Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eureka Moment: A Quad So Versatile...

Today's Eureka Moment is not from a Japan Home Center or from any supermarket or department stores.  This is quite a unique Eureka Moment entry because I actually got this for free and it has been sitting inside my make-up drawer for months and months! 

Mind you, this is not even a full size!  It's a tiny sample size of the Bobbi Brown's Champagne Quartz Eye Quad.   The packaging is so tiny its actually the same size of some single eyeshadow packaging out there!


Champagne Quartz Eye Quad includes Bone Shimmer, Champagne Quartz Metallic, Copper Sand Shimmer and Expresso.

  • Bone Shimmer has a hint of shimmer with almost matte white texture.  This works best to highlight browbone area.
  • Champagne Quartz Metallic has a bit of similarity with the famous Stila Kitten eyeshadow.   Gives out a very subtle glow which works well to blend in smokey eye makeup or just use as a base!
  • Copper Sand Shimmer can pass for a deep gold/coppery shade with specks of gold shimmers!  This gives out a nice wash all over your lid!  Best applied on the inner thirds of the lids. 
  • Expresso, the name speaks for itself, plain dark brown chocolate shade!  No frills, just matte dark brown perfect to be applied over the outer-v for that deep set eye look.  Or apply all over the lids to create a single colored smokey eyes!

The sample size of this quad has been kept inside my makeup drawer for months so I am not sure if they still sell the full size of this quad!  I believe you can purchase each eyeshadow color though at Bobbi Brown counters. 

A photo of the sample sized Bobbi Brown Quad
against my tiny hand

Here's to show you how versatile this tiny palette is!  I actually found this to be really useful on one make-up gig I've done for 6 clients.  
(Note from AMW:  I did not use all 4 shades on each client, its a mix and match of various eye shadows but I've used at least a single shade from this quad in each of them)

From a teenager

To Young Adults

To Adults


  And a Mature Client who's proud to be 87 years old!
My oldest client to date :)

I found ways to use the tiny, yet powerful quad to each of the clients shown above!  I will definitely be taking it along with me on all gigs and it won't leave my train case for now!
And here's a proof on what smiling can really do....

Brings out natural beauty, with or without makeup!
So where's that smile of yours?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Make-up done by Nikki of AMW, Hairstyle by Yrynne)


  1. ang galing the transformations. :D

  2. love the gorgeous 87-yo! wish i could as good, and happy like her when i age :D

  3. aww nikki! your clients are all so pretty! :D

  4. a picture says a thousand words talaga! : )

  5. i also love your makeup for the 87 yr old! this is a nice quad.... galing mo miss nikki....

  6. galing ng before and after photos. you really did a great job on their makeup! :-)

  7. I haven't used mine in a looong time! looking at your clients, I may just pick this one up later. but it's so cute I don't wanna mess it up. hehehe!

  8. guess what, that's the palette i used for my neutral eyes tutorial hahaha! i also love it, ang useful no?

  9. My goodness, the mature woman looks utterly amazing. The shadow really lights up her whole face, and I like the definition it gives her more than any of the others. The espresso color is really calling my name...

  10. love the before and after pics! galing mo talaga Nikki! =)

  11. Nice!!! The last pic is sooo adorable :D

  12. The transformations are all amazing but my fave is the 87-yr old classy lady. :)

  13. That's a very versatile quad indeed! And your clients all look beautiful, you did a great job!

  14. Apola, thanks for liking it I am glad the clients are gorgeous to start with, its not difficult to prettify them!

    Xin, oh I agree!

    Sab, thanks dear!

  15. Valerie Joy, I'm glad the hubby took the photos for me! :) At least I can see their faces after :)

    Issa, thank you sis!

    Lootwagon, thank you for saying so !

  16. Shen, I know what you mean, that was one main reason din why I did not use this for quite some time, ang cute eh!

    Jhengster, oo super!

    AnieJ, yay! thank you so much for the compliment! The palette or the 4 colors actually are must have for neutral look!

  17. Khymm, thank you sis!

    Aya, I know, and if only you've met her in person, she is a super serious peron! I love it when she smiles!

  18. Pammy, awww ahhahah super cute niya no? Cool granny!

    Gio, yes, its seldom that I can use one quad for the youngsters upto the more mature clients!

  19. i love neutral palettes...your clients are all beautiful :) good job! would you say this is one of the best eye quad? i'm currently using the revlon colorstay in copper spice and i love it. But what i really want to have is the naked palette from urban decay. :) But since i'm still a newbie in makeup I want to practice using much affordable but good quality eye shadow palettes :) any suggestion?

  20. Wow. You and Bobbi Brown work wonders!

  21. the bobbi brown seminars at rustan's is how i truly got into makeup.
    thanks for sharing, the models look so polished.

  22. Kat_m, well, this is the most versatile eye quad that I own! And its the tester size imagine that? I haven't tried the Naked Palette though, I think it will be as useful too!

    Skysenshi, thanks! :)

    Marge, wow, glad the workshop turned you into someone..like me! hahaha Well same as you, I am into makeup and I love the giddy feeling of making people feel confident!

  23. SUPER SMALL WORLD!batchmate ko po un teenager c TL :))) love all the looks!


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