Monday, October 12, 2009

AMW Reviews: L'oreal Texture Expert Perfect Shimmer

My hair has always been dry and lifeless. Growing up, I've always been envious of my sister's long shiny hair and I told myself I'll do everything to have half of the shine she got :) Yes, I'm not born with it but I got to do something about it right?

When L'oreal Professional came out with a Texture Expert Line that has Perfect Shimmer on it's packaging, I told myself it's a must try for me!

**photo from L'oreal

Perfect Shimmer says ---

AMW says ---


  • smells WONDERFUL! I swear, I feel like I'm addicted to this smell!
  • packaging is sleek and very pretty
  • gives my hair the subtle shine
  • hair feels light and weightless
  • no greasy feel
  • even on humid weather where I live: doesn't oil up
  • tames flyaways
  • spray type hair product, I love it when I don't have to wash my hands after using a hair product!
  • the product "liven up" the color of my hair, I haven't colored my hair for almost 4 months now!

  • flammable packaging
  • seriously, 100ml worth of this product is not enough for me! I wish they offer a bigger size for the same price (wishful thinking)
At first glance, I thought the product didn't do anything for my hair, but after several usage, I finally see a nice shine on my hair especially on photos! I started spraying just a tiny amount as I am scared it'll oil up or grease on me after a whole day, but after some trial and errors, I've finally realized this product is really great to give out a nice hint of shine and it makes my hair feels soft and seriously without the "product buildup" feel.

For people who has frizzy hair, do not expect this to tame down the frizzes as this product doesn't work as an anti-frizz, this product purely gives out the "effect" of healthy hair due to the brilliance and shine.

I think this product is luxurious to have. This is not a necessity for our everyday living but if you have the extra cash, this is a nice product to have. But if you are currently using a product that gives out multiple benefits plus shine, I think that would be enough!


  • when hair is dry, spray this onto your hair around 10-12inches away
  • count how many times you have to spray to get the "shine" you want
  • shake the product first before using
  • after spray, I prefer to leave the product for a couple of seconds then I use a paddle brush and gently brush my hair
  • as much as possible, try to wash off your hair with clarifying shampoo every now and then to avoid product build up that could weigh your hair down
Will I repurchase?
Yes. Because I've always wanted the shine! But will my hair survive without this? --- Yes

Where to purchase and how much?

At leading local salons for Php395.00 (approx $8.20) for 100ml

Here's a photo of my hair with
L'oreal TEC Perfect Shimmer

Here are photos of models using the same product
Lucky them they have GORGEOUS hair!!!

**photo from L'oreal

Are you born with naturally shiny hair?
If you say YES, I hate you! lol
If you say NO, welcome to the club! :P
It really does take a lot of effort and work to create nice looking hair for some of us (points at myself), but we always have to keep in mind that we have to be smart with our purchases and we don't need to put a lot of hair products on our hair. Simplicity is always the key. Let's all learn to work with the hair we got and not fight with it :D 'Nuff said, the Professor is signing off!.... lol

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Happy start of the week!


  1. LOL, Yes, I was born with naturally shiny hair. But I love you!! xP
    But glad you found something that's working for you!

    && I agree that simplicity is key! I've had people ask me how I get my hair to look shiny and healthy but I actually don't do anything to it. I only blow dry in the winter or when my hair hasn't dried before bedtime. I think it's important to use minimal heat on your hair =]

  2. I shall check this out at the stores. And no, I'm with you, definitely no naturally shiny hair :P

  3. hey the product sounds really good and man, you can see the shine on your hair with or without the flash. awesome stuff!

  4. You are so cute, Nikki! :) I would have given you the shine my hair had when it was straight and long. It was the shine that pushed me to get a perm, actually :) I didn't want the shine and I wanted it to be, well, not shiny! :) If I could give shine, I would give it to you because I don't have a sister, too. :)

  5. Yes i'm born with naturally shiny hair too... but don't hate me yet!! All that dyeing and perming killed it!! :P:P

    I MUST check this one out! It's cheaper than the Bed Head Girl Toys that i'm using!

  6. ~Lisa, *snobs you* How dare you telling me you were born with shiny hair! LOL Thanks for loving me still :) Well whatever you're using for your hair, do not change it or add anything, be thankful for shiny hair dear!

    Tine, hahahah I doubt it, I can see through your photos that your hair is healthy! LOL

    Becky, awww I'm glad you can see the shine, that made me feel better, thanks dear

  7. Teeyah, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? LOL hahaha you are too cute, get rid of the shine? I do know you must get rid of the shine from your face but not from your HAIR!!! lol If we finally meet, remind me to strangle you :P

    Jenn, awww, I know what you mean, I think I'm even worst, I was born with not so healthy hair then I chemically treat it with hair bad :P

  8. Haha Nikki, you never fail to amaze me =D I have naturally shiny hair when it was black & virgin, but I gave it up since I started coloring it =P

    If you have the chance, try using pure VCO overnight, you'll get instant shine & softness, naturally =)

  9. ok my hair is naturally greasy. LOL. not shiny but greasy :( sometimes these hair products will really help to build up my grease by double =/

  10. OOHHH!! no wonder your hair is so healthy and shiny :) love the shine even without the flash ^^

  11. LOoks good! I got totally not shiny hair at all and not to mention thick locks. The product makes your hair shiny! Nice nice!

  12. NeuroChiq, I know, we girls just had to color our tresses eh? How dare us to complain and we're the ones who ruin our own hair! LOL Oh well..thanks for the reco! I am a bit uneasy on using anything oily on my hair especially at night, OC-ness, I hate to make my pillows oily :( am I bad?

    Prettybeautiful, I know what you mean, but this seriously doesn't grease up your hair, but at least you don't have itchy dry scalp like I sometimes have :)

    Iyah, thanks!

    Tracy, thank you for the compliment :)

  13. I will definitely check this out at David's Salon, I've seen them around! Question Nikki, if my hair is naturally curly, does it also give out the shine like you have? Thanks - Girlie

  14. wow!
    nice hair!!
    well im not born with shine
    im unfortunately born with grease.
    shiny enough for ya? :P

  15. Woaah!
    I love your hair color! Totally lovely brown shade! Looks totally nice!
    Also it looks very healthy!

  16. I usually wrap a towel under a shower cap, and put a temporary sheet over my pillows to protect it from the oil, and I use an organic one, which doesn't have that strong coco smell. Whew. Oh well, I can't complain, like what you said, we're the ones ruining it in the first place. LOL =)

  17. I love your hair, it looks so shiny! Like you, I wasn't born with naturally shiny hair.

  18. I was born with shiny hair, but sadly that disappeared when I had my hair permed. So now, like you, I keep looking for hair products that will make my hair shiny and wonderful! =D

    This sounds like a great product. Hmm.. Nikki, you're tempting me to try it!

  19. Girlie, yes, you will still achieve the same shine but you have to test on how many times you have to spray to get the desired result :)

    LyNn, awww...Greasy hair or super dry hair? now..I don't know what to choose! lOL DUH..none of the above! hahhaa

    Anastacia, thanks, sad to say, I need to retouch my hair color, it has grown for the past months!

  20. Neurochiq, aaahh thanks for teaching me :) I do wrap my hair every weekend with masks! wonder you have great looking hair!

    Gio, lol thanks girl for making me feel good :) I'm not alone!

    Jen, let me know how you like it if ever you purchased! :)


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