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The Flavors and Benefits Behind Your Favorite Tea

The Chinese invented Tea.  I am Chinese, I should know everything about tea! Well, I am no expert on tea but I do have my fair share of tea tasting!  I do drink tea on a daily basis and I've tried so many brands of tea both sold in China, Hong Kong and locally!

My knowledge on tea was enhanced when I worked in China for a good 3 years.  Most of my students who were older than me would treat me for a tea session after class to show me the beauty of tea-making, at the same time, its a healthy way of bonding and learning about their culture.

I used to know only 3 types of teas ---

  • Black/Red Tea - I learned this because my dad used to be in a restaurant business and most Chinese restaurants serve black tea.  (Did you know that?  Some restaurants uses black tea in dissolving oily plates prior to washing them with soap and water?)
  • Green Tea - my favorite among all types of tea because of its "light taste" plus the fact that it helps digestion!  Most Japanese restaurants locally serves green tea!  I heard from my friends in China that green tea helps you lose weight too!  *wow* (but don't take my word for it, eating right and exercising is still the best!)
  • Oolong Tea - I used to despise this tea because it's really strong to taste and I heard this has stronger caffeine content which means, I cannot drink this during night time.  Recently though, my brother gifted me another tea from China and I am starting to love this!  I drink this daily during office hours.

Times have changed and as technology gets better, our types of teas are growing in number as well.
  • Black Tea - usually have strong robust flavor
  • Green Tea - milder taste, does not go through oxidation
  • Oolong Tea - has slightly fruity, peach aroma and flavor.  Shorter oxidation than Black Tea.
  • Flavored Tea - same with black tea but has fruit/spice flavors.
  • White Tea - buds are plucked once a year, withered and dried.
  • Infusions - produced from plants, fruits and spices.  Goes through different manufacturing process than usual tea.
Just like most regular human being who gets tired of same flavors, I love to mix my tea with lemon/calamansi and my favorite for the moment, dried rose petals from my brother dear who bought it in China.  I heard these rose petals are good for the skin!

How I wish I get different flavored teas on regular tea bags for ease of drinking!  There are times I don't like the feel of tea leaves and dried flowers against my lips as I drink it straight from the mug, using a tea pot is an option but I get too lazy!

I used to purchase flavored teabags at Duty Free Philippines and opted for a warm cup of tea after a meal in a restaurant!  My favorite flavor is Twinings Green Tea and Lemon and Twinings Pure Flowers of Camomile!  I used to purchase them in boxes because it's a habit of mine to drink a cup of tea after dinner!  My secret to getting hungry again after every meal!  *laughs*

I'm glad tea makers are creating new flavors and combination for our favorite tea!  Just like Twinings...

Twinings Camomile Herbal Infusion
Camomile is the main ingredient of this tea and as we all know, Camomile is widely used to help relieve indigestion.  My mom told me her mom used to make her drink Camomile tea every night before she goes to bed as it can help her relax.

Twinings Four Red Fruits Flavored Black Tea (another favorite of mine)
Four Red Fruits included are strawberries, cherries, redcurrants and raspberries.  These berries are known to be good sources of Vitamin C!  These berries are more than just pretty colors!  Based on research, berries are known to contain phytochemicals and flavanoids, these 2 are known to help prevent certain forms of cancer.  As if those above benefits weren't enough, berries are also known to help reduce body fat!  Now isn't it high time to chuck those sugary drinks and have a cup of tea?

Twinings' Raspberry and Echinacea Infusion
Echinacea can stimulate the immune system!  A good immune system can help fight off infections and common colds! If you feel like you're starting to get the sniffles, this is the best tea variant for you!

 Twinings Green Tea and Mint

There is something about mint-flavored drink that can ease you up on a stressful day!  There is no doubt that mints are used to refresh the mouth and at the same time ease up the throat from dry coughs and sore throat.   Modern science has also validated the advantages of mint in digestion as it can relax the muscles in the intestines.  I suggest taking a cup of this in the middle of long, stressful work day!

 Twinings Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin Flavored Black Tea
"An apple a day can keep the doctors away" --- this saying has been around for a long time!   It stands true!  Apples are rich source of antioxidants which are also known to help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma and diabetes.  On the other hand, Cinnamon, a spice is known for its flavorful taste!  Aside from using them on desserts or dishes, it can actually help people control their blood sugar levels and significantly lower "bad" cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglycerides!  Last but not the least, Raisins, - are obtained by drying grapes, either in sun or in driers are good source of energy.  These tiny fruits can help relieve constipation as they are rich in fibers.  I strongly recommend this tea variant to my mom and dad!

I have always been a coffee person, but when I was advised to drink lesser coffee, I leaned on to drinking more water and tea!  Tea obviously has more benefits!  Regardless of the chosen blend, tea can perk me up in the morning, help sooth and relax my muscles at night, hydrates my body and replenish lost body fluids on days I want my water to be flavorful!  And the best part, some types of tea are also known to lower cholesterol, prevent certain types of cancer and help lose body fat!

