Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Sango

Sango, I've tried it first at Shangri-La mall but I wasn't able to report about it because it was a "to-go" order.  The first Sango food I've tried is the Yakiniku Kimuchi Rice Burger which has my favorite Kimchi and the beef is just amazingly good!  

After an event, Mr. AMW and I plan to drive all the way to The Fort to go for another food tripping, but because it was great catching up with fellow bloggers, it was 7:30pm when we've decided to eat!  The pig inside my stomach will complain if we have to go through traffic!  

We've decided to dine in at Sango, Powerplant, Rockwell was a great decision and here's why....

Unlike the tiny restaurant at Shangri-La Plaza, the Rockwell branch is more spacious and the ambiance is so relaxing!  As we got in the entrance, a nice, clean counter greeted us with Photo Menu!  Photo menu is perfect for couples who's always undecided!  <--- kami yon! (Us!)

This time, it was a speedy order....

Yakiniku Rice Burger
Php145.00 (approx $3.45)
I can still remember Mc Donald's first Rice Burger and it was really oily!  With the Sango Rice Burger, it's perfectly made and I don't feel like I would want to take "Xenical" tablets after!  The beef is very juicy yet the taste is not overpowering!  The whole Rice Burger and the Yakiniku beef blends in perfectly inside the mouth!  Just like eating a whole meal --- burger style!

Katsudon Rice Meal
Php225.00 (approx $5.35)
Because that is how we food trip.  We wanted to the Rice Burger and the Rice Meal.  I actually wanted to try their Japanese Burger too but our stomach won't be able to handle it!  Next time!

The Katsudon Rice Meal includes my favorite Miso Soup!  The rice meal was served super hot so be careful not to burn your tongue!  Generous servings of Katsudon (Pork) and eggs!  There are parts of the Pork Katsudon that's difficult to chew but the rest was good enough!

Green Tea Shake
Small : Php60.00 (approx $1.40)
Large : Php85.00 (approx $2.00)
I ordered small because I don't want to waste anything if I don't like it.  The thing is, this is the best Green Tea Shake I've tasted! I wished I've ordered Large because I just can't stop sipping!  It's one of the bestseller according to the lady!  So give this a try when you visit Sango..please!  And try to buy me one too? :P

They mean it when they say the food are freshly made upon order, you have to wait for a bit but waiting isn't a problem!  I am not a Japanese Anime person, mine you, but the Manga collection is just amazing!  Look at the 2nd layer 2nd from right, that's a good collection of my favorite Death Note!  I actually read the first book in a flash eventhough I knew the story already!  Now it made me want to have my own collection of selected Mangas.

Super cozy ambiance, you can see your food being prepared!  Very clean kitchen!  

Powerplant Mall
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City
Phone no: (632) 556-3182, (632) 556-3185
Mobile no.: +63 9237041723 +63 9228852790

Good service with a smile.  You are free to give tip on a tip box next to the cashier.  The restaurant accepts both cash and credit card payment!  I am very happy with my experience here and will definitely return!

Oh, before I put this post to an end, I will try to "activate" your sweet tooth by showing you another sweets we got in our fridge!  Ever heard about Dezaato Pan?   Well, I've seen the shop around but it was nice to try their pastries for the first time....

Black Forest

Dezaato Pan Breads Sweet Cafe
Scout Alcaraz St., Banawe
QC, Manila
Tel. no: (632) 743-9856

Enjoy your weekend food tripping,
it's a no-diet weekend but always eat everything in moderation!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi Nikki! This is really off topic but I hope you don't mind :) I bought the L'Oreal Lash Renewal Serum over two months ago, and right after I bought it I was looking for reviews and stumbled on yours! I was just wondering if you're still using it until now? Because I did notice changes and my lashes definitely improved, so I'm wondering if it will go back to normal once I stop using it. Thanks! :)

  2. I like the Rockwell branch because it's very spacious and few people frequent it on the days I go there. But I love the original branch at Makati Cinema Square most because it feels like home. Mejo sossy pa ang Rockwell kasi eh.

  3. that cake really looks mouth watering (mmm). i work in ortigas, thanks for the heads up. i've been meaning to visit the shang mall for a while now ☺

  4. I do remember Mc Rice Burger lol. I tried it back in 2006 when I went home to the P.I.

    man, this place looks really good!

  5. Sango! I miss it na! haha Naubos ang time niyo kaka chika sa amin lol Kulang na tuloy ang oras sa lafang haha
    I miss you Niks!

  6. The place looks nice and so does the food. :)

  7. Sango has been on my #1 spot on my list of favorite burgers :) I love the master cheese burger and the yakiniku burger! (Next on my list would be Army Navy)

  8. Anonymous, re: L'Oreal Lash renewal, well, if you stopped using it, your lashes go back to normal but not ASAP, probably took months before I think it went back to its original state, that's base on my observations lang :)

    Skysenshi, LOL on the sosyal, tama ka! But I haven't tried pa the one at Makati Cinema Square! :)

    Marge, yes, give it a try, its YUMMY!!!!!

  9. Becky, do you like the McDo Rice burger! :) Give this a try when you visit back!

    Mrs. M, hahaha ok lang, I enjoyed chikka time with you girls! Its worth it! The restaurants can wait!

  10. Gio, agree!

    Kai,I will give Master Cheeseburger a try next! The Yakiniku burger is to die for! and of course, I won't forget the Green Tea Shake!

  11. Love their hamburger and fries!! I sprinkle chili powder on the fries, its sooooo good!


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