Locations ---
  • Rustans Makati 8128265
  • Rustans Shangri-La 6319310
  • Rockwell Power Plant 8982045
  • Marionnaud Mall of Asia 5560419
  • Trinoma

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Great post Nikki! I already have the Mighty Aphrodite blush and still contemplates whether to get Marquise d' and the Pink msf. I don't like the packaging, looks cheap IMO. :/ Is Reflect pearl (regular ones) available in Philippines? Thanks!

  2. I want it just for the packaging!! :))

  3. The packaging reminds me of grade school stuff. :) of pencil cases and water colors.. very cute, hehe.

  4. OH wow!! it's much more expensive there then? The palettes here are only $40. But the eyeshadow quads aren't that pigmented so we can pass on that. heehee!! the blushes are beautiful though :D

  5. i super want to try that penultimate eyeliner! i honestly just love to get my hands on the collection just for the packaging.

  6. Hehe the MSF looks tempting....XP

  7. Chicgurl, aww I've only tried the MSF and the Blush, I love and want them both :(

    Michelle, hahahah I agree!

    Karla Michelle, it does remind me of kiddie toys!

  8. Iyah,oo no! Now you understand why we're complaining on the prices down here! :) I am looking into the MSFs and the Blushes :) No to quads for now!

    Bea, eeeekk the packaging just reminded me of me being a kid all over again! The penultimate eyeliner looks promising but I'm scared it may dry up easily?

    Senita, Agree! very tempting and such a huge size! almost the size of my palm!

  9. super cute packaging, and in time for this fall's new wonder woman tv series and david e kelly pa ^_^


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