Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Readers' Corner: Inexpensive Alternative for Kiehl's Lip Balm No. 1

I was asked a lot of times on what lip treatment I've used that I would recommend.  I've always say for the very dry lips like yours truly, I'd invest on Kiehl's Lip Balm No. 1!  There's also an inexpensive alternative on using Petroleum Jelly but not everyone like the feel and taste of it.  

After trying out several brands, there's 2 in the market that's "almost similar" to the famous Kiehl's Lip Balm that people on the budget can try! 

Mentholatum Lip Gel
Net Wt. 8.0g
Php108.00 (approx $2.40)
Smoothening and improving texture of chafed, chapped lips.

 Texture is not too sticky  nor runny, just right!

The slanted applicator makes it very easy to apply on lips without messing up your fingers!  

Hydrates, moisturize lips instantly and I love the nice minty-feel
Nice tingling sensation stays for more than 5 minutes.

Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm
Net Wt. 10g
Php99.75 (approx $2.26)
Helps to moisturize and relieve dry chapped lips.
The rounded and smooth head makes it easy to apply straight to the lips

Texture of the balm is not too runny more sticky.  Just right.

Easy to apply straight to the lips or if you're sharing this,
you can choose to use your fingers or lip brush in application.  Hygienic packaging.

On lips, tingling sensation stays for more than 5 minutes!

Both products are worth giving a try especially if you're on the budget.  Mentholatum is runnier in texture while Carmex is a tad bit stickier.  Both have this nice minty feel which makes it really relaxing and soothing once applied on lips!

Carmex has a stronger minty taste while Mentholatum is on to the lighter side.  Both can relieve dry, chapped lips.  Both products work when used on a daily basis.  I like using them night time before I go to sleep and early morning while I dry my hair!  Both products are inexpensive yet works like a charm!

Have you tried any of these 2?
Which one's your favorite? I can't seem to pick one because I am always PRO on Variety!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Awwww, look at your lippies. I practically grew up on Carmex but now and days the smell is just so strong to me. But it feels diviiiine on the lips.

  2. I used to like Carmex but the scent started to bother me and became too overwhelming for me. But I gotta try that Mentholatum variant. :)

  3. hi nikki, i wanna know where to buy 'em. lol. TIA!

  4. i wonder why most of the methol lipbalms i have are not as moisturizing as the non methol ones

  5. I have very sensitive lips and have gotten contact dermatitis from lip balm/gloss/etc. several times, but Carmex has always been very helpful. My lips get super dry and peel a lot, but (when you get over the smell) putting on a good layer of Carmex before you sleep will make your lips so smooth and healed when you wake up!

  6. oh thanks for sharing Nikki! I love Carmex but I haven't tried the tube version.

  7. Where can I purchase these? I haven't seen these anywhere! :))

  8. i have a mentholatum and that's what i use to moisturize my lips. i haven't tried carmex though but i've heard so much about it. will check that out soon.

  9. Thanks for sharing! The Carmex lip balm sounds nice, would love to try it!

  10. I like the mentholatum one ! Not too greasy and the applicator gets my heart =)

  11. i have the carmex i want to try the mentholatum.. where did you get it nikki??

  12. B, I agree, the scent takes time to really get used to it :)

    Pammy, give Mentholatum a try, its lighter!

    Vainails, both can be purchased at Watson's or SM Beauty, Mercury Drug stores etc..

  13. Xin, I know what you mean, probably the added menthol ? :)

    Ashton, thanks for sharing! Tweetie de Leon and Andi Eigenmann , both actresses swore on Carmex!

    Khymm, try the tube version, I like it better than the balm/wax version

  14. Michelle, which one? Carmex can be seen at PCX, Landmark, everywhere! Mentholatum are available at SM Beauty (Megamall, etc..)

    Lootwagon ooohh so you have the same lip gel from mentholatum? That's great!

    Gio, hope you'll get the chance to try it!

  15. AnnaYJia , same with you, the applicator is just smart! Its perfect as an applicator and it feels just right!

    Donna, Beauty by SM or Watson's, meron na sila!

  16. i knew you were gonna say carmex! i haven't tried it, but i read about it all the time!

  17. Crystal, the scent is just too strong for a regular lip gel :) But for its price, it is ok na!

    Sassi, thanks for commenting :D

  18. I'd like to try them both, though I'm using The Face Shop's lip balm, which I like better than Kiehl's. :D


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