Friday, March 4, 2011

AMW Reviews: Artistry Liquid Foundation SPF20 PA+++

Artistry --- when I think about the brand, I think about the wide skin care range they offer!  Boy have I missed a lot!  Artistry is also known for their cosmetics line.

I was invited by Dr. Michael John Hilario to have my Personal Artistry Experience.  I told myself its the best time for me to familiarize myself with the brand and products and report them all to you!  I am very grateful that "Meeko" (nickname) was very accommodating and patient!  He actually invited me last year and I only got the chance to visit the Center this year!

Like a kid on a candy store, I've checked out almost ALL the Artistry products!  I will insert them here once in awhile for AMW readers to know more about the products the brand offer!  A lot of them worthwhile!

I want to have a jump start with the Artistry Liquid Foundation with SPF20 PA+++

Liquid Foundation SPF 20 PA+++ says ---
Artistry foundations fit your skin perfectly.

They have 2 types of formulation ---
  1. Artistry Balancing Foundation, with balancing matrix, equalizes combination-to-oily skin.
  2. EFA-rich Artistry Hydrating Foundation nurtures normal-to-dry skin. 
Both share: Desert Hydration Complex for optimum hydration, Aura of Protection for free radical defense and SPF20 PA+++ for protection.  Also, Ideal Shade Technology intuitively adjusts to match your skin tone so you can find your way to flawless.

AMW says --- (On Hydrating Foundation)
  • Very light on skin.
  • No weird smell.
  • Does not feel heavy at all!  Actually feels like airbrushed foundation!
  • Gives a nice light to medium coverage.
  • Can double up as concealer if you apply more on areas that needed coverage.
  • Does not dry up my skin.
  • No signs of irritations nor allergic reactions.
  • A little goes a long way!  I used only a drop for the whole face, I just covered my under eye circles and the center of my face.
  • Has SPF20 PA+++!
  • Glass bottle is gorgeous but no pump!
  • Difficult to purchase, cannot be found easily inside a mall!
  • Shade is not enough! 
I can easily compare the feel of this foundation with an expensive foundation.  I wore this makeup for the whole day doing errands, and even took a nap and woke up with foundation looking intact!  I wouldn't mind using this for myself but I wouldn't carry this around for clients as the bottles are quite heavy and the shade choices are limited.

  • Try to check the testers by visiting the Artistry Center or contacting the rep from Artistry to swatch on the shades.
  • Choose the right shade for your skin by applying foundation directly on your jawline and examine under natural daylight.
  • You can use clean fingers, sponge or foundation brush for application.
  • You can choose to apply thinly on areas that do not need much coverage and apply  more to act as "concealer" for problem areas like under eye circles or marks.
Will I purchase?
I wouldn't mind purchasing this for myself but I have loads to finish up at present.

To whom do I recommend this to?

The hydrating foundation (that I've used) are great for normal and dry skin.  The foundation gives a nice clean finish minus the dryness.  If you have oily skin, you can choose the Balancing Foundation which was made for oilier friends out there.  The downside is, there are only 2 shades available for the Artistry Balancing Foundation.

Where to purchase and how much?
You check out the locally available product lines by visiting or 
You can email Michael John Hilario (Meeko) for your Artistry Products query (
Check out Artistry on Facebook (search "Artistry Skin Care and Cosmetics")
Hydrating Foundation and Balancing Foundation costs Php1,470.00 (approx $34.00) for 30ml.

I gave one pump on each shade on my hand

  1.  Vanilla
  2. Soleil
  3. Golden
  4. Brulee

A mix of Soleil and a tiny bit of Vanilla! 
Sorry, lighting was a bit bad when this photo was taken

Have you tried any Artistry Products?
I've once tried the Artistry Waterproof Mascara 200 and I wasn't that impressed, I'm glad I will be giving this brand another try and Meeko actually told me their mascara is of better formulation!  Again, I can't really tell as I've only tried MOST of the Artistry products once!  But hey, I still have a lot of things to say you know! *winks*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. it's good that it doesn't feel heavy! i don't like foundations that give a heavy feeling when worn.

    i used to always look at foundations if they have spf. i thought at first that it's a must since i don't use sunblock at all. but i was wrong!

    it's true that it can give sun protection because it contains spf but then we don't apply it directly to the skin,right? so it's pretty useless, we won't get the sun protection even if it has one. it will just cast a whitish look on the skin if photographed...

    from then on i stopped looking for foundations that got spf. instead focus on others as well like how it feels when worn & if it's sweat-resistant (if there's something like that..LOL!)

  2. only if they could improvise the bottle with pump! would be much easier to handle... even better if it is only the bottle is lighter ^_^

  3. thsi foundation looks very interesting though I don't think we have it here.

    I am interested in trying new POWDER foundations as I have too many liquid ones already. Do you have something in mind?


  4. I want to give this a try once I run out of liquid foundies since it's not expansive at all. :P

  5. Cute blog!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  6. Hi, fyi, Malaysians can get Artistry products from any Amway branch/agents =)

  7. Thia, well, it still helps that you have SPF on your foundation, not unless you already have a primer which won't be able to help much as the primer will prevent the product from getting absorbed. It does create white cast especially if you have foundation that contains high spf.

    Xin, agree, I just think liquid foundation should all come in pump bottles!

    Jojoba, Artistry is just like Avon in terms of selling, you don't see them inside the mall but you can purchase them through website or reps! Powder foundation? hmm, I do love Paul & Joe, the Revlon's Age Defying Powder Foundation is good too!

  8. Pammy, agree! It's really nice~ I don't know how to other one for oily skin will perform though

    Veronica, thanks for the visit

    Aileen, thanks for sharing.

    Mrs. M, iba pa to! Actually super iba :)


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