Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something New: Estee Lauder Time Zone Night

If you are still in high school or college, you can skip this post because this has nothing to do with you!  Well, not unless you have wrinkles from all those late-night studying!  *laughs*

I have heard so much about Estee Lauder Skin care and how a lot of our mom's friends or relatives who swore by the brand!  I've been to one of their event and I've seen their loyal customers!  A lot of them!

Well, I'll be turning 32 soon (exactly tomorrow), I may have to look into anti-wrinkle creme more than a couple of years ago!  There's one that I got for Christmas in which I told my mom-in-law I'll be sharing with her!  

Estee Lauder in 2009, re-invented their anti-wrinkle moisturizer with Time Zone.  Estee Lauder introduces New Time Zone Night Anti-line/Wrinkle Creme, a powerful formula that works to hydrate skin and says to dramatically reduce the look of lines and wrinkles for radiant, younger-looking skin!

Natural Photoshop?  I hope so!

The New Time Zone Night Anti-Line/Wrinkle Creme has exclusive Sirtuin EX-1 Technology which says to help skin naturally stimulate its proteins hence helps in skin cell renewal.

As for the texture, the creme has been designed to suit all skin types.  It also has a light, modern nighttime signature scent with top notes of lilac, freesia, and pink marshmallow, tempered with a heart of white orchid, purple iris, and lily of the valley.  These are comfortable enough to relax us for bedtime.

The product is best applied every night after your skin care regimen. 

New Time Zone Night Anti-Line/Wrinkle Creme arrives at Estee Lauder counters this month for Php4,250 (approx. $99.00) for 50ml. 

I will share half of this with my mom-in-law and I'll give this a try myself once in awhile too!  I'll report back once I've seen some results!  (the good and the bad!)

Anyone an Estee Lauder skin care line user?
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  1. Happy birthday! You don't look a day older than 25 so no one's going to believe you turn 32 this year. :) i don't think you need any anti-aging product to be honest but it's always good to start doing something when e reach 30.

    anyway, just want to pop in to wish you a merriest birthday with Keith (and/or other families and friends.)


  2. Happy Birthday Nikki! I'm 27 and I'm starting to use the estee lauder advanced night repair serum and I find my skin more smooth and moisturized. Although I started using it together with the clinique 3 step system (I'm also no. 2) so I don't know which is working for me or maybe both. :) But this one looks good however it's kinda expensive maybe when I go back to hk, it's a lot cheaper there :)

  3. Happy bday Nikki! (feeling close hehehe...) Wishing you good health and another wrinkle-free year! =)

    We're about the same age pala and like you recently i've been hunting for a new skin regimen which is anti-aging/anti-wrinkle products. Though I always have compliments that I still look like i'm 24 y/o (most of my friends now are 10 years younger than me since I'm a second courser), I'm more conscious now of my skin. I can already notice a slight wrinkles around my eyes and dark circles. I wanted to still hear those compliments LOL...Hmmmm... but this cream is so expensive for me but I'll wait for your after result review if it really works then I might have to consider to try this.

    ***For the meantime, I'm using this newly purchased product from aveeno (Positively ageless daily exfoliating cleanser). I have been looking for their moisturizer and serum but I have been unlucky to find 'em... So I am still in search for a new skin regimen that will work for me.

  4. Jojoba, thanks for the birthday greetings and the super kind compliment! I'll give you a big hug if I meet you in person for saying I don't look a day older than 25 :) Thank you! You are too sweet! Well, I actually do use products that have anti-ageing properties not because I am afraid of wrinkles, it just turned out most of the anti-ageing products are moisturizing enough for my dry skin :)

    Kat_M, wow, an EL and Clinique User. I love the Clinique line, if not because of the gift set I got from my brother, I will go back to purchase my 3 step system! :) You know what? When it comes to skincare, I don't mind shelling out a bit, I'm a huge believer that if a skin product works for me, no matter how pricey, its worth it! secret though is..I do wait for sales!

  5. Krysty, thanks dear

    Baya, thank you for the greeting, I like it that you're feeling close! Close naman nga lang sa blog :) Wow same age almost tayo? That's nice to know I am not alone! heehhehe I think it has to do with our genes why we look younger than our age! We should thank God for it :)

  6. If the Aveeno works for you dear? Don't have to search for other brands na! :) Use it as long as it works, if it starts to lose its power, then that's the time you need to search for another one!

    Amanderrific!thank you!

  7. Hi Nikki! I thought it's just me who thinks that facial skincare gets immuned to my skin and somehow the current product i'm using doesnt work for me anymore.

    Aveeno works for me as of now but it's sooo hard to find these products nowadays! Went to Watson's and they told me that Aveeno products are not under them anymore, the saleslady told me that Rustans pulled the Aveenos because its already soldexclusively to their stores... so I went straight to the nearest Rustans and no luck at all... Tried 3 Rustans and they only have baby lotion... :(


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