Monday, February 14, 2011

AMW Version: Because I am Ready for Valentines + Avon's Tokyo Allure

Happy Hearts' Day! 
No matter what your status is at present, there's always reason to celebrate Valentine's Day!  God gave us the capability to love and let's show our dearest family, friends how much we love them.  A simple "Thank You" and "I love you for who you are" is worth more than flowers and chocolates!

Speaking of flowers and chocolates my version for this year's Valentine's Day has to do with the colors of chocolates and flowers.  Pinks and Browns!  My favorite eyeshadow color combination!

(Note from AMW: You can click on the Brand name to read past reviews) 

Here's the AMW Version for V-Day!

AMW Diagram

Fill your brows and prep your lids by using an eye primer of your choice to make the eyeshadow last longer and prevent creasing.

For this look, I used Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer and filled my brows with Tears Line & Mode Autobrow in BR02.

Step 1:
Using a flat shader brush, I am  using Leow Cornell 3/8 Maxine's Mop which is very similar and a great dupe for MAC239, I pat on Joppa's Mineral eyeshadow in Anastacia.

Step 2:
I am liking the Bobbi Brown Pretty Palette, so I'm using it again.  With a crease brush (in this tutorial, it's the MAC217 brush), I am applying it on my lid area going a bit beyond.  Adding the Chocolate Caviar Eye Shadow and blending it as I go on. 

Step 3:
Using Pink Chiffon from the same palette, I used the same MAC217 brush to blur out harsh lines by blending the Joppa Anastacia Eyeshadow and Bobbi Brown Chocolate Caviar Eye Shadow.

Step 4 and 5:
I line my upper lash line with E.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Black with my Ecotools Eyeliner Brush.  For the lower lashline and waterline, I am using Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 1L.  I also tightlines using the same MUFE Aqua yes.

Instead of curling my lashes and using multiple coats of mascara!  I've decided to use the ES A10 Lashes (from KKCenterHK) I got recently as I'm testing their comfort in terms of usage!  It does not fail!  Though the lashes are quite thick and a bit long, it's very lightweight!

I used Sassi Eyelash Glue (Dark) gifted to me by an anonymous reader 2 Christmases ago :)  Thanks dear!

I actually wore this look for a nice dinner party!

Now let me share to you what's on the rest of my face...

For the Face:

I highlighted my undereye aera with The Body Shop's Lightening Touch 04 and my cheekbone area with Clinique up-lighting liquid illuminator.

using Thevi Blush brush

For the Lips:

Pull my hair up and wear that huge smile and you're ready to melt someone's heart *winks*
Oh yeah, I received Avon Fashion's Tokyo Allure Package a couple of weeks ago....
The well-thought packaging includes a gorgeous red chopsticks, I love using chopsticks on hair and here's how I do it.

The Tokyo Allure collection is perfect for the Chinese New Years and Valentine's Day!  All red for luck and love!

The collection also includes gorgeous Japanese-inspired jewelry line!  Tokyo Allure's Red Ruby Collection which features earrings, necklace and ring pieces that are made of silver tone with ruby.  I like to wear this on a special night out!
** Contact Avon Customer Hotline at (632) 864-2900 or visit to get in touch with an Avon Representative.

To make the Valentine's Look complete, a nail art tutorial will be coming up next!
Again, I am wishing everyone...Happy Valentine's Day!
Cheers to hearts full of love and happiness!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow, may fashion line pala ang Avon? Nice!

  2. awww sis u look so sweet! any special celebration tonight? i prefer natural lashes these days instead of the dramatic ones. i want to pretend to have a 'naturally nice lashes' :P

  3. So beautiful, Ms. Nikki!!! Ready for the V-Date ka na!!! ^__^

  4. i love your make up...perfect to wear on a dinner valentine date.

    happy hearts day...enjoy!!!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day, Nikki! Sending you all my love love love! =) All the best to you & Keith!

  6. gorgeous look Nikki! Pink+ Brown combination is one of my favorites too.. Happy valentines!

  7. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you too Nikki!!! Hope you and your hubby are having a nice romantic day out ;)

    I am loving your valentine's day look, your lippie is so pretty on you! And thanks for noticing some weight loss haha I haven't really been trying so whew! I am glad I am not gaining weight! But starting in a few weeks I am gonna start hitting the gym more at least until the wedding then after that I don't mind gaining it all back! HAHA

    Miss you!

  8. happy valentine's day! i love that look on you! real pretty!

  9. i love it!
    the eyelashes are so va-va-voom!

    it's so naturally pretty!

  10. That's a gorgeous look, love it!

  11. I want those false eyelashes of yours! :)

  12. i love this look on you, Nikki.specially w/the lashes, perfect. u look really pretty!

  13. Hi Nikki

    Another beautiful look. The ES lashes suit you well. Happy Valentine's day!

  14. Maggie, thanks dear!

    skysenshi, actually more on jewelries and intimates! They are really cute!

    Emily Anne, thanks for the comment!

  15. Xin, well nothing spectacular, just a quiet dinner! :) You? I actually like half falsies, they look really natural on me ! :)

    Angelamhiere, hahahaha! Oo ready na ready! You? May date?

    AiDiSan, thanks for agreeing that this works on Valentine's Day! Actually this works well on any night dinner :)

  16. Dangski, Love you dear! Thanks for the greetings!

    Michelle, thanks dear

    Khymm, I agree, it works really well on our skintone no?

  17. Vanessa, dear! Yes, you lost weight without even trying! Wow, must be busy with the wedding preps! I am so excited for you! Can't wait! I can't wait to see the photos and I hope you going back to working out will give you the energy! I'm sure you'll look stunning on your special day!

    Lootwagon, same to you dear, thanks for the comment!

    ~tHiAmErE~ the lashes are really lightweight, quite surprising!

  18. Gio, thanks!

    Lanie, hahahha I hope I can reach out to let you try them!

    Nehs, thanks for the nice compliment!

    Lavender, hey, happy Vday! Thanks for the compliment! You are really nice!

  19. lovely look Nikki! and I like your earrings too! very pretty. ;)

  20. Happy Valentine's Day, nikki!!! You look gorgeous, love the matte smoky eye :) say hello to your hubby ok?

  21. Charry, the earrings are gorgeous! I love it too! I got the black rose version pa :)

    Nanzy my dear, how are you?? I will definitely say Hi to hubby from you! Happy Valentine's day!!!


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