Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fitness & Health: Dole-Morning Banana Diet

I've got this article from a lovely friend Charisse! Thanks Char for sharing this to me and my readers. When I was growing up, my mom forces me to eat banana (take note: FORCES) but she made sure I take it right after lunch or dinner, never breakfast. Why? Because she told me "banana" would ruin my stomach and I could have ulcer...yeah ... my mom is a Doctor.. Doctor Quack (Love you still mum)

As I grew older, I've never incorporated banana as part of my morning fuel! Not until I recently read a couple of articles regarding Morning Banana Habit! :)

Smile and read on....

Want to stay slim? Go bananas!

In this age of fitness and form, developing effective methods to stay fit and healthy has taken on a life of its own. And with today’s abundance of slimming techniques that range from body cleansing programs to fat-eliminating food supplements, finding the perfect diet regimen that works for you isn’t always an easy task. Worry not because there’s a brand new way to start shedding unwanted pounds, and it has come all the way from Japan. The answer – bananas!

The Morning Banana Diet, as it is called in Japan, is the latest health trend to reach unprecedented heights among the Japanese. Spurred on by positive feedback from dieters and affirmative testimonials from celebrities, the Morning Banana Diet has indeed sparked a massive wave of interest among health-conscious individuals who are looking for a way to stay in tip-top shape without having to dig deep into their pockets. Today, its popularity has reached other countries like the US, and now the Philippines.

The Slimming Secrets of Bananas

Filipinos can also join the bandwagon and stay in shape with premium bananas from DOLE, the leading purveyor of fresh fruits and vegetables worldwide. Packed with important nutrients, DOLE Bananas aid weight loss in many ways.

To boot, bananas contain resistant starch that is responsible in enhancing fat burning by up to 30%. More filling than most fruits, bananas can easily satisfy hunger and let you feel full longer while providing the daily nutrients your body need. And since you won’t feel constantly hungry, bananas help to curb your appetite and reduce overall calorie intake in a day. What’s more, DOLE Bananas are high in fiber that helps carry away some fat as it travels through the digestive system.

DOLE Bananas can also boost metabolism as it lets you burn an extra 200 to 300 calories a day, especially when taken for breakfast. Likewise, the potassium from DOLE Bananas helps preserve muscle mass as you lose weight so you remain lean and strong. For more information surf on to www.dolebananadiet.com.ph

Easy, Affordable, and Convenient

Staying fit while keeping up with a fast-paced lifestyle is easier than one might think. For instance, by simply picking out fresh fruits and vegetables from the shelves instead of junk food from your nearby convenience store, you have already taken a big step towards losing pounds the healthy way. But keeping fit does not mean you should go hungry! Snack on freshly- cut fruits, pre-packed and pre-washed salads, or simply grab a banana! After all, healthy food like DOLE Bananas can be a good source of other nutrients that include vitamin C, vitamin B6, and protein, not to mention its various weight loss benefits.

What’s more, DOLE Bananas are very affordable, so health-conscious individuals won’t have to spend much to weigh less. They’re also convenient and ready to eat, making them the ideal partner for on-the-go and upwardly mobile individuals. Make DOLE Bananas a part of your daily diet.

DOLE Bananas are readily available in 7-Eleven, Mini Stop, and supermarkets nationwide.

Have a DOLE Banana before your workout or exercise and get that boost of energy

Another way to incorporate health in your life: Be active and exercise!

Can YOU incorporate banana in your morning routine?
I'll try on this!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Stay healthy and banana lovin'!


  1. Yay to healthy posting! So true about bananas! I love to eat them MMM :D

  2. ive read this article too in the newpaper, i havent tried it yet, though. I'll definitely try this.. i need to shake off the excess pounds i gained while reviewing.. :(
    Thanks for reminding me about this sis! :)

  3. mmmm....will have to get my hands on some bananas to try this.. :D thanks babe!!

  4. I've heard great things about bananas. My doctor told me eat one a day *sigh*. I don't think I have listened yet... lol~ :X

    I'm doing okay. How are you doing? Thank you for asking! :)

  5. I always buy DOLE bananas and eat it every lunch time because it's darn healthy! Now I wanna eat it every morning. Thanks for sharing this, sis :)

  6. I have bananas for breakfast as much as I can, mostly because they're filling :P

  7. yah i know this diet... it is very popular in Japan that there was a huge increase in demand for bananas... i like to eat bananas in the morning with my cereal drink... it's a perfect combination :)

  8. Aaah dole bananas! I always buy chiquita bananas:p Now I have to a find sport that suits me so I can try it out...

  9. I love this post!! I'm very fond of banana,tho I never heard abt DOLE banana before :D

  10. i have bananas with cereal in the morning for breakfast :P

  11. Oh wow, this was a huge fad in Japan about 6 months ago. Everyone was eating one banana every morning, and all the stores were sold out of bananas! Seriously, that was how many people jumped on the fad!!

  12. Oh I've heard of this! I've come to enjoy bananas (my dad insists on having them at home) plus Dole made them so ubiquitous. I often buy one from the 7-11 below our office :)

  13. omg this diet was INSANE in Asia (Korea, Japan) earlier this year.
    The posts that people put up were pretty crazy as well, that documented their experience...

    I want a Banana now... O_O

  14. I love bananas! I have one every morning in a green smoothie. Yum!

  15. Thanks for this information! I never knew that bananas were this good. But I'm quite picky with my bananas :P I only eat the perfect yellow ones. Any spots, I won't eat it =D

  16. Awesome post! I've heard that too! I don't like it, but I try to have one a day.. "TRY". HAHAH!

  17. ☆Anastacia☆, it depends on my mood , i don't always eat bananas sad to say :)

    Icysunitz, yup I've seen it on tv and I've seen people in Japan hoard for this!

    Bee, hahaha I guess it's filling!

    Ahleessa, I know, its just difficult to eat them everyday, well..for me :)I'm glad you're doing ok :) Same with your dad

  18. Khymm, they do look good no?

    Teeyah, me too! at ministop!!!!

    Tine lucky you! That's healthy living!

    Ayn, I've seen how they hoarded for bananas on tv and they're all out of stock!

  19. Senita , ohh you like the small one?? I love this banana from dole, lakatan is good too!

    Hana, Dole is a company down here in the Philippines and they make fruit juices too which I love, and now, they supply fresh bananas on stores like 7-11 and ministops :)

    Jo,lucky girls! That's healthy eating!

  20. K, hahaha so true!

    Kaye, same here! If we work at the same building we'll probably bump into each other every now and then lol

    Rasilla, for me, the reason doesn't have to be for dieting to eat bananas, I'm a "no no" for diet but yes yes for healthy eating!

  21. B, no wonder you have fab looking skin@!!!!

    Lisa, lol you are indeed picky, I want the bananas that looks great INSIDE :)

    Jasmin, yeah, TRY is the word for most non bananas eater, like my hubby :)

  22. Yes, yes, I have been reading in my country's newspaper, and also Cleo SG that banana is the all-time wonder fruit, besides things like kiwi.

    It also has something that stimulates us to produce the happy hormone. So having it for breakfast, means, slimmer, happier you! =))

  23. Meng Xue, wow..I really can't imagine there are certain food that makes you slimmer..but the fact that it makes you healthier is already a big PLUS

  24. they got crazy Dole banana commercials in Japan


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