Wednesday, March 2, 2011

AMW Reviews: San San Mousse Foundation

I've got to learn about San San makeup when Kris Aquino was the endorser for the said brand!  I've always been interested with their lipsticks or the nail polishes but never took a second glance on their foundation!  When I was requested to do a review on some San San products, I am glad the San San Mousse Foundation was included as these reminded me of the famous "Maybelline Dream Mousse Foundation".  I've never tried the Maybelline ones by the way as I've always been turned off with the look of their "dried up" testers.

San San Mousse Foundation says ---
San San Mousse Collection has an air whipped formula that provides long lasting colour. It glides on smoothly and blends easily for a natural radiant finish. The products under the Mousse Collection are enriched with Vitamins A, C and E and are sold at a price affordable to the budget-conscious beauty shopper because HBC believes that everyone has the right to be beautiful.

AMW says ---
  • Inexpensive!
  • Gives light - heavy coverage.
  • Can be applied with fingers, sponge or brush.
  • Doubles up as a concealer.
  • Matte, powder finish.
  • Blends easily with fingers!  No harsh lines nor white casts.
  • The texture of the mousse foundation is okay to "mix"
  • Does not oil up easily (base on my dry skin).
  • Jar packaging makes it difficult to pick up product especially with long fingernails.
  • Limited shades!  
  • No SPF
  • Can show skin flakiness if you have very dry skin.
For its price, you've got nothing to complain as it gives a nice coverage at the same time, the finish is quite natural!

  • Request for a "makeover" or at least, try on their testers before you purchase.  Not a difficult choice as there's only 3 shades to choose from.
  • Use a spatula instead of your fingers for hygiene.
  • Warming up the product on your "clean" hands for ease of application.
  • If you really like the coverage of this product, since it's not expensive, you can purchase 2 shades and mix them together!  You have to try it before you purchase if the mixing works on you!  (On my part, I mix a bit of the Natural with Olive).
  • For Oily Skin:  Use an oil-control primer prior to application.
  • For Dry Skin: Mix a fragrance-free light moisturizer onto the mousse foundation, blend in prior to application.
  • For Sensitive Skin: test the product behind your ear or below the cheeks and leave it a couple of hours before you apply it all over your face.
  • Do not skip your skincare regimen.
  • Do not forget your sunblock!
  • If you tend to oil up, dust the areas that oil up easily with a setting powder or oil-control powder.
Will I repurchase?
No.  Not for my skin type.

To whom do I recommend this to?

Normal or Oily skinned individuals.  It would be best if your skin color is either of the three shades available.  Mixing shades at all times will be a bit tedious!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at HBC stores for Php150.00 (approx $3.50) each.

A closer look on the shades from their jars

 Natural is great for people with yellow skin tone

 Beige has a bit of pinkish undertone to it

 Olive has a bit more orange shade 
which makes it good as an under eye concealer

Applied on hand with a spatula

 A Mix of Natural Mousse Foundation and a tiny bit of Olive
Applied on moisturized face

As seen on the arrows, there are obvious dryness on my drier areas like the sides of the nose, sides of the lips and the chin area.

I mixed a drop of Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer onto the Mixed Moussed Foundation, blended well with my fingers and applied on my other cheek.  Looks much better!

Do you have foundation that tends to dry up your skin?  Have you tried mixing them with a light moisturizer?  It works especially if you feel guilty throwing out a product you spent much on!

Have you tried San San Mousse Foundation?
Let me know your experience and more tips will be very much appreciated!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product provided for review purposes.  The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. thanks for the review ms Nikki, I've been looking for an inexpensive foundie, Im not sure though if this would work for me since I do have a sensitive skin.

  2. thanks for the tip of adding moisturizer to foundation! :D i have a mousse foundation but i have the tendency to pull my skin when applying i kept it aside :P

  3. Ang galing! thanks for the tip! Pwede pala add konting moisturizer ang make up ; )


  4. Amanderrific, you're welcome! Well I'm not sure how this will work on your sensitive skin though, but whatever you use, always put on a moisturizer or primer as "shield" :)

    Xin, yes, they tend to be used by youngsters, not oldies like myself! hahhaha so Moisturizers are handy!

    Aya, :)

    Mrs.M, yay, glad you learn something from the 21 year old :P


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