Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Emerald Garden

Happy Sunday!!! It's another weekend food tripping, I am glad a lot of you likes my food tripping posts! I can't believe people enjoy salivating on food pictures just like ME and my hubby! :)

Are you ready for Chinese food galore? Well today is the day! If you're hungry, do not blame me if you continue to scroll down! lol

We had a mini reunion because my Uncle will be going back to Canada soon and my brother also will be leaving for Shanghai again! It was my dad's birthday too so it's triple the celebration. Those who read my twitter knows what me and my family has been going through so a mini celebration is great to lighten up the mood! I want to thank those sweet messages too! I appreciate everyone's concern! Love ya all!

We've decided to dine in an authentic Chinese restaurant. Emerald Garden --- I love Emerald Garden that's why I celebrated my engagement party 2 years ago (July 7, 2007) on this exact restaurant! I believe it was the exact function room too! :)

We had a Lauriat Party for 2 tables :)

Hot & Cold Cuts Dish

Birthday Noodles

Corn Soup Crabmeat

Yang Chow Fried Rice (again lol)

Slice Beef with Gourd (Ampalaya)

Fried Shanghai Pork Springroll

Fried Fish Fillet with Separate
Sweet and Sour Sauce

Quick Fried Chicken with Kropeck

Mixed Seafood with Tausi Sauce
(this came in super late and everyone's already full! lol)

Plain Almond Jelly
My favorite!

Table for 12 for all those dishes costs around Php5,500 (approx $115.00) drinks NOT included. Come to think of it, you can feed 12 people and make them happy and full for that amount? Worth it! :)

You want to eat good quality Chinese dish? You can dine in here and order A La Carte! Trust me, its worth it :) Love this restaurant, never fails to satisfy our tummy!

Emerald Garden
1170 Roxas Blvd., Ermita
tel no: 632-523-8510, 632-523-8515

What's your weekend food tripping?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow. Seeing that this early made me grab something for breakfast. Really made me hungry like your food posts always do. :P

  2. Waa! Me hungry and I blame you! LOL

    Everything looks so're so lucky to go out for dinner every weekend. In my household, it's like 1-2 times a year. Sad, I know. We don't even do anything for my birthday =[

    But that was an amazingly great deal!! $115 for 12 people?? My goodness, the last time I ate out was like $80 for 4 people...well, in Canada

  3. I love Chinese food!! =D That looks super yummy Nikki. I will definitely be bringing my hubby there when he comes home!

  4. oh my... i'm hungry!!! corn soup crabmeat is my fave! as in!! i'm drooling! lol. great food post as always!

  5. hmmm I love almond jelly too ^-^ awesome busog na busog ang mga mata ko hehe

  6. Emerald Garden is where we [my family] goes to when we have to celebrate something :) Love, love all the dishes you ordered! :)

  7. That Chicken!! That Rice!!

    Thanks for the sexy food pics!

  8. wow that's alot of food!

    and thanks nikki i got the request in my email. will get it done asap


  9. NOM NOM! This food looks as yummy as beautiful! hahaha~ I want taste it toooooo ~

  10. The food looks delicious! And what a great deal too!

  11. Ack! Your weekend posts always make me hungry! I miss good Chinese food - especially duck!!

    Over $100 seems like a lot of money, but considering it's for 12 people, that's a good value!

  12. I can never had enough yang chow fried rice! Lolz I think the total bill is definitely worthed :) not expensive at all!!

  13. i love yang chow friend rice and the almond jelly lol. Authentic chinese restaurants are kinda expensive over here.

  14. Pammy, thank you sweetie :)

    Lisa, hahaha don't blame me, I did remind you early on not to scroll down lol! It's ok about not dining out a lot, it's healthy! But I guess we're just around restaurants so much so it gets tempting!

    Catherine, glad you love the photos, thanks to hubby :)

  15. * Jen *, yes! do take your hubby here and it's on the way back from the Airport yay!!!

    Nehs, I love corn soup itself, crab? Well I have to steer a bit away from it as I could get allergies!

    Louie, Almond Jelly is actually my 2nd fave my ultimate fave is Mango sago! LOL

  16. Teeyah, they are scruptous and I left the resto full and happy!

    JC, lol you are obviously into Chinese food too!

    Jo, no worries, and no pressure, I just did it early on as I could forget it :)

  17. ☆Anastacia☆, I am into Korean food, so can we exchange? tee hee

    Gio, yes, it's a great deal! Love lauriat!

    K, oohh Peking Duck, I am not into Peking duck but I know what you mean. if its fresh from HongKong, I'll go crazy!

  18. Hana , me too! like i said in the past, I'm not a rice eater, but with Korean rice and YangChow Fried Rice, it's an exception!

    Becky, I know what you mean, that's why I'm glad I'm living down here, food are cheaper as compared to other countries!

  19. I haven't had my breakfast, but now I'm decided what to have for lunch! =)

    I also love Chinese food from Tagaytay Highlands, and most of what you ordered are on my fave list. YUM! =)

  20. I haven't had my breakfast, but now I'm decided what to have for lunch! =)

    I also love Chinese food from Tagaytay Highlands, and most of what you ordered are on my fave list. YUM! =)

  21. the food looks scrumptious!! only one thing though - what's that scary looking fuschia balls on the birthday noodles?? o.O

    another almond jelly lover!! wheee!! :D add this to the list! hehe...

  22. aww Neurochiq, I love Chinese food in General LOL

    Bee, those are colored quail eggs! LOL hahahha yes! noted come down here and you let me know which one you would like to eat first :D

  23. Emerald Garden is always full so we always end up looking for another chinese restaurant... But it's unbelievable how it's always full and you have to wait all these years...

  24. Chelle, I know, it has been there for YEARS and they even opened up a new area, a new wing..and we always make sure to call and reserve before going there :D

  25. Love Emeralds!!! Their Gigantic siopao is also a winner! It's like chinese Big Mac, haha.. The stuffing consists of a juicy pork and chesnut/sinkamas meatball filling, topped with sweet barbeque pork slices (Tsa Sio), grilled-like chicken strips and about a quarter of a mildly salted egg. Plus sauce helpings. For P70 It is good for two person's merienda. For a whole meal, if you could finish a whole one, it's a total tummy filler. I wonder if you could do a food tripping over siopaos hehehe


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