Thursday, March 3, 2011

AMW Reviews: Purederm's Nutritive Firming Hydro Pure Gel Mask

I haven't been on mask mojo lately, you want to know why?  If you read my twitter messages, you'll know that I'm addicted to games lately and I've been finishing up games after games after games!  I've been sleeping late for a couple of weeks!  I know, it's not healthy!  And NO, I'm not on my second childhood! :P

I was on the roll with Purederm masks when I was sent with a couple to try!  I have been quite lucky with most of the Purederm Products I've tried as they work for me!  Or have I spoke too soon?  

There is one that gave me the allergies and I took note on the ingredients as my skin is sensitive, and I have to admit, I do have allergies to certain ingredients I can't tell up to this very moment! 
(Note from AMW:  Not everybody will have the same allergic reactions as I did.)

Purederm Nutritive Firming Hydro Pure Gel says ---

Contains high-moisturizing ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to deliver results. You will notice the mask become thinner with time, as the active ingredients get absorbed into your skin.

The rich invigorating mask is enriched with Caviar Extract, Green Tea Extract and VitaminE and other natural ingredients to visibly nourish, lift and firm your skin to bring back it’s youthful glow. Leaving you looking and feeling for the day ahead!

Use this for: Uneven Skin Tone, Brightening

AMW says ---
  • Easy tear packaging.
  • 2 sheets, upper part of the face and lower part which makes it easier to adhere to each individual's face shape.
  • Sticks to the face easily!
  • Moisturizes the skin even after several days.
  • I can instantly see and feel the "brightening" effect of this mask right after I peel it off.
  • Has a nice cool sensation.
  • People may find the gel-like texture weird but I personally like it, its the best fitting face mask I've tried!
  • Expires after 3 years from manufactured date.
  • Gave me a bit of allergies on the lower cheek and chin area a couple of days after.
  • The firming effect cannot be seen or felt at first usage.
This is one of the few masks I really love!  I call it LOVE-at-First-Use!  This mask gave me the instant moisture that stayed for several days after first usage.  I may have to add that the instant brightness that my skin exudes is a huge plus! Sad to say, one of the active ingredient that's part of this mask isn't meant for me!  Allergies around my lower cheek and chin area occur for the next 4-5 days!  It wasn't that bad but it was definitely itchy!  This was the only "new product" I've tried when the allergic reactions happened.

from Purederm
  • Thoroughly cleanse and dry face.
  • Take out and unfold the mask and apply it on your face.
  • Wear the mask for 15~20 minutes and peel off slowly from the edges.
from AMW
  • Make sure to apply this on clean, dry face.
  • Do not leave for more than the amount of time stated in the instructions.
  • Once mask is removed, gently massage the remaining ingredients onto the face for absorption.
  • Check on ingredients and see if you are allergic to any of it.
  • If signs of itchiness or irritations occur, remove mask immediately and wash your face with your facial wash.
  • If signs of irritations appear several days after, try not to self-treat it but have it checked with a professional.
  • Avoid using on blemished or acne skin.
Will I repurchase?
No.  I'll give other variants a try.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who's not allergic to any of the ingredients in this mask.  For people who likes the natural bright skin plus the moisture!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Watson's or local beauty stores for Php199.75 (approx $4.65) per sheet

The back of the packaging, 
with Korean and English instructions

A closer look on the gel-like mask

Sticks to the face like a glove :)  
Now I look like Shrek!  Or Princess Fiona? :D

After removal, fresh faced!

Too bad, I am really in love with the moisturizing power and the brightening power of this mask!
If only I can find a similar mask that works the same minus the allergies!

Ever been allergic to face masks?

Share 'em and we can take down notes!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product sent by company for review.  The author is not affiliated with the company and all reviews are done base on author's personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion!)


  1. too bad about that certain ingredient,huh?
    at least you know what ingredients work for you!

    maybe you can try the my beauty diary masks. it has always been a cult-favorite when it comes to masks. i have tried a couple & while it did not give me any brightening effect or whatsoever but i felt my skin really soft after use...i especially love the cooling one.

  2. bummer on the allergy! but thank goodness there are still so many variants/brands of mask out there right? :P

    I love gel mask too :D like sticking the cooling jelly on my face

  3. I think I have this, too but I haven't tried. Sana I'm not allergic.

    And so sorry you were allergic to it, Nikki love :(

  4. I'm sorry you were allergic to it, that's awful. It sounds a nice mask and very moisturizing for those that can tolerate it though.

  5. Thia, I know :) But its ok, I'm sure there are more Purederm products that works for me :) I have actually tried My beauty Diary Masks na! And would you believe these are way more moisturizing? sayang no?

    Xin, yes, agree! And I'm glad the allergic reactions aren't that bad!

    Tara, I don't think you will naman, maarte lang skin ko! Mrs. M tried it di naman siya allergic

    Gio, :) Thanks

  6. Aww too bad you were allergic. I haven't tried masks like this before but I'm really interested to. Hope it works fine with me. Thanks for this review! Oh and I heard Purederm products are good especially their pore strips. Gotta try those too :)

  7. Aya, Purederm products are really good, the pore strips are the fave of my sis-in-law :) So it must be really good :)


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