Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AMW Reviews: MAC 217 Blending Brush

**photo from MAC website

I''ve always included MAC 217 as the "must have" MAC brush for blending and for creating smokey eyes. One reader caught my attention by asking my review for this famous blending brush I've been raving about! I didn't put up a review of this brush because I thought it was "given" that this brush is great..that's it! lol I guess I'm wrong! Well, if you're reading this my dear, I hope you like this post and this is for you! :) And I've learned my lesson, I should NEVER assume! :P

MAC 217 says ---

For shading or blending of color or creamy products. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

length: 17 cm

AMW says ---

  • can be used for both powder and cream eyeshadow
  • blends all hard edges like a breeze
  • multi-purpose, can be used alone to do a simple smokey eyed look
  • grabs pigments well
  • can be used both wet and dry
  • bristles has a nice firmness but it's not harsh on lids
  • perfect size for small lid spaces
  • for the OC people out there? White bristles, gets dirty easily
  • the MAC 217 name embossed goes invisible after several washes (i put a clear polish a bit too late)


If there's only ONE MAC eyeshadow brush that you have to purchase, seriously, in my humble opinion, this is definitely THE ONE! No matter you're a beginner or a pro, this is definitely a must have for blending and it's not called a blending brush for nothing. Seriously, I have never sang praises for a single brush!

I know there's a lot of dupes out there or cheaper alternatives, I myself have used blending brushes from different brands, but the MAC 217 blends like a dream. Everytime I have a gig, I've used this brush for sure! So in the long run, though this brush is quite pricey, its worth the price as I've used it every single time!

MUST HAVE...again..MUST HAVE...oh, did I say ... MUST HAVE?

  • wash your brushes regularly especially if you love using vibrant eyeshadow colors as it could stain the bristles
  • use a brush guard to protect the bristles right after washing
  • perfect to apply cream eyeshadow or even concealer, it feathers out cream products naturally
Will I repurchase?

I hope not as I plan to take care of this til my hair is the same color as this bristle! lol But if I wouldn't think twice repurchasing this brush if needed.

Where to purchase and how much?

At local MAC Store for Php1,100 (approx $23.40)

A close up on my bristles
after a year of constant use
But take note: I do take care of my brushes
like my bestfriend :D

Do you own a MAC 217?
Do you plan to purchase?
Am I making you want one? Sorry.....
You asked for this review! lol

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. Great review! I'm still a bit skeptical, but only because of the price. && I don't wear eyeshadows often so I'll put this off until I actually use my shadows ^^

  2. Ahh I remembered tweeting many months ago on whether I should get this or some other brush, and you recommended this. Followed your recommendation and I have to say, completely spot on. It's great for blending indeed. Thanks :)

  3. Geez. After you and Shen sang praises for this and declared it as the ONE, I now wanna buy! :D

  4. I've been planning to get this brush for ages! Thanks for the review. Can't wait to get mine :D

  5. Hahaha... i LOLed at the last two lines! XD You're so cheeky!! hehehe!! :D

    This is one of my to buys!! And yes, your review made me want it even more now!! :D :D

  6. I have two!!! And I agree, this is a great brush! I haven't taken as good care of it as you, though... it's a bit stained! Oh well, it still works great!!!

  7. Lisa, so true, I was skeptical too but you know what? I'm glad I purchased this, if you're an eye makeup lover, definitely MUST have!

    Tine, aww thanks for trusting my opinion! I love it that you love it too!

    Teeyah, lol so sorry, I'm not trying to make you spend more but again, if smokey eyes or eye makeup is what you're aiming for, great investment I reckon!

    Fifi, no worries, its my pleasure!

  8. Jenn, I am cheeky! :P Just like you, no wonder I feel like we're good friends eventhough we havent' met yet :)

    K, weee! TWO!!! I want another one too!!!! And yes, OC me took care of this brush, I hope it'll last me a lifetime or 2 :)

  9. hmmmn i dont know if it is just me, but ever since i used brush guard, the brushes bristle like crazy, because the guard is moving up and down in my bag with brushes in it. when i use a very tight guard, it loosens after some time. crap, what should i do?