If those aren't positive enough, then I don't know how it's called!  :)

I, will still enjoy my "regimen" when it comes to tea mixing, on lazy days that I'm in the office and I want a fuss-free tea mixture, I will definitely choose from the wide range of Twinings' tea blends.  Or you may choose to read Top 5 Best Iced Tea Makers Commercially Available to up your tea-making game!

For more information on Twinings and teas, visit

Do you enjoy the benefits of tea?
After reading the advantages of tea variants, what's your type of tea?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Though green tea claims to help weight loss but I beg to differ! I drink green tea everyday but....nay!

    And my fav is also the high grade of tie-kuan-yin (note the high grade :P)

  2. I have the Four Red Fruits and The Grean Tea and Mint.. the Four Red Fruits apparently is an office favorite (my officemates including my boss steals my tea).

    Anything Raspberry is my favorite, they say raspberry good for pregnant women.

  3. i used to love green tea.
    my favorite is jasmine! i love the relaxing scent of jasmine! especially when you cuddle the cup using both hands!

    but you know, i stopped drinking green tea because i am not used to caffeine.. there was this one time i that i drank a lot of green tea for a month, which i think i can drink 2 or 3 pots for 1 day (just the regular sized one, not those gigantic pots!) that i had lumps on my breast!
    i was so scared of that!

    that i stopped drinking any caffeinated drinks from then on...even if it's decaffeinated already, the fear that i experienced when i touched the spot where the lump was scared me off of drinking tea even if it's jasmine tea!

    there goes my tea-woes...

  4. I love tea and my favorite is Green Tea with 3 pumps of Vanilla Syrup at Starbucks lol. It's so yummy!

  5. It should be weird to post this comment on a Tea post but I actually hate tea! The closest I get to drinking tea is Nai Cha, the cold one. LOL

  6. Xin, I prefer green tea WITH Rose or any floral tea! I love the mix and match of those tastes! I don't know why people in China and Taiwan are so slim? :D Tie Kuan Yin, oohhh I have tried the high grade version and they taste really good!

    Kai, I know what you mean, the Four Fruits are so yummy! Does not taste like tea, parang juice na!

    Thia, I know!! I love drinking tea in the afternoon especially on a cold air-conditioned room! Oh no on the lumps on your breast, I remember that story, glad you're better now, maybe you should dry to drink less!

  7. Becky, oohhh I like that!

    Michelle, hahahaha I know what you mean, a glass of Nai Cha is relaxing and is really good especially during summer! :)

  8. I had no idea about black tea dissolving oil, that's really interesting.

    That raspberry tea looks great, I adore raspberries :). I normally buy Lipton though, but I'll give this a try if I come across it.

  9. Tea is my alternative when I don't want to drink Coffee. I usually stick with the plain ones. During the winter my favorite is the Honeydew sencha green tea and just plain o green tea with toasted rice in it. Summer time I like drinking the lychee oolong tea iced. You can add soy milk or milk and a little bit of honey or simply syrup if you prefer.

  10. Cris, ooh when I was on a diet back then, I was drinking black tea like crazy! hahahah I think it quickens your metabolism, but of course, eating right and exercise is still the best! :)

    Crissy, agree! In the afternoon until the evening, I always relax with a cup of tea :) Your tea combination sounds too yummy!

  11. I heart tea as much as I heart coffee! I've been drinking tea since I was a teenager (that was quite some time ago :p) My favorites are green tea (more favorably matcha, if available), jasmine, chamomile and peppermint. I am currently collecting infusers :)

  12. I looooove tea! As I type this at my desk, I'm looking at a container of a few tea bags. Sweet Orange has been my favorite these days. And I co-sign to the power of echinacea.

  13. Suyen, I love coffee more but since I'm controlling myself to 2 cups of coffee a day, the rest of the "sleepy hours" i rely on my tea :) Thanks for sharing your favorite!

    B, hey sweet cakes! thansk for sharing!

  14. hi what tea is the one for insomnia? in the picture above, where did you see that graph of twinnings? i can't read it it's too small. thanks!

    1. Hi nikki yes i just tried it helps but i combine it with my medication...but i'm also looking to try the Decaffeinated could also work for insomnia, in what supermarket where you able to buy Decaffeinated lipton or twinnings? Went to Rustan's none.

    2. And where did you buy Twinings Raspberry and Echinacea Infusion? It could have been replaced by Strawberry & Mango because in it's not anymore listed :(

    3. Well this was an old post so I'm not sure if they still carry it, but I bought my Raspberry Twinnings at Duty Free!

    4. how about the tetley pomegranate green tea, where can i buy it or where did you buy it?

  15. From the point of flavor and health issue Green tea is obvious but I personally love black tea with milk. Thanks.
    I will be exceedingly happy in the event that you figure out how to visit here:

  16. Green tea is love. It is the natural cure to whole body including liver kidney as said by detoxteawizard. So I love to drink 3 cups a day and it really keeps me energetic and fresh.


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