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AMW Reviews: Beautymaker Oil-Free and Moisturizing 2-Way Foundation

Kevin Beautymaker
Is it a person or a brand?  It's actually both!  I heard about this brand and person 5 years ago as I love watching the Taiwanese beauty show called "Queen/Nv Ren Wo Zui Da".  

Kevin is a famous make-up artist and beauty adviser in this show.  People in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea love and trust his products because Kevin of the said TV show.  Kevin aside from being the "guru" in this show has also come up with beauty books and has written in magazines to teach women how to take care of their skin and how to put on make-up thus making him popular around Asia.

I've always been looking around for Kevin Beautymaker products from Ebay but failed to purchase any due to expensive shipping prices!  When a reader Bon, emailed me about her multiply site, I checked her site right away and found that she sells a lot of Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese make up and skin care products which a lot are "quite in demand"!

One of the brand I want to covet is Kevin Beautymaker.   I checked on the album and saw quite an intriguing product.  I usually stay away from anything Oil-Free because it meant "dryness" for me!  I got a little confused when I saw a 2-way foundation that has Oil-free and Moisturizing in its name!  I must give this a try!  I want to have an inexpensive alternative for my favorite P&J Dual Powder Foundation anyways.

Kevin Beautymaker Oil-Free and Moisturizing 2-Way Foundation says ---
Hi-tech elastic water-retaining powder particles, holding on tight to water molecules, seamlessly attached to the skin and forming a summer as if light and clear of a pristine skin quality, capable of sedating and moisturizing skin for the long haul.  The light power foundation that keeps skin soft and tender all day long.

Made in Taiwan
Ingredients: (you can click photo to enlarge)

Shades available:
AMW says ---
  • Wrapped quite well for safe transit.
  • Packaged in a simple white compact which looks clean and nice.
  • The sponge that comes with the compact is made of good quality.  Does not tear up easily and can be easily washed.
  • Has manufactured date so you can gauge on how old the product is or when the expiration date is.
  •  The sponge area has holes or vents to make the sponge "breathe".
  • Gives light to medium (dry application) or even heavy coverage (wet application).
  • Can be used wet or dry.
  • Gives a nice coverage, looks very natural both in person and on photos.
  • Gives a nice control on the areas that oil-up and moisturizes the area that dries up.
  • No skin flakings.
  • No skin irritations.
  • Product has no weird scent.
  • Limited choice of shades!
  • The packaging is quite huge!  
  • Difficult to find your right shade especially if you're online buying!
  • Some products are not readily available so you have to wait for weeks.
  • No SPF.
Gives a nice, natural look minus the cake-y feel.

  • If you chose to use this dry, use it dry all the way.  If you prefer to apply this wet, apply with wet method all the way!
  • Do not drop the product to prevent the mirror or the powder from cracking.
  • Use a k-brush (kabuki brush) for light and very natural coverage.
  • Use a sponge and press gently onto face for medium to heavy coverage.
  • Sensitive skin may need to test the product on the lower chin area or under the ear to make sure no skin irritations will occur.
  • If you have dry and flakey skin, moisturize your skin properly prior to usage.
  • Do not forget your sunblock as this product does not contain any SPF.
Will I repurchase? 

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who is into powder foundation.  Whether you have dry, combination, normal or oily skin.  

Where to purchase and how much?
At or visit them at their store in Banawe. The product costs Php900.00 (approx $21.00) plus shipping.  They also sell various BB Creams like L'egere and BRTC!

You can also visit their shop called ---
Wang Lai Mart
876-D Banawe St. Barangay Siena, QC
(Beside Hap Chan Restaurant)
Tel. no: (632) 749-1264
Open hours: Mondays to Saturdays 9:30am to 9:00pm

A sheet of paper written in all Chinese included inside the box.

 Do not fret, the box has English translations at the back portion

Plain white packaging 

 The size as compared to IPhone 3GS
Kevin Beautymaker is a bit bigger

The thickness of the phone and the foundation 
is almost the same

I chose the darkest shade which is no. 3 Natural

A closer look on the sponge that comes with the compact

Do not do this in public!  *laughs*

Have you heard about Kevin Beautymaker?
Have you tried any of his products?
What's the best?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product sent as gift.  The author is not affiliated with the company. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. so cute! i have a laneige compact too that slides out like a phone, and i have fooled a couple of people with tht :P

  2. Oil free AND moisturizing? Wow that's interesting! And you chose the darkest shade. My skin is a lil darker than yours so does that mean I won't be able to find my shade in this product line? They only have 3 shades O_O

    BTW, last pic is so cute! Hahaha!

  3. You're so pretty sis! I think I may just buy this one since I need something moisturizing now, too! :)

  4. hi birthday girl! you look so pretty in your picture here....i like your hair and makeup.... i was wondering if i will look like that if i buy this product.... :)

  5. I've heard about this brand from fuzkittie, however not this particular product..i believe it's the eye concealer that she's been raving about, which I've been wanting to try. :) Thanks for linking the site. It's great to know we have already those products available locally.

  6. Hmmm... I have never heard this before. Looks like it's worth checking out!

  7. Xin! I know the Laneige one! It looks really like a mobile phone! I love how sleek it looks and the slide thing! We are really sisters!

    wehaveit43, no problem, my pleasure

    Aya, actually, the darkest shade is Natural, it gives a tiny bit darker coverage on me which I like, I like to have a bit of color! hahahah If you're a bit darker Natural would be ok. I think my skin tone would work even on shade no. 2! :) Thanks for liking my last pic!

  8. Shen,naku sis, are you getting dry skin na din ba? Must be the weather and air conditioning! :)

    Issa, lol of course we look different, but the powder foundation is quite natural to look at, so i want to say its NATURAL BEAUTY? *hahahahahhah * Joke lang!

  9. Kat_m, I know, Fuz loves this and a lot of Asian Cosmetics lovers out there! I've watched Kevin's Show a lot of times and I've always been meaning to try his products! Sounds like he really knows what he is doing! I may give the concealer a try too!

    Michelle, Kevin has a lot of products in his line, all INTERESTING! The quality isn't bad!

  10. Do not do this in public! - lol ! perhaps people can't even tell that's a two way cake from far ! haha...
    I love Kevin beautymaker too ! His products is great !

  11. Your hair is lovely! Can you do a tutorial on that? Please, please?

  12. of course i agree with you, kasama na don yung natural beauty, hehe...
    oo nga miss nikki, can you please do a tutorial on the hair? and may i ask also what blush and lipstick did you use?

  13. AnnaYJia, heheheh well i can actually do it in public and I wouldn't care! hahahaha

    TPS, sige, I will give it a try ha? I hope I can squeeze that tutorial in! I hope even if its a photo tutorial it'll be fine with you ? :D

    Issa, hahaha thanks for agreeing! hahaha ang bait talaga ninyo! hahaha Sige, like what I told TPS, it wont' be the best tutorial as I don't do videos, but I'll try to make it via photos :) If I get the chance :D

  14. Issa, I forgot to answer --

    Blush: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals in Gentle Pink

    Lipstick: Revlon Temptress :D

  15. lol first fuzkittie and now you, i'm so curious about kevin beautymaker na tuloy hehehe.
    thanks for sharing ^_~

  16. Marge, hahhaah oh no, Fuz tried more Kevin Beautymaker! I dont' think we have a lot of them available here! I think the seller will start stocking up on more! I am intrigued with the concealer :)


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