  10. I know what you mean by taking care of your brushes like theyre your bestfriend haha. Kulang nalang I bring my brushes in the shower too hahaha

  11. Prettybeautiful, really? do you know the one I'm using for this brush is the smallest one?? Like the smallest smallest one so the brush guard doesn't move at all? And it will help that I put it in a makeup travel case so it won't move around too much inside the bag? Hope this works!

    Cabyness, lol taking the brushes along to the shower...is too cute, but..something I won't do! LOL I am OC but not like you ha! hahahah you are too cute you made me smile :D

  12. Ah, I don't have this brush - or any MAC eyeshadow brushes for that matter haha. Can you compare this to the Crown brushes Studio line round crease brush? Looks almost exactly like it, and that's the one I have.

    Thanks for sharing though!

  13. Yes, Nikki, you definitely made me want this! But I'm keeping my purchases at bay until my bazaar events are over! Business first =D

  14. *ehem* Thanks nikki for the review... i wanted to get this when i was still in manila (im in cebu now) but wasnt so sure if it would be perfect for me since i have small lid space..Marlena of Makeupgeek said to use a smaller blending brush for those with small eyes.. and i wasnt sure if how small she means.. hahahah! reading ur review makes me want this more..atleast im getting the review from a fellow Filipina who has almost the same features as i do. Anyways, thanks again for this review! i will definitely get this when i visit manila again sooN! :)

  15. i knew that the first MAC brush that i will be getting is this one!

    i still haven't gone around to buying one because everytime i go to mac glorietta i shy away asking because the SA's are haughty!

    i feel very unwelcome whenever i step at mac so i never seem to buy any from them.

    but i'll be getting this one way or another..if im not able to get this here in the philippines, i'll definitely be buying this abroad.

    & yeah, you made me WANT it...or rather you made me NEED it!

  16. Catherine, so sorry to say I don't have access to Crown brushes! I've heard they are good but I can't even compare it to MAC as they are expensive to ship to my country!

    NeuroChiq, so true, do save up money for the rainy day and purchase this only if you have extra money!

  17. icysunitz, lol hahaha you are too cute on the *ehem* part... I'm glad you find my reviews helpful and yeah, whenever you're back in Manila, you can always purchase this, no rush!

    ~tHiAmErE~, you know what? Same with me, i seldom visit MAC store down here but I do visit if I'm sure I will purchase something :) Goodluck! I'm sure you'll love this and you'll be happy to create more eye looks with this ! :)

  18. I've been lemming this brush for ages and you make me wanna buy it even more. I'd better start saving up for it. Thanks for the review.

  19. Gio, yay! goodluck saving up!!! :) Let me know how you like it!!! I hate it if a brush is calling your name, do you know the MAC109 is always calling for me and yet, it's limited so it is even harder to save up for it as I wouldn't even know where to purchase it! Lol

  20. hi nikki, how do u keep ur brushes so clean (and WHITE)? :D

  21. ey, thanks for the review, still waiting on Sigma to release their ss217 as a regular item (in two months their email support say).

    but hey if my 13 month pay comes first than Sigmas release then i go marching to rustan's hahaha ^_^

  22. ♥ mia , I actually spritz them with brush cleanser after each usage then I deep cleanse them every weekend with Baby shampoo mixed with detergent that has conditioner plus water :)

    Marge, I haven't tried sigma brushes!!! I want to !! same with Crown brushes! :) goodluck! hope your 13th month pay arrive soon!

  23. i had this bought in the US. i can't wait to get my hands on it!

  24. Crystal, so when is it coming over?? weee!!!

  25. ive always wanted one (or two haha) maybe for christmas? lol

  26. great review! I love this brush! blending eyeshadows won't be the same when you own one of these. I'm lucky enough to get one with black bristles. I say BUY!!


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