Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: "Ode to Ribbons" on Valentine's Day

As promised, here's a nail art tutorial inspired for the Heart's Day.  I have to tell you in advance that you won't be seeing any hearts in this tutorial though.  Let me tell you why...

Though hearts are romantic and have been widely used to express LOVE, I actually have a soft spot for ribbons!  Looking at my Shoe Collection, Hair Accessories and Jewelries, I have a lot of ribbons and it looks like it's growing into a collection!  Whenever I receive gifts that are tied up in a nice ribbon, I always end up taking gazillion of photos of it and stare at it for a good couple of minutes before I open the package!  That's why for Valentine's Day, it's an "Ode To Ribbons"!  Looking through my nail art tutorials, I haven't done any ribbon nail art so this is going to be simple yet special!

Step 1:
Prior to polish application, you can choose to have your nails done in a salon to help maintain the cleanliness of your nails.  I applied a coat of OPI Start to Finish base and top coat.

Applied 2 coats of Revlon Nail Polish in Temptress.  A very nice matte pink shade.

Step 2:
Using OPI's Ali's Big Break Polish gifted to me by a dear friend who's also into nail art!   I created tiny dots using a nail art dotting tool.

Step 3:
Using Prettynails' 2 Way Nail Art Pen in White, I drew a shape of a ribbon as shown on photo below.

Step 4:
To finish up a ribbon look, I've used L.A. Art Deco Polish in Gold and line in between.

Step 5:
Making sure the dots and ribbons are completely dry, apply OPI Start to Finish Base and Top Coat to protect your nails and to prolong the nail art design.

Dainty, sweet ribbons to perfectly match your sweet smile!

Oh, thanks everyone for commenting on my "AMW Version: Because I am Ready for Valentine's Look", it's not a regular look of mine but it's nice to doll up at times on special occasions!

I hope my simple nail art tutorial puts a huge smile on your face today!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm always amazed with your art tutorials, this has got to be the sweetest looking EVER!

    *clap clap*

  2. Such cute nail art! Thanks for the tutorial! Happy Valentines! xx

  3. Super cute! Happy Love Day, my love!

  4. Hehehe, it's cute! I really like the pink! =) Happy Valentine's Day To you toooo!!


  5. super cute nikki.gusto ko ng gantong nails hehe

  6. cho kawaii!
    it's really super girly & fun

  7. So cute! Love your nail arts, you are always so creative!

  8. Love it terno sa pink lipstick ko ang pink nail polish mo lol

  9. Great Post! I love bows and have them on my clothes, so I really like this!

  10. So so so cuuuuuuute!!!

    I love doing nail art and will definitely try this soon. Then I'll post on my site and give huge props to you. :D

  11. gorgeous, girly nail art <33
    you don't really love nail arts huh? hahahaha! nice blog here~!

  12. happy belated valentine's day! :P

    your nails are so cute. i love that dotting tool!

  13. have never done a ribbon on nail before, they are so cute!!!!

  14. So creative. I wish I can paint as beautiful as that. My nails are usually plain and pink. Hayyy.


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